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Oh my!! A top 10 women social media influencers list now from +Haydn Shaughnessy on +Forbes. Great article. Cool to see a list with a few new names. Huge congrats to my fab friends +Ann Handley, +Viveka von Rosen, +Pam Moore, +Liz Strauss (fellow tall blonde!), +Marsha Collier, and +Kristi Hines!! And high five also to +Eve Mayer Orsburn, +Michele Smorgon, and +Vicki Flaugher!! GO girls!

Btw, this is not the "official" Forbes Top Ten; rather, Haydn has gathered data from analytics tools such as +PeekYou that measure reach through Twitter.
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Am I the only one who finds it unsettling that we're still listing "top 10 influencers" and "top 10 female influencers" as separate categories?
+Gabriel Fitzpatrick excellent point!!! If we're going to do female, to be fair there should be male. Or just stick with the mixed gender. Or, hey, don't pets have Twitter accounts? hehee j/k! It's all good - as Haydn says, it's not definitive, just a reference point and maybe some folks can pick up a few tips.
if you are gonna do pets it has to be separated between cats and dogs!
+Mari Smith Yeah I just feel like doing it unisex would be much more rational, because the implication is that women can't compete with men for impact and so need their own separate list, which is a little sad.
Women have had to work twice as hard as men in many circles +Mari Smith Thank you for including me in the post
I think male vs female only lists will become less important as issues of gender equality in the workplace become less of a cultural issue / talking point. For now, it's interesting to see who makes the lists - and who will appear on the combined Top 50 list +Haydn Shaughnessy mentions in the post.
Official or not, it's still on Forbes and it's still a Top 10 list, so congrats are in order! It's positive in tone and not condescending (unlike their latest Gene Marks article) so when life becomes fair you can worry about the guys and whether there is an exclusive "Top 10 Males" list.
I'm always honored to be listed with you, Mari! And all the other just simply amazing women: +Ann Handley, +Pam Moore, +Liz Strauss, +Marsha Collier, and +Kristi Hines, +Eve Mayer Orsburn, +Michele Smorgon, and +Vicki Flaugher!!
+Gabriel Fitzpatrick Maybe the implication is more that men can not compete with women for impact? We wouldn't wanna bruise men's ego with women dominating the list anyway! :D
+Ann Handley, I did notice +Haydn Shaughnessy mention there was a combined list but didn't realise it was already published. Thanks so much for clarifying. My comment wasn't a criticism of Haydn's journalism (I'm a huge fan) but rather of wider social trends.
As usual, not a single Latina. How is that even possible?!
It is so inspiring as a female to see great women really taking a lead in the market. 
+Vicki Flaugher you are such a bright light!! I love your fun and passionate energy. heheeee. Thanks for your lovely comments. :)
I am truly blessed to be included with such awesome women who give so much to their communities!

+Mari Smith it seems like yesterday you had me at first tweet! You have been such an inspiration for me from day one when I left the walls of corporate. I am blessed to know you and call you friend. Thanks for everything you do for me and your community! Luv ya to the moon & back + some! xoxo
+ana lydia monaco Well... it is Forbes... People like Elianne Ramos of +LATISM may be as influential across media as the fine folks who are listed, but she may not be on Forbes's radar at all. Blinders.
+Pam Moore love you right back mucho, dear Pam!! You're a bright, bubbly, sparkly leader!!
Let's hope equality and hard work get rewarded for all in 2012!
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