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Handy review of the new +Google+ design features by the good peeps at +Marketing Land. Much as I think the UI is prettier and cleaner, I'm with +Danny Sullivan - this'll take a wee bit of getting used to!! (Well, Danny didn't say 'wee bit' but you know what I mean. haha).
Big changes are waiting for you the next time you log into your Google+ page. Today Google’s social network launched a total refresh of the look, making images and videos larger and navigation custom...
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As I sit here trying to find my most recent notifications :P
I agree. Once everyone gets used to it, it will be just fine.
I think it's an improvement, it looks and feels more complete.
It seems and feels easier to navigate. I have noticed that I have been commenting on more posts today too.
I do feel more engaged so far. It'll take time to see if it's because I'm getting used to the new UI or if it's because the new UI is better
Found em...Google+ is just loading slowly today (and has been for a while). Now we know why!
It looks great this UI - Amazing, some might say. :) - The white space is irritating but there's a solution to that on my feed.
Look'n good....navigating my way around
I like how most things are within easy reach, it would have been good to keep the top tool bar static though
+Matthew Cantwell, I disagree. It may bring a bit of ad space, but imagine if it were a true combination of Google Search + Social and Interests? This is where my hope lies for really making Google+ stand out.
+Derrik Jacobson True! The general public might not feel so ready for G+ in their search, but those of us already here might love some Google Search added on here.
I think if Google puts ads in here they will lose a lot of folks and make others angry. They don't want to be seen as another FB.
+Matthew Cantwell +Brian E. Young Ads are definitely coming, but Google needs to / should put emphasis on securing its user base before introducing ads. Imagine a Google+ with seamless integration of the photos you take on your mobile device, the music you own, the cloud storage for all your files (that they keep hinting at that is coming), and more... all at least equipped with the ability to share with people and add to your 'stash' as you browse your interests online with or without your friends? It's the perfect storm coming together for what iGoogle initially set out to achieve.

I like the possibility. Build it right, and the users will come... then the ads. :)
Google says they have something in mind for the space and it's not advertising.
Google doesn't need to utilize 'ads' simply because it only needs more of our data such as likes/interests etc to serve better ads on the search, however, they could use 'Google Offers' as an alternative...I may like that.
Or just to promote other Google products. Tie it into the upcoming Google Drive, etc. I guess that would be Widgety.
+Matthew Cantwell Just what I read earlier on +Moritz Tolxdorff's post:
+Vic Gundotra just jumped into our hangout for a quick first impression feedback. He also confirmed that the white space on widescreens is NOT for advertisement!! Google has plans for that, but is not giving any details yet!
is there a "banner" feature? i'm still exploring but i've seen images that span the page behind the profile image... looks cool.
Personally, I don't think the new ui is cleaner. Too many grey boxes. Everything seems less airy.
+Michael Currey Yeah, if you go to edit your profile it gives you that option. You need an image that's exactly the right size, though. It won't crop or resize one for you. Or you can choose several photos that you already have
+Mari Smith The whole "whitespace" issue is either brilliant marketing or another case of premature execution. Whatever it is, it certainly has tongues wagging :-)
The more I'm on the page, the more I like it. Enjoy the new cover photo also (Scrapbook photos). Seems another tit for tat with Facebook.
I believe they have plans for it. Even if the plan was to leave it open SO THAT they can play around with new stuff to be introduced someday, it is still a plan, not pre-mature execution. You are right, tongues are wagging.
Darn, I knew this would happen :( I think I got the dimensions wrong... they seem to be (after a dinner break) 900x180px for the banner and 250x250px for the profile image.
I've updated my blog post and photoshop template. It didn't matter too much though because the extra space (right side) just gets cropped out.
ok, i've been hearing all kinds of different widths for the banner! one guy is adamant that it's 940px and another guy is saying it's 960px wide... I keep trying different things but i'm still coming up with 900 and even 890 when it's not my profile and the little triangle/arrow is missing.
is anyone else working on this? is it possible that the google modified the width while i was eating?
ya, so i just updated my blog post and photoshop template AGAIN! The template has guides for both widths now.
i tried uploading an image 900 wide and it was rejected, google told me to upload an image that's 940x180... mystery solved! i'm not sure why they want an image that's 940 wide but cut off part of it.
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