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Tomorrow (Monday, January 9th) is the first day back for many Brits, Europeans and Aussies (may Asia too?) -- how about you? Have you been busy working during the first week of the year, or did you take some extra time for vacay?

It always seems Americans take far less vacation time in any given year than the people in other parts of the world. Are the U.S. folks socialized to be "workaholics?"

I always have grand intentions of hitting the ground running on January 2nd. However, I had such a wonderful slo-mo, connected, meaningful Christmas and New Year this year, it's taken me longer than I thought to get back into the full swing of things!

I'm now working on a BIG launch coming up in a few weeks and am adding many new members to my team, with the helpful guidance of my awesome new business coach. Phew, my one-word theme of GROWTH is already kicking in, whether I'm ready or not. It's a good thing. :)

Btw, you can check out more about my one-word theme concept here and feel free to put in practice yourself too:
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Yeah it sucks. OTH that first week was light on real work, so a good time to get organized and get a head start on the year.
Never stopped here +Mari Smith. However I work from home and get to spend a lot of time with my family and make my own hours. Some say I'm lucky. I say I set up my life to be this way.

And as an American I wouldn't say I'm a "workaholic" more like extremely driven to succeed.

Also here in Thailand they went back to work in the middle of this past week.
I get 5 weeks, and I'll take as much unpaid as I want. Never seems to be enough.
Yes, compared to the rest of the globe Americans are workaholics. We also typically lack the close family ties that European families have. Our value system is pretty challenged!
Yes, worked all last week. Sadly I worked through most of the holiday as well. Determined to hire help this quarter, so that I can have a vacation! 
BCIT School of Business starts back tomorrow - Jan 9th. Finishing up my 1st Internet Marketing lecture of the year!
My boss knows that vacation means vacation. I don't check in, and don't think about calling me. Only manager in the company that does it. We have one manager that will always show up at the office when he's 'on vacation.'
Now, I'll check my G+ feed while on vaca though
My daughter lives in France and they are always on vacation! I'm envious! We are always working here!
No 'come back' in asia... Always working.
HI Mari - NO we are not workaholics, we just work a lot. Actually I lucked out this year - I had a back surgery and have been out for 3 weeks. It was wonderful. Spending Christmas in the hospital wasn't too bad - my honey brought in all kinds of cookies, cakes and candy and we fed all of the nurses on duty. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Don't work to hard tomorrow. Ciao!
Mari, I think it boils down to how much vacation time we have accrued throughout the year, and that determines how much time we take off for vacation. We still have to make the mighty dollar.
Hi +Mari Smith... my husband and I just came home from a one week vacation ~ we did an awesome day hike up Smith Rock (at Smith Rock National Park in Central Oregon of the USA). Anyway... I was huffing and puffing all the way up to the top (beautiful view up there) and I kept saying, " I can't do it, it's too much, etc..." .... but then since I really wanted to do it... I Did It!! I only mention this because afterwards I felt very inspired to just push myself to achieve anything I want to and set my mind to because I CAN push through anything and persevere!

Okay... just thought I would share that since you asked about vacations. :) I'm still reading your book on my Kindle... LOVE IT. I'm taking notes and implementing things you suggest
Blessings to You! ~ Laura
No, we are not socialized to be workaholics, we are forced to pay through the nose for every tiny thing imaginable and paid vacation is almost non-existant here any more!
Here (Belgium) they seem to be on holiday all the time, too. Very short working hours, as well. I come from the Balkans and have lived all over the world. My experience - you wouldn't think so - but the Balkans and south Europe (like Italy and Spain) work by far harder then here. In Belgium, at least, it is to do with labor laws since employers are obliged to pay astronomic amounts for extra hours/days (up to 250% of one's regular rate). This, in theory protects you as an employee, but effectively it stops you from working hard: employers will not allow you to do extra time since they wouldn't be able to afford it. You and employer can't come to an agreement about this since - even if you would (even contractually) - you are by law still entitled to the regulated amount and can demand it in court. This happens all the time - particularly to American companies that open branches here and don't do their homework properly. On the other hand, should you want to hold two jobs, you would be taxed so heavily on your second income that hardly anything would be left, so it's not really worth it.
In other words - going the extra mile here is not only unrewarded, it's also discouraged. It's ironic that the very law designed to protect your rights as worker - takes away your opportunities! Having said that - here - no one seems to mind and is under the impression that they hardly get any holidays!
In India it has been working from 1st of 2012 and leaving in UK for a while i think they value more to personal life than professional life which is the extreme oposite out here. however hope you have kick started your 2012 on high notes :)
Vacation: In Germany, the minimum vacation time (fully paid vacation that is) for a full time employee is 20 days per that's why people here have more vacations than in the US, where most vacations are not paid for by the employer (my assumption) and no law guarantees minimum times (my assumption).

It's generally good to enable employees to spend time off work - but on the other hand it is of course also very hard to run a company in such a tightly regulated environment.
At the end of the day - its just another system and culture than the US.

Personally I think, time off what you do is sooo important, in order to reflect and what you did and learn what you could do better and/or different/new. If you have no time to reflect, it is hard to learn...

This said, Happy 2012 / GROWTH, Mari! ;-)
Sorry Mari but we Brits have been back at work since boxing day, thats 26 December we no longer have time off to busy supporting the Euro and helping out our USA friends lol.
I agree Mari! Americans do work to hard! I plan on working, but moreso changing my mindset! Sometimes if you love your job so much, it will never feel like a real job, or real work! I am sure this touches a spot in your heart as you totally love what you do and therefore you are not really working! ;) Have a fun and prosperous new year! I just know that you will cause you are always so positive and happy! I love that about you! ;) +Mari Smith
Great picture of you and Suze. As to vactions, can't remember my last one. So sad. Joyce
+Paul OByrne Lol. I lived in Edinburgh for 20 years... I always loved the extra time off for Hogmanay/New Year! :)
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