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Everyone, welcome +Ekaterina Walter to Google+!! Intel's awesome Social Media Strategist. hehee

Here are 11 resources to get you started:
1. +Simon Laustsen's G+ Cheat Sheet
2. 40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users
3. 20 of the Best Google Guides
4. Google+ Shortcuts and Tips (updated)
5. Find People on G+ (directory of 9.6M indexed users)
6. Google+ Statistics complete with leaderboards and top posts (from +Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten who brought us

My fave Chrome extensions so far, and a nifty widget:
7. G+Me - allows you to collapse/expand posts and comments (a must have!) and a few more bells 'n' whistles:
8. Replies and More - adds Reply to Author to all posts and comments. Also allows easy share on Twitter and Facebook:
9. Usability Boost - adds several visual features to enhance readability, among other nifty features:
10. Plus One Anything - adds a nifty +1 button to your browser toolbar for plussing any website whether they have the +1 button or not
11. Google Plus Widget - place a widget on your blog/site to display your follower (people who have circled you) count and realtime rotating updates.

My G+ buds, any other help for G+ newbies? +Chris Lang? +Chris Brogan? hehee ♡

UPDATE: More awesome links to add:
The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists:
Google+ The Complete Guide by +Ben Parr
and a directory: (cool site to become a "groupee" lol!)
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(and coolio, I finally got my G+ blog post written. lol!)
Good for you +Mari Smith . I can't wait to read it. +Ekaterina Walters, do you know Renee Edwards. She's a former MBA student of mine who's in social media at Intel. Tell her Hi for me.
Thank you. This so helps me out; was just yesterday, i was thinking; sure do need some useful posts like these to go in my other networks; get things up to speed; and save me lots of time; thank you Mari; i may be a minimalist. Oh, welcome +Ekaterina Walter :-)
Thanks Mari for posting these hints and tips. I feel somewhat overwhelmed by Google +. It is evolving quickly I find.
Hey +Daniel Treadwell - coolio, thanks for the headsup! First time I'm seeing that site, but looks like I was already in the Social Media Group. I so LOL'd at "add groupee." Hey, guess what? I just created a new Group called "Facebook" and I'm the only member: So cracking up here. :) Oh the irony!!
+Mari Smith you have actually been on the site from the beginning since you were already in one of my Social Media circles! Be sure to spread the word and help us find interesting people to add to our circles!

Thanks for the support.
+Winnie Currie - ya, it's a lot to take in all at once. The main thing to know is that posts you share with your circles are visible to just them and posts you share publicly are visible to everyone.
Also, a few important first steps include:
a) Fill out your About tab with your current bio and all your various links (look at a few popular folks on G+ for ideas if you want).
b) Make sure your employment section reads like a mini bio as this is what shows in the hovercard and may help others to decide whether to add you to their circles when they see your comments around G+.
c) Place a few folks into circles whose content you like that you can read and choose to share.
Thanks for the informative post Mari! You are incredible.
+Ekaterina Walter - truly my pleasure. I was wanting to type up a kind of getting started guide and this was really helpful for me too. As soon as I saw you'd joined G+, I was like cool I can help you out here! :) xxx
Mari, thank you for the great list. I am new here so this gives me a head start. You rock

+Mari Smith thanks looking and reading through all these been here 4 weeks now and I've learned a lot and hope to continue, picking up new and improved ways to make this a better place.8-)
Great resources Mari! Thanks for sharing!
Time to create my Intel circle, thanks Mari. Hola Ekaterina. 
This is am excellent list...loving Google+
Thanks so much, Mari! This post was so helpful. Passing it on for sure. (Hi everyone!)
Thanks for sharing +Mari Smith. This is outstanding
Thanks for sharing these resources, Mari. Those will be helpful while exploring G+.
I want to find out more about adding the Google Plus Widget to a blog/site (Ref: Point #11). Where do I find more info on that? Thank you!
Thanks Mari, Shared the post. Great resources.
Thanks +Mari Smith You manage to keep everyone up to date on all your platforms. This one seems to be different though. Besides the techie perks what stands out for you here?
+Dawn Abraham - great question. So many cool features on G+:
- the energy is fresh and most people are excited to be here;
- the response is faster and more thoughtful;
- it's easier than ever to connect with big name leaders and heads of tech.... you can even join a hangout with people like Michael Dell and have an intimate chat with him! Tom Anderson, founder and former CEO of MySpace, is super active here and posts a ton of amazing, though-provoking posts.
- much like Twitter and Facebook, we have to earn our followers by being follow-worthy. There doesn't seem to be ways to 'game' the system on G+, which is great... though I'm sure some are, with the numbers on (a few users have blown way past the 5k circle following limit, no idea how... or why! lol).
- we can write much longer posts - it's like "instant blogging!"
- I love that we can tag anyone in our conversations whether they're in our circles or not - I hope we can do the same when business profiles arrive, I'm sure we will. Unlike Facebook that makes is so challenging to keep a conversation going and alert fans in particular know you've responded.
- we can add bold and italics ( and strikeout ) for emphasis.
- posts and comments can easily be edited.
- so far, the amount of spam and junk is very light and manageable. If someone is posting more than is your preference, just uncircle them. ;) Or, focus on curating content from select circles. (My circle strategy is in progress; I change it recently per this post:
- most people here likely really love the circles and the ability to post specific messages to specific groups of people. For me, so far, I'm making 99% of my posts public and using G+ more like a combo of Twitter, my Facebook fan page and my blog... even though I'm keeping all three active too.
- the ten-person video chats (Hangouts) are awesome and a wonderful way to add dimension to real-time connecting/social networking. I'm seeing many cool, creative uses of the Hangouts from cooking demos and live tattooing to seven-hour concerts and news broadcasts with Hangouts hooked up to Livestream.

Areas for improvement include:
Sparks, tagging, search, favorites/bookmarking, API (for apps)... and business profiles are needed like yesterday. LOL! :) (Though, for me, I'm not sure that I will establish another profile... unless there is a distinct difference such as Facebook's personal profile vs. business fan page).

...annnnnd coolio, I just typed up more notes to add to my own G+ blog post!! Will publish today, all going well. (Meaning if I can get off G+ long enough. haha!)
I would add email a post to yourself or someone. Via app it's not yet possible. Or am i missing something? 
Thanks for sharing Mari! I love the links plus I'm learning so much not only from you but from everyone who comments.
Here's a list people can pick through if they want to :) It's not necessarily for starters--more for the occasional reference than anything else:

And thanks for the tips, Mari. Have added Ekaterina as well.
Mari this is a great list... any way I can save it or favorite it in Google + for future reference?
+Ann Rusnak - a good way to create favorites on G+ is to create an empty circle called Bookmarks or whatever you wish, then just share favorites with that circle. :) I'm sure Google+ will come along with a better feature, but this works great for now. To see your favorites/bookmarks at any time, just view your stream via that circle. ;)
Thanks Mari... I figured you knew a way to make it happen... Looking forward to your new book
I'm really looking forward to them putting all these +1s to good use!
+Mari Smith I see the difference just from your response. I thought oh this is really great feedback I need to bookmark your response. On Facebook or twitter you have to be a genius on how to say what you mean in less than 140 characters.

I already feel that G+ is more personal. A lot of times it's so easy to miss so much on Facebook or Twitter. G+ saves everything for you. I can check in and feel like I didn't miss anything.

That is very important for me I have so much going on and like you tons of people on different networks. I can only be in so many places at one time.

After all we only have 24 hours in a day no matter how you look at it. I can never figure out how you do it all.

The nice thing is not getting 1000 e-mails asking me to connect with people on Facebook when I met them on twitter.

Thanks so much for that wonderful perspective. This may be your next specialty. It seems to me the people here are a bit more mature or at least not all twenty. I love that since I haven't been twenty for over twenty years.;-D

Oh & you can edit your post like this even after days have gone by. Very cool!

I will be looking out for your blog. Thanks Mari!
Thank you for this list, +Mari Smith . I've just jumped into Google+ now and a feeling somewhat lost. I'll check out your list next. I also need to adjust the email notifications, otherwise my inbox will be unmanageable. Is there anything else you'd recommend doing immediately?
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