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A wee collection of pics with my new camera - finally started playing with it. Lol! :) (Canon EOS Rebel T3i). The butterflies are from a visit to the San Diego Safari Park (aka Wild Animal Park) where they have a special exhibit on just now.... an uber hot house packed with these delightful creatures that come land on you! Plus a couple of my rose bushes.

There are so many settings on my Canon, even though I've had other models of the camera over the years (not as complex) and really love photography... I might need to take photography up classes ... either that or get around to reading the book I bought at the same time as the camera. haha. Oh yeah, and invest in Photoshop one of these days. ;) Anyway, off to a decent start here.
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Woweee, KILLER new photo viewer +Google+!!! Well, may not be that new, but I just noticed the hover effect where the rest of the pics in an album popup!! Nice one!
I noticed it first yesterday. I wish the thumbs were a bit higher with less gray space above them, but other than that, it's a very nice change.
It's nice to see you get started. I have similar aspirations. Keep it up! Butterflies and flowers in the same shot is a great combo.
its so water clear picture to see ever Mari
Perfect timing +Mari Smith ! Karen and I are heading there today for our anniversary.
Outstanding pics, Mari. Having a great camera is a real joy!
Maybe aside from being a great social media expert, you were also born to be a photographer (or a butterfly whisperer. It's like they were posing for you!) Great photos!
I just love butterflies - we don't get such big colourful ones here in the UK though :(
Last summer 2011, I learned something called Marco. So, I went out to backyard and go crazy with my Canon A620 and its feature Marco. Took a few good shots at an orange butterfly staying on the TV cable.

Butterflies are so beautiful.
Hello Mari, vous avez beaucoup de maitrise sur votre nouvel appareil et vous savez le manier à votre avantage vous avez une vue exceptionnelle en plus vous etes belle, bon courage, votre ami ?
+Son Dang - I think you mean Macro! I love that Macro setting on cameras. I shot the bigger rose blossom photo on the Macro setting!
LOL - thank you for your kind words +Rob Zaleski! These precious butterflies are all inside a large hot house... well, it's not that large - holds about 50 people milling around. Everywhere you turn there's a chance to photograph butterflies. Such a neat experience!!!
+Mari Smith Yes, I meant macro setting. :) Where is Mr. Marco, by the way? hehe... You don't have to answer that. :)
Phenomenal photography! Thank you for sharing this.
Tara V
Wow these are amazing.
FABULOUS, Mari! I am considering this camera. Looking at DPreviews. Great to see it in action. :-)
Beautiful! I need to dust mine off & enjoy a few kodak moments (you've prompted a good reminder!)
Re Photoshop; Photoshop is a great application, I used it for many years, the only down side is the cost. There is an opensource app called GIMP, which is similar in many respects to Photoshop. It has some limitations, but is a great place to start considering the cost, free. It can be a little tricky to get working on mac though, so I would try it on a PC if you have one available.
Thank you! you have so many pictures.
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