What are your real, honest thoughts about Klout? Does your score really have clout? I keep a semi-eye on what's happening on Klout and a few other systems like it, but I'm just not convinced of the accuracy nor real use. (No offense to the good peeps behind Klout). I just noticed I had a few social profiles that had become disconnected from my Klout account (possibly from a change in passwords) - so I reconnected them and my score instantly dropped from 81 to 75? Huh? Weird. Whatever.

I've heard several influencers say that Klout scores and the likes can easily be gamed. So, IMHO, that renders the system dubious, right?!

Yes, I have directly benefited from one of the Klout Perks this year - I enjoyed the four free bottles of great wine from Lot18 for just a few dollars shipping. So that's dandy. But, do check out my comment on +Brian Solis' interesting post about the "EGOsystem" (link below) where he asks his readers if they would choose to opt out of these scoring systems and leaderboards.

Excerpt of my comment:

I'm not a big fan of being obsessed with all these scores, points, leaderboards, popularity contests, etc. I think the danger comes when individuals get their self-worth from such systems. As several commenters have indicated here, there are other more tangible, real-life ways to measure success... and worth.

Would I opt out? No, not too likely because all my peers are being scored too and there's no real reason to choose to be absent from these systems. Sure, I keep a semi-eye on my various scores, but I would never define myself by them nor garner my worth in any form from them. Let's say something happened that suddenly caused all my scores to plummet to zero. For instance, say it was mandatory to tweet certain content (against my personal values) in order to get scored and I don't play the game. Would zero scores affect my business? Not one bit.

For the everyday business person online, I say just get out there and do good. Focus on heart-centered engaging in social networks, and the scores - if they even matter - take care of themselves.
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