Pinterest for Brands and Business Owners - are you active on this wildly popular site yet? For business purposes? Here's a great post by the good peeps at +Simply Zesty packed with tips on optimizing Pinterest for business use.

Clearly, a specific demographic is absolutely loving the creativity (and simplicity) of Pinterest - the site consists of 80% women passionate about arts, crafts, homestyling, family, fashion, weddings, some tech, and more. My guess is before long the average session time of Pinners will be greater than that of Facebookers! I'm seeing so many users say they've become completely addicted to Pinterest!

I shared this post on my Facebook profile the other day, inviting my friends and subscribers to share their Pinterest URL: (288 comments and counting!)

At 10 Million monthly U.S. unique visits in January, Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever!

More at:

Oh, and my link is -- I started a wee board for Facebook marketing... that's as far as I've gotten in the past couple months! :)
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