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Pinterest for Brands and Business Owners - are you active on this wildly popular site yet? For business purposes? Here's a great post by the good peeps at +Simply Zesty packed with tips on optimizing Pinterest for business use.

Clearly, a specific demographic is absolutely loving the creativity (and simplicity) of Pinterest - the site consists of 80% women passionate about arts, crafts, homestyling, family, fashion, weddings, some tech, and more. My guess is before long the average session time of Pinners will be greater than that of Facebookers! I'm seeing so many users say they've become completely addicted to Pinterest!

I shared this post on my Facebook profile the other day, inviting my friends and subscribers to share their Pinterest URL: (288 comments and counting!)

At 10 Million monthly U.S. unique visits in January, Pinterest is the fastest growing website ever!

More at:

Oh, and my link is -- I started a wee board for Facebook marketing... that's as far as I've gotten in the past couple months! :)
Your ultimate guide to Pinterest, featuring top tips to optimise your account, gain followers, build a community and make the most of everything Pinte
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I sort of am. I'm active, but not so much for business yet. Just added buttons to my shop,
Yes very active and I am finding this is a very good place for brands to showcase their stuff. Especially those that have online stores :)
Just launched some boards for my fashion clients - took a different approach. Having people guest post to tap into their networks - must be selective on who your curators are.
I agree, I see our posts being RePinned by Women, but today I found 15 new male Pinners liking our pins...
A new trend?
I just started. I think the beauty of Pinterest is that it's an opportunity for you to show you. You can use images to tell your story and let the world know your inner soul. Other thoughts?
Can't figure out what is the big deal here. I think Pinterest is a fad. It's not going anywhere. Yes it's growing but it will disappear as fast as it appeared. Smoke and mirrors. Just my opinion. Sharing photos is only part of communicating. Too limited. As a marketing tool fine.
I'm not sure that I see Pinterest playing a big part in many types of businesses. And although I've used it to feature a few items that I have for sale (I sell antiques, collectibles, vintage jewelry), I'm desperately trying not to get wrapped into the "me, me, me; look at me, me, me" marketing that I'm seeing on Facebook and now Pinterest by those who, like me, sell collectibles, vintage jewelry, etc.
Instead, I'm mostly using Pinterest to give others a better sense of who I am, the things that catch my eye, the foods that I enjoy, things that make me laugh, that sort of thing. (I have one board devoted solely to paperweights, none of which I'm currently or ever will be selling. I think they're just beautiful, and deserve to be seen by someone other than me.)
+Alex Garcia and +Holly Elliott a few of the PINS shared heavily have ended up in modest sales quickly, for clients who pined Photos with dialog . I think not enough people are using the Comment section to the advantage and believe JUST pinning will do something. To be effective all social media need to be managed and follow a written Action plan defining the expected result
I'm (hopefully) in the minority in my thoughts/feelings on this type of social media marketing, but quite honestly, these days I'm seeing way too much of the social media salesman approach online, and now Pinterest is just taking that to a whole new level.

Many of my friends are in the same industry, on Facebook with shop pages, and marketing there as well. Some of them are going WAAAY overboard, posting -- and now pinning -- multiple times a day, with their seller friends (who are also my seller friends) then sharing, repinning, so I'm seeing it yet again.

I would imagine there's a chance that we have mutual Facebook fans who are true buyers, not sellers, seeing the same flurry of blurry activity. Well, assuming they haven't hit the Hide or Unlike.

As to my reference to social media salesman approach in the opening thoughts here... It's like all of these people are visually knocking on my door every time I log into Facebook, so much to the point that I'm almost reluctant to log in at all. (Of course, I could block them from view, but then I'd just miss what few personal things they post. I mean... they are my friends. :-) )
Oh, and my friends who are pinning what they have for sale (and I've done this, too, on my few) is to add the price so that it displays across the upper left corner, so that people can know the item is actually for sale -- which I think, in essence, serves to define the expected result. :)
+Pat Ferdinandi, if you're waiting for the Pinterest admin to send you an invite, I'm guessing you're going to be awhile. I had to have one of my friends send me an invite.
I just sent you an invite (to your Viditude email address).
+Holly Elliott great comments, thanks, Holly! I hear you on the constant me, me, me salesman approach... such a shame that folks don't quite get that social/relationship marketing is the opposite of that self-serving approach. Thing is, the businesses and brands prick up their ears when there are literally droves of users hanging out on one site at a time... but it's like the early days of Facebook, everyone is still figuring it out from users to marketers. We'll see how this all pans out! Hey, maybe Facebook will buy Pinterest?! Lol.

Btw, one of my favorite sayings when it comes to social networks is, when the marketers move in, the members move out and that may be what happens to some of these social sites. Not Facebook - they're too massive, too much global market penetration. But they do walk a very fine line between pleasing users + advertisers + businesses + developers + now shareholders.
+Phil Ammendolia haha, good point on that hooked. I don't have enough hours in the day to get hooked on anything else right now. Lol!
+Mari Smith and +Holly Elliott Fantastic comments. Funny, in the offline world we do not see the "Invasion".
Social Media, handled properly is a huge arena for inbound marketing activity..
It is fun to see Eager customers come through the Internet Door looking for solutions to problems they Want to solve just like hungry patrons coming into the restaurants, show stores and tire shops.
I love Pinterest Mari. A friend shown this to me a month ago. Then I thought hey i might be able to use this for my website. I been seeing a lot of traffic to my website from Pinterest. I'm sure there is more ways to create traffic. I'm just starting to see some ideas from other SEO companies i follow. I think this will be big this year.
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I haven't even looked at Pinterest. I'm afraid I'll fall into the hole and never come out. I'm tapped out with four social networks already. They can be so addicting, and I do need them for business. So...not even going there, if you don't mind.
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