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4.1.2 Camera on 4.2 Roms

Little bit off topic.

It might sounds stupid and retarded.
Or maybe I'm just a slowpoke because not knowing this the whole time, while the whole time I hate 4.2 camera.

For some people, just like me, who prefer 4.1.2 camera than 4.2 camera.

You know, even 4.2 has cool Photosphere and such other gimmick features, but 4.1.2 camera wins on responsivenes, better rotation, faster when swiping to see taken photos, in short: not sluggish like 4.2 camera.

Also 4.1.2 camera & gallery could rotating even when auto rotate in system is turned off, just like YouTube app.
That's a plus for some reason.

I just figure it out we can use 4.1.2 camera on 4.2 rom, including CM-10.1 and Paranoid Android 2.99 rom.

This is picasa-camera 4.1.2 package in gapps.

It all just works, camera, video, panorama, funny video effect, photo editor, gallery and picasa sync.

Here i reupload it: It's flashable zip.
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PhotoSphere isn't a gimmick.. it's very innovative, original and awesome. Infact It's one of the main reasons I upgraded to Android 4.2 and a Nexus. Just because you don't use it doesn't mean it's a gimmick.
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