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Marguerite Dabaie
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Editor
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Editor


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So pleased to launch the “A Voyage to Panjikant” Kickstarter campaign! The goal of this campaign is to publish “A Voyage to Panjikant” in a single, full-color, 190-page volume.

This work is a historical-fictional graphic novel set in the 7th century and follows the story of sixteen-year-old Upach, a headstrong and spunky teenage girl whose greatest desire is to follow in her father Shafnoshak's footsteps and travel the Silk Road in order to become a successful merchant. The problem, however, is that women were rarely afforded the freedom to leave their hometowns.

This is a comic with feminist underpinnings; it's about living life outside of social expectations.

Please help spread the word to make “A Voyage to Panjikant” a reality!
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My piece on why Samandal Comics--the international comics anthology with roots in Beirut--matters, and why we should help them speak.
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New comic + interview on the Institute of Palestine Studies blog.
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Here's a piece I made for the Electronic Intifada
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I wrote this...
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Summertime's approaching! That means Pete's Mini Zine Fest is coming up, the longest running zine fest in Brooklyn (that also happens to be held in a bar).

On Saturday July 26 come by and check out our superawesomefantastic zinesters, comic artists, and publishers this year. FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:

Andria Alefhi (We'll Never Have Paris) -- wellneverhavepariszine.c…

Barnard Zine Library (Jenna Freedman)--

Ken Bausert (The Ken Chronicles)-- thekenbausertchronicles.…

Anna Jo Beck (Biff Biff Bam Sock)--

Booklyn Inc. (Richard Lee)--

Rachel Burkot

Marguerite Dabaie (A Voyage to Panjikant)--

Displaced Snail Publications (Joseph Carlough)--

Alisa Harris (Urban Nomad)--

Katie Haegele (The La-La Theory)--

Mindy Indy (The Lucky Penny)--

Adam J. Kurtz (HOME-BREW)--

Sara Lindo (The Seeing-Eye Cat)--

Tim Nicholas and Annie Soga (Studium/Punctum shop)--

Morgan Pielli (Indestructible Universe)--

Purgatory Pie Press (Esther Smith) --

Rabid Rabbit (C. M. Butzer)--

Research and Destroy New York City--

Bill Roundy (Bar Scrawl)--

Steve Seck (Monday Saddies)--

Teylor Smirl (Flightless Birds)--

So What? Press (Dave Kelly)--

Mark Z-Man (It's Raining Cats and Dogs)--

And feat. amazing delicious snacks (I tried them, I know) by Pamela Bowman!

Like our poster this year? Mindy Indy (who is also tabling) designed it!
Our fan page is here--like it if you like what we do:
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My cat as an interesting piece of textured art.
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Oiiii, I am so bad at using this thing. Sorry!
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Pillow in Aqua (Upach; front and back)
Pillows inspired by the characters of A Voyage to Panjikant
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