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Snap Camera for Android
A better camera for all Android users.
A better camera for all Android users.

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For left-handed camera users turn your camera over and the controls will move and the picture will rotate for easy use. A full left handed version is on the way - watch this space...

New user interface out today - based on the leaked Android 4.3 interface this maximises access to all your settings.

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Gridlines: Take great photos using gridlines on your screen.  Working on the "rule of thirds" principle of great photography check that key points of interest align where the gridlines overlap. Any of the 4 intersections should work.
For more info check out 

Snap HDR going from strength to strength. Here are some reviews:
Excellent,beautiful,stable, fast, worth every penny.

An outstanding jellybean replacement camera

By far one of my best apps ... Has replaced my stock camera and gallery and almost every other editing app I have!

New stable shot mode only takes a picture when the camera is completely still.

New Features:
Panorama (ICS+ only)
Quick settings toggle from the controller
Video recording on SGS2

New Features:
Use volume buttons for shutter and focus
Auto flash during video recording in low light
Fix thumbnails sometimes wrong on Android 2.3
Fixes for video recording on some phones

New Features:
Zoom during Video Recording (only on ICS and above)
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