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WRITERS: Looking for others who understand the joys and heartaches of crafting a novel? Great! I've started this thread to help members of the writing community connect. Whether you are aspiring or published, mainstream, horror, or romance, introduce yourself below.

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Fine print: This is a public thread. Post accordingly.
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Aspiring writer. I write in several genres, but my current WIP is a paranormal romance. I've finished the first draft and have begun the grueling job of editing.
Great thread! I'm working on the last edits of my novel, Dahlia's Bouquet. I write mainstream, thriller, and historical novels. I'll read anything, as long as it's good!
I'm just starting to transition from research to writing with my novel :)
I'm writingwritingwriting, revisingrevisingrevising, & always thinking up something new. I post samples from an exercise book - Writing Without the Muse - on my blog, & invite you to do the same. I write romance, contemporary & paranormal. Thanks!
I'm working on my second novel. The other is in that special place where most of us place our first novels: The Trunk of Cliché. I write YA contemporary romance.
I write YA fantasy and contemporary adult romance. Happy to be part of this group.
Thanks for sharing everyone. Keep it coming!
I just submitted a story proposal to an artist friend of mine, waiting on notes regarding that. Working on a bunch of fantasy pieces, one novel, a handful of short stories. I'll join the discussion.
Hi all I write Middle Grade and YA, and blog at The Bookshelf Muse!
I write about boogers. And snot-nosed crusty Englishmen.
It's always nice to connect with fellow writers. I'm a full-time freelancer writing magazine articles and writing and editing for businesses and non-profits. I write short thrillers/suspense stories. I'm also working on a co-written novel (there's some debate over the genre being either historical or historical fantasy). I gravitate towards speculative fiction when I write, but will read anything that's well written.
Hello, ALL! I'm so glad this thread is taking off. Look forward to chatting with you.
Hello, everyone. I write Urban Fantasy. My current work is being edited prior to being published next month and I'm working on the second book in the series. I love connecting with other people who get me and don't stare at me funny if I ask bizarre questions.
I love it how everybody just kind of ignored Scott. Don't take him seriously. He is a great writer.

I am working on writing the third novel in my paranormal romance/suspense series. The series is called Undead in Brown County. The first book is self-published as an e-book on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, as is the second. Good sales numbers so far for both. Nothing to put me up into the bestseller lists, though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Scott, I checked out your website. Aside from the, ahem, "Epic Love Story," I'm looking forward to reading your work. Please let us know when it's available.
Hi everyone! I'm Jayme, author of adult romance. Looking forward to 'meeting' and networking with everyone!
Hello All. I'm a fledgling writer just beginnng to find my writing "voice." I love sci-fi/fantasy, but I actually enjoy writing in many different genres, including poetry and creative non-fiction. I guess part of this early journey of mine is figuring out what to focus on, and what I'm truly good at. I really don't want to limit myself by labeling myself as a certain type of writer just yet.
I have an adult book and a children's story book app coming out this fall, plus I'm speaking at a SCBWI conference for apiring writers who want to be part of the digital revolution. Going to be busy.
I am just starting on my first novel, historical romance with some fantasy thrown in for good measure. Up to now I have been writing 2 columns for Saponifier magazine as well as occasional pieces for a local magazine.
+Naima Al-Amar Very true. I read somewhere that it's better to learn from "mentors" than it is to learn from mistakes.
I write YA fiction. Just finished up copyedits and reading aloud my latest book coming out, Hunted,a YA paranormal fantasy. I find that reading aloud helps me catch SO much that I wouldn't otherwise--the flow (or lack of) of the language, anything that isn't quite making sense, etc.
I write short stories, poetry, and romance novels, but am currently working on YA and SF/F novels. Recently self-published one of my short stories.
I'm writing a horror novel, and write dark and speculative fiction. I also perform genre fiction-oriented comedy mixed with my stories and poetry regularly at local spoken word events in Worcester, England.
waves (feel like I'm introducing myself to a Writer's Anon group) I'm an apiring author - I write YA and MG. Currently working on revising/editing my MG ms. The finished YA and I are taking a breather. A It's-Not-You-It's-Just-Me kind of break. Have pieces of others started, but haven't been able to push through them yet. And totally agree with reading aloud - you catch so much more when reading aloud. I'm a recovering Pantser, I know plot major points before starting and a huge believer in spitting out the rough draft and getting words down before editing/revising. (A lesson learned from last failed ms...) Nice to meet all of you!
I am working on 2 manuscripts. Have been published in a couple of anthologies. I have an agent who may or may not remember my name at this point. And I freelance. I have a WIP memoir and a WIP satire. And, of course, I blog. I'd love to network with other writers!
I have enjoyed reading all your posts. I write books for kids - picture books and mid-grades. I have 11 books published. At the moment I am working on polishing a mid-grade novel about a grandmother and grandson, separated by an ocean, yet managing to make contact through letters and share their lives. - I also do Manuscript Critiques. I have just joined this Google group.
I'm a published PB author but haven't gotten a novel to a publishable point yet. Hey, it's quiet here--maybe I should go work. :0)
I've been really busy this week with the business side of launching my baby, (Dahlia's Bouquet releasing in August) Just popping in to say hello!
Margie, you might also like to know about a similar project, started by +Daniel Shortell.

For those who might be interested in genre work, I write science fiction. I also dabble with fantasy and horror, although my horrific/fantastic stories tend to have a scientific bend to them.
Hi fellow writers! I am writing a piece of historical fiction surrounding Henry Isaac Butterfield of Cliffe Castle which is in Keighley, UK. Balancing research and writing is my most difficult challenge. I find things that interest me and I get lost down the rabbit hole of where to get a rough diamond cut in London in 1878 to what type of first names the Mundurucu tribe in South America use. I am looking forward to learning by following all of you!
Maggie, thanks for putting this together. You might also want to check out the several other lists of authors available, which I've added to my G+ tutorial. Here's the direct link to the relevant section:

As for myself, I write YA sci-fi/paranormal fiction with wife and partner +Lisa Gus (yep, free crit on demand - booya!). Our latest project is called Gatecrashers.

PS: I added this list to my list of lists. Hope you don't mind :)
Hello there! I write only short stories for now, but I've got some pieces of a novel swimming around my head. I'm just starting to send out stories for publication, and my first short story has just been accepted! What wonders that does for my self-esteem and motivation...!
Hi! I'm writing short stories, novels, and more. =)
I know +Eugene Teplitsky already mentioned me, but just wanted to give a shout-out to fellow authors (plus it seems to be the only way to subscribe to a thread), so there ;)
Hi, I'm Suzi. I write YA and MG Urban Fantasy. "Scratch" is out in the world, trying to make friends and meet new people (agents). While that's happening, I'm working on a boy's MG "The Monster of Dewsberry Drink" and a girl's YA "Penny's Luck".
I know there is a master list circulating for poets, one for kid authors/illustrators, and I think one for authors. You might want to check out +Debbie Ohi or +Susan Taylor Brown because they were instrumental in getting these lists started last week. Your list might be more mainstreamed to adult writers, but thought you might want to check anyway.
Thanks +Eugene Teplitsky and +Margie Jacobs! I am the author of two YA fiction (Fantasy/Steampunk) novels, The Burning Times and Grimme, as well as the founder of an epub group: We currently have a Call for Submissions going for a Steampunk Anthologie, if anyone is interested! At present I am working on a Paranormal Romance.
Trying my hand at urban fantasy.
I write sf, fantasy, humor, mystery, romance -- pretty much everything except erotica. I have stories in various anthologies, two self-published ebooks (short story collections), one novel out from Echelon Press (EEL'S REVERENCE) and another due out in August. Pleased to meet you all!
I write some technical stuff for a free PDF magazine that I founded, and edit, and I'm a wannabe horror writer, but I'm stuck in that rut where I get an idea, but it's never long enough for a novel. Some day. Some day... :D
I write a lot of different things, but have yet to have more than a few short stories published - a one science fiction, a half-dozen anti-hero historic fiction, and a couple of humour pieces.
Hey guys/gals I'm an aspiring novelist and screenplay writer trying to stay out of my own head. Lol 
I should probably also point out — since it looks like a lot of you might be capable of producing suitable material — that I am one of the editors for an upcoming cold-shivers/anxiety/horror anthology. The pay is equivalent to a small handful of birdseed plus exposure (in other words, mostly exposure), but I'd classify it as a "put your best foot forward" market.

The deadline for Stupefying Stories II is 31 July... so you'll need to write fast.

For submission details, or to ask any questions, please see this link:
I'm an author. I started Word Nerd Wednesday here in the first week. Hangouts for writers. I write for Writing Magazine in the UK and I blog about writing for Groupon's blog. My novel is here:
Hello everyone! Writing nano-punk sci-fi here.
Hello everyone. Lots of writers on here. I write SF, Fantasy, Horror, and Literary Fiction. I have everything from Micro stories to novels under my belt though many of them still need lots of edits. I also am an editorial intern for Dagan Books, assistant editor for Port Iris zine, and am head of the Apex book Company buzz team. Very glad to meet you all.
wow so many writers! Hi everyone. I write fantasy!
Interested in speculative ficiton, mostly high fantasy though I'd like to write humor also and have plans for a fantasy humor series.
Writing a crossover high fantasy/steampunk RPG campaign setting here.
Have some novels under my belt. Not always the top expert on changes to submission policies, because I'm been with just two agents since the 90s. But if there's anything I can do to help other authors (preferably non-time-intensive) I'd be happy to. Plus all writers need each other, not just new ones.
+Daniel Ritter ... what's nanopunk?
+Indigo C. I've been using it as a term for sci-fi that touches on molecular and atomic level technology (nanotech), especially in ways where the technology is modified and tweaked.
This is a good idea. I'm glad to meet all of you. I have finished 3 novels in a detective series. The 1st is in final proof stage and I am currently working on the formatting for all the ereaders.
Hi everyone. I am working on a fantasy novel and several children's picture books. I also self-published a book of poetry this spring.
waves Hi everyone! I write paranormal stories. That includes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, anything that has aspects of the "not normal." I don't do normal. :)
Hi, everybody - i write mostly short fiction and serial fiction ... working on putting together my first collection. I'm so pleased to connect with so many writers here!
Hi there! I write military sci-fi/fantasy, and am currently working on my second novel. Nice to meet everyone! =D
Hi everybody, a lot of you I know from Twitter or FB, I'm Jesse James and I'm about to publish my first official novel, Billy Purgatory: I am the Devil Bird. Love meeting other writers - feel free to connect here or on Twitter @mythcop. Margie, thanks for starting this thread!
Hello everyone! A lot of you I've already "met" on +Daniel Shortell's Author List, but for those of you whom I haven't met yet, allow me to introduce myself.

I've had two textbooks on 3d animation published and am now currently writing my first horror novel. It's about zombies, because let's face it, who doesn't love zombies? LOL. Anyway, the book is titled SHUFFLE: Brains, Flesh & Automatic Weapons and is going great so far. I plan on self-publishing for Kindle and Nook (and with a little luck, in hard copy as well). I'm sure I'll be on here picking all of your brains at some point and I just want to thank all of you in advance for being such a bounty of information and help!

Feel free to learn more about me at my blog at Thanks everyone!
Hi! I'm an aspiring fantasy writer, as well as a freelance copywriter. Sign me up! :D
Hello, Che here. I write horror, post-apocalyptic fantasy, and travel brochures. Only the latter pays so far. Perhaps you've seen some of my work at your local travel agents. XD
Aspiring writer. I'm working on an urban fantasy trilogy that my writing group says should be ready to submit when I'm done poking at the current draft.
Hi I write sexy romance novels and am hoping to be published in the near future.
Thanks for doing this! I've written a couple of YA novels I'm currently submitting to publishers: a retelling of the Quest for the Holy Grail, and a novelization of the life of Joan of Arc. ( I'm currently at work on a sequel to the Grail book.
Hey all! I'm in the throes of a complete rewrite of my novel, it's contemp fiction. It's coming along pretty nicely, I just wish I'd written the damn thing properly in the first place!! I'm also working on a biography, half of which involves working on my platform. Hours and hours of work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
+Dale Emery The beginnings are the fun parts! Maybe you could just mash all your beginnings together and create a kind of post-modern novel. lol!
I'm an expat American short story author in Japan. Normally I write Extreme fiction and Sexpunk > but I'm editor of a mixed-genre charity anthology of flash fiction to benefit Japan > . FIXED

I hope you'll check out the page, there are 70 authors total including Michael Moorcock, John Shirley, Alvin Pang, Ken Asamatsu, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Shinya Gaku, and more. Authors from France, Germany, Japan, the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia...

All benefits go to help the orphans in the devastated areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima.
I write speculative fiction for teens. So nice to meet the rest of you!
Hi, I'm working on my first novel, a psychological thriller set in Finnish Lapland. I'm also a columnist and feature writer.
Hi Everyone (another really useful list, thanks Margie).

My first novel, Sacrifice of An Angel, Contemporary Fantasy with a side of murder mystery, written with my twin sister, Tasha, is currently available in all eBook formats, published by Wittegen Press

I write Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and anything else that catches my fancy :D. I am also an author for 'Penny Dreadfuls 21- Writer for Hire',, a website where a reader can commission their own customised short story.
Aspiring writer. This is such a fantastic list, thanks for starting it Margie!
I writer urban fantasy, some magical realism and occasional bits of historical fantasy; along with associated esoterica. I'm also the publisher of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition (
Hi! I'm working on my first novel (book one of a trilogy) and I'm hoping to have it finished to start querying or self publish by Christmas. It is a fantasy novel dealing with a loss of technology in the modern world.
Hi everyone. I've written an unpublished novel and a few short stories, but my paid writing is for I try to make progress on my fiction writing, but with 1.75 jobs, a wife, and 1.5 kids there is little recreational time. Thankfully I do have a small 5-person writing group that meets most every week which allows me to add a few pages here and there.
David - I'm totally jealous about the writing group. I'd love to be able to be a part of a writing group.
Aspiring novelist with a few published short stories and academic articles under my belt. I mostly write speculative fiction. And I blog, of course.
Aspiring novelist, fiction. I bounce oddly between futuristic sci fi and historical fiction romance...I do not know why :)
Hello! I'm an aspiring novelist as well. I like writing fantasy and paranormal fiction. I may also begin on something with a decidedly romantic flavor.
Bizarro fiction writer, two novellas published, a full-length novel gathering dust, and some other irons in the fire. I'm working on selling 200 paperback copies of my debut novella ( If I can do that, my publisher will give me a 5-book contract. I'm about 2/3 of the way there with four months to go. My life has become one big marketing push.
Hi, I'm Pike. I write weird science fiction and alternate history stuff about animals in waistcoats, imaginary friends, and robots. I've written about four or five novels over the years; haven't published any yet, although I have gotten some very nice feedback in rejection letters!
Hi. I writer literary/mainstream fiction. Short stories published in lit mags and working on my first novel.
+Jenna Cosgrove I think we ALL wish we could've gotten it right the first time. I'm the uberpantster of my writing group, though, having embraced the suck of the first draft.
I've written two novels, both with the same female protagonist - she's sort of the Hamlet of my fantasy world, except she doesn't want to kill herself. I have more novels to write on her later, but I'd like to get up the gusto to edit the existing manuscripts. I also write poetry on the topics of feminism, agnosticism, erotica and whatever else seems to vomit it's way out of my head. I also have a Bachelor's degree in English literature - not that that makes me any better of a writer though - I just know my Shakespeare. :) I added everyone to a circle on this thread!
Tracey Baptiste and MG novel is a mid-grade novel. for mid-grade kids - either fiction or non fiction.
Hello! I'm a sci-fi/fantasy writer. Throw in some alternative history and horror and you've got me. I've had a few short stories published and I'm working on a novel right now set in an alternative 1920's about a horrible magician with a horrible machine that's trying to fix everything he's broken with magic. I might even query this one hehe
Hello! I write fantasy and short inspirational fiction--why I am on two opposite ends of the spectrum, I have no idea. :P Have quite a few things written, some of them published, working on getting that first novel polished up and ready to go.
Hi, I'm a writer. Writing a comic book right now. But I'm into script writing and novel writing as well. Looking to meet up and do some writing chat! I also have a list I posted on my page.
Thank you all for contributing to this list. Many of you have shared it and I sincerely appreciate it. For those of you who are already published, or about to be, feel free to edit your post to let us know where we can find your work. I've already added to my TBR list and I'm looking for more.
Hey guys and gals. For those that don't know me I'm Mike Olivares. I've just finished my 1st novel...The Straits Of Asgard...This is a 2 book story. Currently it is out to a couple of beta readers. I'm hoping to have it published soon. I'm working on book 2 now, with any luck I'll be ready for editing in about 6 months or so. I love meeting other writers and creatives, give me a shout on FB or Twitter @AaronHolt01. What a brilliant idea Margie, thanks!
I have a finished urban fantasy novel, Dark Dealings, which has recently received a offer to pub from small press house. Too soon to say it's a go. I am working on both a sequel, and a novella based on minor characters from Dark Dealings. Pre-polished excerpts are on my blog, Storyteller's Grove. There you can also find my character worksheet, which some have found helpful.
Hey there, thanks for starting the thread! I write YA fiction and my novels, Into the Shadows and Bloody Little Secrets are available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble and a few other places. I have a new book coming out next month, The Green, another YA. Direct links to my books can be reached from I also co-own an epublishing label, DarkSide Publishing. We focus mainly on YA titles and have quite a few titles available! Happy to chat with all!
+Margie Jacobs Its not mythology based. At the center are people that have been raised in an off the books military installation. They are 100% engineered humans. The project is "Asgard" since it is the Govt's attempt to create a race of super humans. Its Engineering, Spies and FBI Agents all come together to create my adventure....I think I need a few more beta readers to get more feedback....With any luck it will be in the hands of a publisher soon!
Hey! I'm writing the Pyxis trilogy, a YA paranormal series (writing as KC Neal). The first book, Pyxis: The Discovery, will be published this fall through StoneGate Ink. My blurb and info are on my blog. If you follow my blog, I'll follow back. :)
Hello! I'm a very new writer (14k words into my first novel, been writing since Jan!) and this kind of thread is REALLY good.

I'm working on a middle-future story of a British city being sold to a conglomerate of businesses and how one man becomes caught up in a resistance movement, having to choose between old friendships and his fervent belief in the good of the Sale.
If you want to follow my progress, thoughts and whatnot, I have a blog:

Mutual follows are on offer!
Hi there, novel-writer in progress. Waiting to find out if my short story, which has been short-listed will actually be published. I'm a blogger too. and can also be found on twitter @ninapowers
Hi there, I'm in the midst of writing a novel, I blog, I tweet and I'm currently waiting to see if my short story was accepted in an anthology. For all of the other blogspot bloggers on here, I've already subscribed to your blogs (those who aren't blogspot bloggers, I'm sorry but I haven't quite figured out yet how to link up.) You can find me on twitter @ninapowers and my blog is at It's a pleasure to meet you all:)
I am so cross-genre, it's not even funny. I go where the story wants to go. I may start off with a romance in mind but it usually turns into a romantic something or other as I go. When 'Wilde Mountain Time' finally hits the bricks, you'll understand. It's supposed to be out by the end of the year.
Hola everyone. I write in both Spanish and English and have published three short story collections, a graphic novel, two poetry collections, and 40 something kidzbooks, as well as a handful of nonfiction titles. I've also edited many anthologies in different genres.
An excellent thread! Thank you for providing a resource for writers to connect! I write paranormal, sci-fi, and steampunk romance, and blog worldbuilding and writer's life mayhem at I'm on the query trail, an ML for our regional NaNoWriMo participants, and I'm keeping productive with new words and revised ones while I play the waiting game. Now, off to update my circles!
I am a writer who is currently pulling double duty and (crudely) drawing a graphic novel that I wrote. I am posting it online as a webcomic ( I have also had prose published in a sci-fi anthology though I enjoy writing literary fiction most of all. I can't wait to get done with my GN project so I can dedicate all my time to writing once again. Looking forward to sharing posts with all of you. Thanks, +Margie Jacobs, for starting this thread.
I'm a die-hard fantasy fiction writer, specializing in Arthurian Fiction. My first novel project, "The Journey of Excalibur", details the origins of Excalibur from forging to its eventual return to Avalon. I dabble in other fantasy projects, but "JOE" is my baby and my future novel aspirant. You can find my writing blog online at
Webcomic writer currently in the throes of building myself a new world for a new comic endeavor! I'm also an artist and will be reposting my last webcomic project soon! I write mostly fantasy with various "-punk" influences and I'm a friend of +Angel Pidcock :D

You can find my blog online at -- I am doing visual development of my world there and showing the development process as I go.

I look forward to seeing all of you and will be adding you folks to my circles soon!
I'm a book reviewer and creator of my blog "EARTH'S BOOK NOOK " I am currently working on my debut fantasy novel and my WIP is in the first draft with 11 chapters right now. I'm always found with my Kindle or a book in hand. Hope to network and make new friends who are aspiring writers like myself:)
I've written two manuscripts thus far, one science fiction and the other a fantasy romance. I'm currently seeking an agent for both, and running a blog aimed at writers at, where I post everything from grammar advice to industry news to my own career as a writer seeking publication. I'm excited to find a list of fellow writers, and I can't wait to meet you all! (Well, at least virtually, that is ;)
Hello! I'm a writer of contemporary romance and have one paranormal romance coming out next year! I write in a rather unusual sub-genre, and have characters with physical disabilities in all my work. I have one novel published, a sequel coming out in January, and a book of short stories. Great to meet everyone!
Welcome to all of the new writers. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.
Late to party, as usual. Meh.
Now that I've added everyone above me, here's about me: Six novels (realistic contemporary YA) and a dozen PBs on sub (not all at once). Way beyond the "million word" mark. Current WIP is a MG/tween fantasy. I blog and review books (mostly for NetGalley and GoodReads) at
My current projects are a global history of the early 17th c and selected works of a 20th c Spanish poet, both scheduled for publication in 2012.
Written 7 ebooks so far (3 novels and 4 short stories) with several thousand downloads apiece. Bringing another to print this summer. Previously a sci-fi mix, summer book is a contemporary romance. Perhaps some swords and sorcery in the future. >
Working on my first "real" manuscript now, though I have a few others written from my younger days that I hope to pull out of the trunk one day. I've been writing since I was a small child, but I only recently looked myself in the mirror and said "Stop kidding yourself. You want to do this for a living." So now I'm making my attempt.

I write mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I throw in a little Suspense here and there.
Margie - thank you for starting this thread!

Hello all! I write erotic romance, fantasy and non-fiction. Submitted my 1st erotic short to my agent (*fingers crossed*). Working on #2 and 3 in the same series and plotting a paranormal series about humans adapted to the sea. When I'm not making stuff up, I'm an oceanographer and climate scientist working for a non-profit environmental group. Danielle's Barefoot blog:

Looking forward to hearing/reading more from all the authors here!
Nearing the end of a 6-book YA Steampunk series, but I genre-hop whenever possible. Nice to meet all of you!
I have created a repository for lists like this, to reach more people. Consider to add this one on
For any doubt just contact me here on Google+:)
I'm trying to write for children, but am finding myself a little lost. Thinking about going back to school. I also love writing short stories, weird poems, and autobio comics.
Hello everyone, and thanks for sharing this. Cross-genre here, with a bias towards near-future sci-fi and urban fantasy. I write in both English and Spanish and do a lot of flash-fiction, but I'm currently working on what should be my third novel. (previous two unpublished and I'd rather keep it like that, they look too amateurish now).
Hey gang ... Online entertainment editor by day; Pulp and flash fiction scribe by night
Inkmoney, hack, writer - depending on how judgmental I am of my scribblings for the day. Writing and reading SpecFic or anything close. Husband and father of two girls. Just enjoying a crazy, hectic life. I see a lot of familiar faces from Twitter. Going to give Google+ a fair shake and add you all to my writers circle. Blog at Great idea +Margie Jacobs!
Hi Margie,
Can you add me to your list. I am Dee Savoy, author of romance, suspense and paranormal. Thanks. Good to see you here.
Thanks for sharing. I'm an aspiring middle-grade/YA writer querying my manuscript THE GENIE CHRONICLES, BOOK ONE: HEIR TO THE LAMP.
Hi - great use of G+ for this type of thing. I'm a freelance writer (with a long history doing visual effects for movies!) with a couple of self-published non-fiction titles, currently working on my first novel.
Great thread, Margie! I'm a newly published author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
Cool thread. I write “literary fiction” -- whatever that means. My shortstories have popped up here and there, I blog over here: I’m working on my first novel now; the story of a man who takes a campaign job in New Mexico and gets swept up in crime,corruption and tense racial politics. I like all these posts about WIPs. I think I should start describing the process more over on my blog.
Oooh! So many awesome writers here! I write young adult fiction in the dark fantasy, horror, and paranormal areas. I love it so much. My debut novel, Land of No Angels came out a couple of months ago and I'm currently working on the sequel. I'm also going to branch out to the younger crowd in the future, so I'll be writing children's and middle grade fiction too. Just have to work through these YA projects I have lined up first. Nice to meet you all!
Whew! I think I circled everyone. If I missed you, circle me up so I can circle you back!
Hi, I post a new micro story (flash fiction) every other Monday at . . . looking to connect with other fiction writers of all genres.
Hi . . . I'm Keta Diablo and I'm an alcoholic. Just kidding. Had to say that just once. Margie, thanks so much for starting this. Wonderful idea. Seriously, I AM Keta Diablo and I write mostly paranormal romance (with some gay fiction tossed in now and then). Now, I'm off to circle everyone. Oh, yes, my paranormal shifter with Native American mysticism, Where The Rain Is Made has been nominated for a Bookie Award by the fabulous Authors After Dark in the BEST enovel category for 2010. Cross your fingers -- their convention starts on August 11th. I'm thrilled to be nominated -- that's the carrot cake. The icing would be to win, of course. Take a peek at WTRIM here on Kindle and read the reviews while you're there! Thanks, kids, and have a wonderful, fabtabulous week, Keta KINDLE:
Hello all! What a great thread. Other writers are always my favorite people. I'm a freelance Web content writer and editor by day, and an aspiring novelist by night. I have a draft of a mystery novel in a box, and it will never, ever see the light of day again. I'm currently working on a lesbian romance set in 1870s Tucson.
What a wonderfully diverse group! I would never have imagined there were so many writers on G+. Thank you all for keeping this list going. +Keta Diablo I've got my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!
Thanks so much, Margie. I'm thrilled to be nominated by Authors After Dark so even if I don't win, I consider it a great honor. There can only be one winner and there are eight nominated. But thanks again for crossing fingers, Where The Rain Is Made, BEST enovel category nomination for a Bookie Award - a paranormal/Native American novel. Here on Kindle if you'd like to read the wonderful reviews: Happy writing all! Keta
I write quirky, strange short stories. I tried to write a YA novel this summer, but it ended up being a quirky, strange adult fairy tale novel about a teenager. Eh well. I am what I am, I guess. I still want to work with an artist to have it illustrated though!
Norv N.
Signing up, thank you for this initiative. Interested in writing.
Glenn Gamble gets my vote for coolest intro.
Great thread. There's nothing like finding and supporting writers in all genres. I am working on my first 'realistic' novel.

I'm also the founding editor of Perspectives and Christian Perspectives magazines. Writers are challenged to give inanimate objects human qualities. Check them out at
Hi all! I'm an aspiring author with four novels and a novella in first draft stage. I write fantasy (currently non-magical fantasy that leans towards romance but has a bit of adventure thrown in). I may also turn my hand at some stage to contemporary, historical (Regency), or spicier romance and possibly to childrens' fiction as well (I have a lot of ideas and not a lot of time to write them in!)
Hi, I write dramatic adventure novels uncovering the myths we hide behind, paranormal short stories, and one nonfiction on memory loss.
Hey everyone! I am working on my first novel, a contemporary romance. I work full-time and attend school part-time, so my writing time is fragmented. I'm excited to see this thread and meet other writers.
Hi there! I'm a published writer with a biography and an urban fantasy out. I'm currently revising my second novel, something that is more character driven than my previous works. And I just published an ebook collection of my short stories.
Hello..... Thank You for telling me about this Group. I am a Relationship Novelist. I love books with Suspense, Drama, and Romance. My debut Novel "Love TORN Asunder" is currently out and the reviews have been wonderful. I would love your feedback on my website My 2 novel will be out this Oct. I am also the founder of "Saving Lives Through Lit". Our first Domestic Violence Anthology will be out in October in time for Domestic Violence Awareness month. The profits will be used to donate to DV charities. Our goal is to write books that deal with Family dynamics and struggles and give it a voice. I want to write not only for entertainment but for a purpose. To read about the charities we will be aiding and to join the movement please visit

You can also take a peek inside my Literary Journal... "Trials, Tribulations, and Torn. My articles/post deal with my journey to become a published author. They also rank 1- 6 in the Google Search. "Publishing A Body Of Work" also, "What happens after you have finished writing your manuscript" . Check me out and Please support my efforts in the the Literary world.
Hi all

I've published quite a bit of non-fiction but am presently working on my first novel. Like my factual writing, it will be primarily based on mental health issues but, I hope, from a relatively unexplored position. I'm also a lover of sci-fi and horror, and hope to write something in this genre when the first novel is completed :)


Afternoon all! I'm a writer, book eater, and smart ass who sometimes fancies herself an artist (of the stick figure genre). I write adult fiction with a flair for history, fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi...okay, I write a bit of everything. I also <3 Reese's Cups.
Hello! I'm David! I'm an aspiring novelist myself but given my loose grasp of English vocabulary, I have an ounce of doubt in myself. On the other hand, I am confident of being good in conceptualizing stories. I might even say that its my greatest strength. I'm only 16 but I'm thinking of starting a novel with a simple story yet a complex plot. I hope to finish it some time soon.

By the way, I have several blogs which are not updated. Not because I don't want to, but because I find it difficult to resist the distractions of the internet.

Well, that's all you have to know about me. I hope we all become successful in our passion!

.. and if you do, send us a copy of your book :)
Great thread! I look forward to seeing what you present in here. I'm an aspiring romance novelist. Hi all!
Another aspiring author here. I finished my first novel at 16, then writing took a backseat to life for about 20 years. Now I'm back at it seriously - working on the first draft of my 4th paranormal romance in my Blood Dragon series. The first 2 need pretty serious revisions, the 3rd is on submission, and I'm hoping to have the 4th out in the world around the end of the year. I have several more planned in this series, and I'm developing an entirely new paranormal creature to become the foundation for an extensive series. I also blog a little,, and I'm a regular contributor at

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
Hello everyone. I love reading about all you are doing. For those new to the list, welcome. If it has been a while since you posted, stop by and give us an update. And as always, let us know where we can find your work. Let's support each other.
Poet, songwriter, writer. I've had two rejections in two weeks, that makes me a legit author, right? I'm collaborating with a friend on something called "Collecting God", a high-fantasy book, and I'm thinking about starting work on "Detective Lacy Rice, PI and the Case of the Murdered Ghost". Which may or may not be a series of short stories, or a novel, I haven't decided yet.
Foley A
Hi people, just finished my first novel in a series of adventure fantasy for 9-12yr olds. Currently agent hunting while I start on the 2nd book in the series. I have also written a 5 book series for 0-5 year olds which I need to source an illustrator to collaborate with to bring the series to life. This is a great thread by the way, and I love being able to read about what everyone else is doing and the spirit that exists in this spread.Great work Margie. My blog :
Hi Writers, I'm a writer and poet and run a few (public service) resources to help creativity/ research which you might like -, & - Also if you don't know about that's another v useful resource. Happy writing and don't forget to leave the computer and let inspiration find you! Please do add me to any writers/poets circles.
Hello all, I'm an aspiring sci-fi/fantasy novelist. You can find me on twitter @Nick_Rolynd or at my blog Currently, I'm working on a what I intend to be my debut novel in the traditional publishing world as well an anthology of poetry I plan to self-publish.
Hello all! I write articles & non-fiction (mostly about animals, animal care, & animal advocacy). I also have just started dipping my toes into fiction with a lean towards mysteries. I have also written tons of poetry & several short stories in my younger years.

Would love to connect with & chat to any writers willing to share.
I'm working on a six-part coming of age gay story, most of which, I've posted on; what is the most cost-effective way to have it edited and published. I looked at Amazon, but it's very expensive.
Have written short stories (one published) and am working on a novel. Would love to connect with other writers around the world :)
I'm writing a novel in installments on G+. I just crossed 10,000 words today.
I released my first novel, Unthinkable ( in February 2011, and my second, Seen Sean? is hitting the streets in the next couple of months. I also plan to re-release <i>Unthinkable</i> with a better cover, better interior design, and a preview of Seen Sean?.
I am working on my first science-fiction novel. I'm in a writing group, but that didn't stop me from hitting a wall. It may have only slowed down the impact. :-)
I've published three nonfiction books (history & genealogy how-to) and have five unpublished novels. My memoir is with an agent, have high hopes for it. I'm in the middle of National Novel Writing month again. Soon, I'll have six unpublished novels! I've won a few awards for short stories and essays. The most recent was the non-fiction award at MidWest Writers Conference in Indiana.
I love historical novels of all kinds, but would like to meet others out there interested in ancient history, especially Rome. I have written three mainstream historical novels set in the regal period of early Rome, and am working on my fourth book in the series. For more info, my author's website is Let me know what you are writing, or reading.
I write fantasy and mystery novels. I've got one fantasy series published, and another fantasy series and a mystery series I'm alternating my time with. I have a few short story collections published, in various genres, too.
I write Christian fiction. I'd love to hook up with others!
I have changed roles many times in my life, but by far, writing fiction is the most satisfying of all. I write character driven novels that may have a lesbian theme woven into their fabric. As a psychoanalyst, I also write about the power of dreams and dreams analysis. I have just completed my first novel, Flowers from Iraq, The Storyteller and The Healer. The final edit is complete and now onto the most challenging part of all...publication. I have a blog at I write some interesting articles there on my reflections on life. I am also open to helping other writers who want to understand their characters from a psychological perspective. I'm glad to connect to other authors.
I'm looking to publish some contemporary fantasy, science fiction and children's fiction. Been quite a learning curve
Yep, I'm a writer, too. Currently working on a sci-fi novel. I'm also a ghost and developmental editor, so if any of you are stuck and need a friendly ear, sing out to me!
I'm a writer, artisan jeweler and gemologist. I'm working on a historical regency romance novel and a steampunk, victorian era fantasy novel. My author's website is: I blog there about writing, post mini-memoirs and do book reviews and author interviews.
I am so glad I found this thread. I really haven't learned to navigate google plus and I am pretty much only connected to the bloggers I follow and follow me who also are on google plus.

I am a writer and an attorney. I am in the beginning stages of querying my first novel a legal thriller and I am working on revisions for my second. You can find me here on google plus & on my blog

I'm a writer of epic fantasy.  I've been looking to connect with other writers on Google+, but haven't had much success as of yet.  Hopefully this thread will help.

If you add me to your Google circles, I will be sure to add you back.
Another good place to connect is the alliance of independent authors.
leah yo
hello i will not say how old i am but i have been aspiring to be an author for YEARS
Hi there! I'm currently working on my 2nd, 3rd and 4th novels to be published. I'd love to have more writers in my circles.
Google+ really confuses me, so please be patient with me. :)
Hey guys,

Great idea for a thread. Just wanted to invite you all to check out our new creative writing competition. It's basically a series of weekly and monthly prizes for works of short and flash fiction. 

Most awards are open to all. Check it out at and add me to your circles if you've got any questions.

We're also on twitter at @nithwritingcomp

Cheers and thanks Margie for starting this thread.
I am a published poet and Transgressional Fiction novelist please include me
I write picture books and young teen books - 13 pub so far.  I find promotion a huge chore that has to be repeated often.  As a children's writer I have found schools, especially those willing to let Authors visit via Skype, a terrific resource.  It allows me to help encourage reading and writing, along with showing, and reading from, my own books.  Most classes are so enthusiastic and eager to learn and ask questions. Encouraging the next generation to be avid readers is a wonderful goal.  HOOK Kids on Reading is my motto.
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