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Would you...could you live in a home this small?
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It would be great for camping. ;-)
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That was deep 
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Quick poll on ‪#‎SexEd‬: Are you for (1) comprehensive sex ed or (2) abstinence only or (3) abstinence plus taught in your state's public schools?

If you want to elaborate your reason for a choice, you can do so in the comments
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Comprehensive sex ed
Abstinence only sex ed
Abstinence plus sex ed
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Wait a minute. I took this completely the wrong way. I was assuming that "abstinence plus" meant a decent sexual education course, plus the added topic of choosing abstinence if you wish. But that's not it at all. It appears "abstinence only" is nothing more than "Hey kids, you've heard of sex; don't do it," and "abstinence plus" is "let's tell you all of the reasons why we've decided you shouldn't do it, and all of the bad things that will happen to you if you do it." Man, that's a pretty backwards way of "teaching" kids.

I'd be for sex ed that includes all of the things that +Margie Hearron​ listed. I also wouldn't mind if it included the topic of abstinence, and the idea that having sex or not having sex is always a personal choice. Once a person can discuss this topic from a non-emotional standpoint, then there becomes no good reason why you can't teach physiology, current culture and the power of personal choice to young minds. This information is useful so that they can make better informed decisions in life. If you truly want the best for your kids, and you feel you've raised them right so far, then you wouldn't shy away from giving them more knowledge. 
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Comment on the original if you like:
Let's see how many dudes are brave: Would you date or marry a girl that will NOT give you head (oral sex)? 

Society has told us to discuss sex is inappropriate or improper. I think that's bullshit. Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? (Agree or Disagree in comments)
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Margie Hearron

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Women, would you date or marry a man that would not give you oral sex?

For some women, oral sex is the only way they achieve orgasm.
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Have her in circles
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Why u need #Feminism ? Women feel they have to fake #orgasms to protect the male ego. Read the comments:
Yesterday, 89% of women responded "YES" to our "Have you Ever Faked an Orgasm" poll. After such an overwhelming response in the affirmative, we'd love...
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Churches demonize orgasms because they can't control people who can give themselves orgasms.

E.g. masturbation bans.
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Hey.....sometimes I do what gotta do....or not do......Y E S !!!!!
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"On Raglan Road on an autumn day
I saw her first and knew
That her dark hair would weave a snare
That I may one day rue

I saw the danger, yet I walked
Along the enchanted way
And I said, Let grief be a falling leaf
At the dawning of the day"

"For I have wooed, not as I should
A creature made of clay
When the angel woos the clay, he'll lose
His wings at the dawn of the day, alright"

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Panda XPB45 - It works well. If you live in an apartment or any place without washing machine fixtures, there are lots of portable washing machines that can work with your bathroom or kitchen sink.
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