Nice to know .. interesting news about Google Places..
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Google Now Requesting Business Licenses For Google Places... Why?

✜ Makes sense, to become a verified Google+ page you need to prove you are really the business you say you are with a LLC, a DBA or a local business license.

✜ Google is out to get rid of fake businesses in Google places

✜ Who creates Fake businesses and why? (expand this post)

In the last 2 years an entire slew of Internet marketing products, virtual address creators and virtual business phone number providers have sprung up to support a new marketing scheme.

That scheme is the practice of creating fake business listings in Google Places and Google maps, then proceeding to get them to rank highly for local searches like "Dentists Phoenix AZ"...

When you call the number listed in Google results the virtual phone number provider forwards the call to a real business that pays for that traffic and lead generation. This is who Google is out to put out of business with this new tactic of proving you are a business, at a real address with a real business business license or DBA.
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