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Thank you kindly +Heiko Mahr :)

the light last rays 
are dancing
over the flowers 

Caressing them
so the will
fall into
dreams about tomorrow  

A study of macro shots for the

#styleitmasterpieceproject2014   #Spotlight_Study4  Flower Power
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Splendid shot !
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~Sweet Delights~

Feather light touch..
Wisp and nature's presence delicately touches skin..
A sense.. tranquil beauty..
Like a Soul passes by.. 

Distinguishing Beauty~~~

Something we find in ourselves..
From seed it grows..
And as we are ..
Our very own sun inside ourselves nurtures
We grow strong
Beauty flourishes..

In awe
Beauty is inherited..

A born beauty blooms

And this distinguish beauty
discovered and now known
it lives
it lives in all beings..

As a Soul passes by
We touch delicately and beauty continues on..

And once again..
A born beauty and shares..

by Margie D Casados
#poemtography   #prose   #naturephotography  
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Wonderful shot!
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Margie D Casados

Shared publicly  - 
~Wishing you a lovely day..Good Plus Friends~

I know I have been missing a lot in the Google-hemisphere.
Been working hard and have been very busy with research on an up and coming new book with +Chris Lang :) 

Anyway~just want to say "Hello and wishing you all the best".
Sending many smiles to you all:))))
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Yes, +Sherry G Thompson , miss you too. I have been busy doing research, writing and creative consulting this past year. 

I hope all is well with you. I have been on Google Plus as much as I can right now. And I do miss my online friends-it's just that right now I have a dead-line I have to meet on a big project. 

Sending smiles to you always, and I will be back soon..:))))
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Thank you kindly +Zoraya Tonel :)

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Defying distance...

"Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours. From this window, like the moon, I keep sending news secretly."
— Rumi

#defyingdistance   #rumi  
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wonder full
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~Mixing Fun and Work~

Anyway, just love to watch Christopher Walken dance..:))))

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Awesome ! Thank you for sharing ! 
+Margie D Casados Enjoy your Thursday dear friend :))
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Thank you kindly +Bo Insogna :)

#photographerstofollow   #coloradophotography  
Turbo Charged Country Sky - Colorful Turbo charged clouds in the sky at sunrise, with a tractor in the agriculture farming fields out in the country of north east Boulder County Colorado and the snow covered front range of the Rocky Mountains and Longs Peak 14,256 ft in the background.

#Colorado #coloradophotography #coloradophotographers #breakfastartclub #Colorful #Sunrise #tractors #Farming #agriculture  
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Excellent beauty of moving nature is  in still picture and  the beauty sense of the photographer attract all nature loving creatures of this earth. Thanks to my good friend and the gentleman , who provide this picture for our thirsty minds.
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~Beautiful Words~

Dia amanheceu com um sol lindo e muita energia positiva vem com ele!
"Day dawned with beautiful sunshine and lots of positive energy comes with it " +Deise Lemos Almeida :)
Thank you so kindly for sharing:)))

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Dia amanheceu com um sol lindo e muita energia positiva vem com ele!
Esta é a boa notícia... 
A má notícia, é a internet, que continua péssima por aqui! Haja paciência...
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Sempre amável +Margie D Casados ! Obrigada, um ótimo domingo (aqui já se vai) e excelente semana a vocês!
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Thank you kindly +Rodolfo Seide :)

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So welcome!
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~Nice to Know~

Thank you kindly for sharing +Margaret Tompkins via +Landscape Photography Show :)

#landscapephotography   #photography  
Come join Popular landscape and nature photographer +Ray Bilcliff  and the Landscape Photography Team on Tuesday April 8th at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  Ray is a retired scuba diving and karate instructor. He now spends his time taking photography and sharing with the Google Plus community. Ray also runs several themes on G+ including True portraits, Dawn on Sunday, Lily Monday, Grass Tuesday, Wading Bird Wenesday, Leaves on Thursdays, Buggy Friday, Swampy Saturday, Paintography, and The Magic of light! 

Be sure to circle the +Landscape Photography Show page!  We have a new look and a new URL!!

Share your favorite landscape photographs with leading lines. Maybe one of the panelists will select your photo as the Show Starter and give you a shout out on air!

Join the fun on Tuesday April 8th, 2014 at 7 PM PDT/8 PM MDT/9 PM CDT/10 PM EDT.  See you there!!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Margaret Tompkins. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Have her in circles
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Live, Laugh and be Happy.. :)
Love Art, all kinds writing, photography, and paintings.
I am a writer and an amateur photographer.

I am currently working on several books and new at screenwriting, I guess you can say I am a busy girl.. LOL:)


Author of "A Dozen Roses". 
A poetry book I have dedicated to my beautiful Mother and to all Mom's.

I also share poetry on my blog,  Poemtography .
I share interesting posts on

I work with Chris Lang as ..  

Personal editor and creative consultant for The Truth about Google+ Marketing , also the futuristic fiction novel Plenzes , which glimpses in what our near future could look like in social media and the internet, and Tom Dreams Of Horror all written by Chris Lang . 

"Get it to the Inbox" which is coined Email Delivery Jedi.. aids with valuable information for email reputation and avoid spam filters. In other words Blog insurance.


Currently working on my Books,  Intuitive Insights Books and The Art of Healing:)

These books have a special place in my heart, and my main inspiration has been my family and friends.
Heart language, Spirituality, and Healing have been my main focus for years.
I have always been an introvert, sensitive in nature and intuitive. This has sparked a book I am currently writing Poetry and Photography become one, which is coined Poemtography.  This book is inspirational poetry, to uplift, encourage and inspire.

I have worked and/or studied for over 25 years in the field of healing arts and have always been fascinated by not only traditional but natural and alternative healing practices. This has spark a strong interest in the Art of Healing and has been a goal of mine to write a book on the topic.

The main focus of the "Art of Healing" book is to:
  • Discover the different methods of healing
  • Why some people heal from disease and some don't
  • Bring awareness and bridging the gap between Western and Eastern treatment
  • The importance of our way of Thinking, Spirituality, and interest in understanding our Consciousness. And what effects does it have on the mind, body and Spirit.
  • Keeping a stimulated and open mind to the possibility of self healing
In this book I ask you to not believe me but to keep an open mind and to consider the possibility that these methods of healing can possibly promote healing for mental and physical well being.

Coming from working with patients as a dialysis tech, caregiver and intern for the healing arts has impassioned me to promote and create awareness in this special field.
You can contact me via my email
Wishing you the best of success
Margie D Casados

Bragging rights
I share with sincerity.... Success is best, when it is shared:)))
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Love the Sub Sandwich done Mike's way. It was delicious and tasty. A little pricey but overall I have to say it was worth it. The location is convenient too. :)
Public - 7 months ago
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Three times is a charm. The last few experiences with this McDonald's location has been poor. I wouldn't say I hated it, but I really can give it more than one star. The service was poor, the food order was wrong and the food was tasteless. The environment was dirty, especially the fish tank. It always has finger marks on the glass and who knows what else. Really I have to say McDonalds is going down hill. Whatever happened to quality service, good food at reasonable prices? Anyway, grew up in the area. And I know I won't be visiting again. Sorry McDonalds. :(
• • •
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Mellow Mushroom is reasonably priced in a convenient location. The pizza was hot and tasty. Just make sure when you ask for extra cheese, that you ask the waiter to be sure and put that on the order. Other then that mishap, that can happen to anyone. It was a wonderful dining experience. And the pizza was well worth the wait.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Had a good time, the atmosphere is nice in a convenient location by Bel Mar shopping Center. The food was tasty and the portions were generous. The prices are reasonable too.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
Public - a year ago
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110 reviews
An excellent place to find computer equipment. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I was surprised at how busy it was on a Sunday. Obviously this place is a hot spot in the neighborhood for Computer care, software, equipment and supplies. Definitely will be back again. :)
Public - 7 months ago
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GQ Barber Lounge is an excellent place to get exceptional care for men. My other half received high quality treatment. From prepping, beginning with a wonderful massage, to get in a more relax state, to a premium haircut. The environment has vintage tones of photo captures of historical places in the metro Denver area. Old original wooden floors still intact from an era of old western Denver. Well worth the cost of total care for men.
Public - 7 months ago
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The ER is excellent.. Admission's staff is speedy and polite. The medical staff was helpful and caring. They took excellent care of my nephew. And the waiting room and restrooms were clean. I highly recommend this hospital.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago