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Rocky Mountain National Park Wildlife

This charming fellow was on a dead run out of the woods, through the meadow, across the road, and up the hill.  Just before the crest of the hill, he paused for two seconds so I could take this photograph!!  

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I really like the line you captured too.  the tree is straight and the hill and the deer are diagonal!  NICE.
Thanks +Carra Riley !!  That really was the side of a mountain and quite steep!!  He had no trouble navigating the terrain!
Beautiful shot, and wonderfully composed.  He looks great even still in velvet.
majestic natural pic ,so glorious wonderful and eternal effulgent.
Living within 60 minutes drive of the RMNP, I really appreciate this picture. Sometimes we take for granted what's in our back yard. Nice picture. It's harder than it looks to get wild life to "pose" for us.
Beautiful, +Margaret Tompkins, beautiful! You captured a very good moment. Very nice composition and camerawork.
Thanks very much +Dan Taber !!  I'll be the first to admit that this was a VERY lucky shot!!  Many thanks!!
I'm glad he paused for you. Very beautiful creature. :)
Thanks so much +Kurt Harvey !!  I'm really glad he paused too!!  Otherwise, it would have been a blur!!  Many thanks!!
Ke Zeng
That's incredible capture +Margaret Tompkins ! The deer seems posing perfectly for you, with purple flowers in the foreground and a unique pine tree right behind on the slope! Thank you so much for sharing the photograph with #landscapephotography theme!
Great shot +Margaret Tompkins , isn't it a fantastic feeling when you get that shot of these lovely, but skittish animals, thanks for sharing.
What a lovely shot and a beautiful landscape.
Ada M
lovely character!
que c'est BEAU !!!! +1
Merçi de partager vos belles photos avec nous !!!
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