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Mittens at Monument Valley

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Gorgeous colours Margaret! - I went for a meal and half way through my girlfriend disappeared - only to find out she missed the main course taking shots of the sunset!! - typical!
Eva G.
Schöne Aufnahme!
Very lovely view from Monument alley +Margaret Tompkins ! Quite a different image than the usual pictures from that location. Well done!
Great Silhouette, the horizontal cloud line 'stepped down' and interrupted by the right piece of rock, adds a great depth.
Thanks very much +Peter Grew !! This is a formation called the "Mittens" because it looks a bit like mittens for your hands. Many thanks!
Then you were probably alone there! I love being the only person on an amazing spot :-)
I love the contrast to the tender colors in the sky!
+Dominique Dubied , actually is was very crowded. The best place to shoot Mittens is near the parking lot of the visitor's center so there were probably 50+tripods lined up to shoot it. There were other less crowded places where I was very much alone. Many thanks!!
Beautiful view and shot!
Awesome view and fantastic shot, Margaret!!
Gorgeous color and shapes, iconic. Love the hint of mirroring between the two shapes and great compo too.
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