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My Dad's Tractor

I'm sharing a special photograph for #FourWheeledFriday +Four Wheeled Friday curated by +Akhil Kalsh +Matthew Costabile ; #blastfromthepast +Blast From The Past curated by +Mark Rodriguez +Isabelle Fortin +Cheryl Cooper ; #BreakfastClub +Breakfast Club curated by +Gemma Costa .
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Very nice. Love those old tractors.
Thanks very much +Joe Frazee !! I love those old tractors too! This one has a lot of character! Many thanks!!
Sooo... Country ! Nice Margaret !
Wow , this has seen many years come pass.
well captured , thanks for sharing.
Thanks very much +Gilberto Sanchez Ortiz !! This tractor is still in use and mows about 8 acres. I'm sorry, I don't understand the comment about the lizard. Please explain. Many thanks!!
Did you used to get rides on this tractor, Margaret? If so, what great memories you must have:)
Of course +Sharon Jeannette !! Many rides and many great memories! It belongs to my sister now and they mow the grass with it! These machines were built to last!! Many thanks for stopping by!
Generations to come will share in these memories then:)
That is a lovely shot!
We used to play on an old tractor just like that when we were this photos...thanks for sharing!
I loved growing up on the farm!!! don't know G+ speak just yet but thanks for ur comment...your photos are lovely...u r very beautiful pics!!!
This is a very special post! Wonderful shot and I identify with such wonderful memories as well! :) 
Thanks very much +April Gamel !! I really appreciate your kind words!! I was very lucky and had a wonderful childhood with lots of fond memories! Many thanks!!
To many more recollections of our fond memories and just enjoying today too!! Glad it is sunny there!!
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