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Thanks for this. A good look at the motivations behind name calling. Hmm, I may have to add such a scene to the book I'm outlining. I have a mix of personalities that'll fit in these.
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I love how we learn from one another's insights all the time!
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Yep. But on the other hand, when there are many people like me who were laid off years ago and despite several times trying have been unable to get a fulltime job, to have a roof over your head for minimal while your spouse builds up a writing career...
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This is a wonderful science fiction novella that touches on dark matter and social concerns.
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Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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Drop by to learn the origin story for my upcoming science fiction release, Shafter, and take the opportunity to ask for more.
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Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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Have her in circles
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I'm trying to create a Scrivener script in Windows to create consistent ebooks. I did solve the final stumbling point (though some of the features I require aren't available yet :p, so I thought I'd share. If you want to use folders to generate TOC items but do not want to print the title (something solved by the front matter folder for Mac but maybe not for back matter), the trick is to convert your folders to text, put a single space in the text, then convert back to folder.

When you compile, check include text.

In order to use the folder for organization within the output file, it must have something added (even a single space that isn't visible). Otherwise, Scrivener "helpfully" eliminates it from the output even if the subtexts do have text, removing both the TOC item and the page break.

Hope that proves helpful to others :).
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Yr welcome :). I'm half hoping someone will tell me I missed something, but I tried so many variants, it's sadly not that likely.
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Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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Sharing this again because I made a mistake and copied in the same thing as last week. It was supposed to be Uncle Kracker and Good to Be Me
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I've finally gotten around to putting together my author page for my writing-specific posts. Check it out:
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Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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An interesting person, creativity,  sociology of selfishness, space travel, and writing philosophy links are there for your pleasure this week. Enjoy.
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  • Simon's Rock College of Bard
    Liberal Arts, 1985 - 1987
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
    Literature, Creative Writing, Anthropology, 1988 - 1990
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I'm a born storyteller whose tales often cross genres and worlds to bring the events and characters to life. Romance, science fiction, and fantasy have fallen from my pen so far, but I will go wherever the story takes me.

A daughter of diplomats, my early years were filled with many cultures, both very much alive and long turned to dust, and people who both pondered the great thoughts and were grand pranksters. Whether from wild adventures into the desert to climb sand mountains, poking around little known archeological sites, or visiting bazaars and inner cities, I came out of that time with a love of culture and an all too sharp awareness of culture clash.

I now live in a Nevada desertscape with my husband, and a rotating collection of cats and sons. In a different time, you’d find me before a bonfire or with a mug of ale and a lute spinning tales for all who are in earshot. Now, though, you can read my explorations of loyalty, love, and conflict wherever you might be.

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