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I have been waiting for news on TensorFlow Lite since it was announced at I/O.
We’re giving you an early look at Android 8.1 starting today. This Android Oreo update includes a new Neural Networks API to accelerate on-device machine learning, Android Go memory optimizations, Autofill enhancements, and a Shared Memory API. We’ve also included a few smaller enhancements to Oreo in response to user and developer feedback. Get your apps ready - we’re expecting the final public version in December.

Check out all the details here →

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DevFest Seattle 2017 was once again a great success! Thanks organizers, volunteers, speakers, partners and everyone from +GDG Seattle who help us build an inclusive and fast growing community of developers passionate about Google technologies. #DevFest17 #DevFestSEA #GoogleCloudPlatform #ActionsOnGoogle #TensorFlow #Flutter #AndroidThings
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Pixel Buds - Google Translate on the go!

So Google announced their yearly hardware updates earlier today. Unlike previous years, I managed to keep my wallet safe this one.

Except for the Pixel Buds. This, I can't resist. I've always wanted a device to allow language translation seamlessly on the go, and from the presentation, it seems this will be able do the job just fine.

We'll see how it goes though. It would be interesting to test it out and if it actually functions well in real world scenarios.

Mine's scheduled to be delivered 27-28th Nov, but hopefully I'll be able to get it before then.

For the list of everything Google announced today, check out the link below:

What about you? Did you order anything? Anything caught your eyes? :)

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Teachable Machine lets anyone explore #MachineLearning live in the browser. Built with @deeplearnjs

Use it here →
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Part II of my series on technical public speaking. I cover selecting tools, keeping focus, why to write an outline, demos, and more! ✏️

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Last night I set up #AndroidThings on the Pico Pro #Maker kit and here are the steps I took - Looking forward to playing with it more with code samples and experiments of my own ideas. #Android #IoT #AndroidDev

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Women Techmakers Lightning Talk at GDG Seattle last night. #WomenTechmakers #WomeninTech#GDG #GDGSeattle
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Intro to Deep Learning for Developers at AWS Seattle meetup.
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