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Thoughtful post by top YouTubers- what is the sentiment out there? Do many of you agree with the conclusions +Gregory Onision draws in his artcile?
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Very much so, the team of engineers need to remember this site is built based upon users and satisfaction not what advertisers want it to be like. Its blatantly obvious the new design is a catastrophic fail usually I agree with Google on designs and improvements but whatever you guys/the team did this time its destroying our channels.
Last year I was averaging 2000 to 4000 views a video. Since the layout change I'm averaging 300 to 500 views. I've lost over a thousand subscribers. People constantly leave comments on my videos telling me they didn't see my videos in their subscription feed. Some thought I'd stopped making videos. There's no way with over 10,000 subscribers that I've worked very hard to get over the last 3 years, that I should be only seeing a few hundred views per video. I haven't changed my comedy or my style, the only thing that's changed is YouTube.
Abi pop
Yes it really is! :( as my video's are getting almost 1/2 the amount of views due to the sub boxes's not showing everything uploaded x
David P
+Margaret Healy I cant agree with most of that if people watched there videos in the sub box in "everything" not "highlights" that fixes most of the problems also it might be people are finding new people who upload more often and people are growing old of the original partners with more and more partners coming in everyday theres more option to watch newer content and ideas they havent seen and to be honest the "original partners" complain about almost anything youtube does they complained about everyone getting "feature channel boxes" to the last 3 channel layouts it seems they are very hard to please ,yes everyone is losing views but thats cause views drop when school is in session and pick up around vacations I think people need to relax youtube isnt out to "kill us" take a break from the computer and get AIR
I completely agree. We got promotion from Michael Buckley (WhatTheBuck) and Charles Trippy within a month of each other and was building up subscribers and views with 1500+ subscribers but getting about 600-1000 views a vid and now I am jumping for joy if we hit 300. It is horrible and now there is no chance for smaller channels that are building to get any exposer of being found when someone searches for videos on YouTube.

As a side note. The whole new "everyone is a partner" thing really upset me on a personal level. I continually worked to building subscribers and views and got denied 3 times and really worked hard to keep building and making connections a week before we could apply again the new partnership came about and it was just really upsetting that now I will never have the opportunity to be a "real" YouTube partner and won't ever be looked at as a "real" YouTuber by the big YouTubers. It was just a really horrible day that crushed a lot of peoples dreams.
+Margaret Healy Yes, Ever since the cosmic panda switch my channel has plummeted in subscribers and views. I used to gain triple digit subscribers a day and now when I check my count each day it goes down but when I check my email I have pages and pages of saying I gained more subscribers so I know the two aren't matching up. But then again the people that subbed say they got unsubbed somehow.......

In all honesty I hope this doesn't come off as rude but the design team is literally killing the site. And YES this did happen to my channel do you understand how demotivational it is to make a video now? I max out high ranking keywords for my tags have great metadata and titles and use custom thumbnails and social media but my subscribers still decline........

Whether it's a subscriber box issue of it being "Backlogged" or "stuck" or analytics messed up FIX IT and FIX IT QUICK. You guys have implemented to much into the site something somewhere is causing it to break........ And it's pretty obvious you guys don't know exactly what it is hence the frequent maintenance trying to find fixes that may work and end up not working out at all.

For the first time ever +Ray William Johnson went negative in subscribers today if that doesn't raise a red flag with you guys I honestly don't know what will......

Offtopic keynote, even partner-support has gotten extremely lazy. All of it is auto-response/generic garbage that is sent back to a request or question I've tested my theory sent scrambled text and then a keyword relating to a problem and got the same reply as if I would type it out normally. Get your stuff together.
Views cut by 60% overnight due to algorithm change. Sub box rarely, if ever, works properly for a variety of reasons. I really only see people that upload daily.

Margaret, what is really needed instead of these constant forum like posts is a mediator between content creators and YouTube. Someone who is an active part of the YouTube community and understands what is wanted and what is needed. Someone that isn't biased by any network. Someone who can understand the goals of both corporate YouTube and the creator so that things work properly. Currently, there really isn't anyone like this, and I think it would greatly improve YouTube's functionality and the overall happiness of partners.

It seems like every week, there is a new issue. And then another. And then another.

Thanks for listening :)
This was happening to me too. I HATE the new layout
My channel also has dropped a lot of views since the change to the new layout. I use to get about 1000 views on every new video a week, but now I only get about 500. It seems like everyone is losing views since this change. People with 1,000,000 subscribers are only getting around 90,000 views a video! That's sad!
I contacted partner support about my subscribers telling me that I don't show up (for 2 months now) in their sub boxes and I kind of got the run around and never heard back even though I've asked about twice. I was told to prove it. I asked - well can't you just double check on your end and see and I even named other youtubers that are having the same problem.

My views are down. My old vids are showing up in subboxes or not showing up at all.

People saying that viewers have started to watch other people don't understand that I have loyal viewers who are telling me that they have to watch my twitter feed to see when I upload a new video because youtube doesn't notify them anymore. They also don't understand that the youtubers that are loser viewers are the ones that put out consistent material every week and it's too fishy that we all dropped just all of a sudden the way that we did. Not everyone on the internet decided all at the same time to go watch a specific group of youtubers and ignore the rest- that simply doesn't make sense.

My twitter following is going up and I'm doing well on my facebook but even my fans on FB say- if you didn't post here- we wouldn't know you posted at all.

This is a real problem and I'm hoping that YouTube can figure it out soon and take it seriously. The bigger problem is that I know for a fact that many of us have contacted partner support only to be ignored or given the run around. I know you guys are busy- I get it- I'm not your main priority- but we are all telling you something is wrong and it's basically time to listen and check into it. Thanks Margaret for listening. You have NO IDEA how much it's appreciated when so many youtubers feel like their emails to partner support get sucked into a black hole never to be heard of again lol :) Sincerely, Karen Alloy aka Spricket24
Views are declining because YouTube is not fixing MAJOR BUGS! They are spending all their time on the wrong things. The home page sub box has been glitched for the whole week! This is just one of the many bugs that are not getting fixed ASAP.
I went from averaging 25-30% viewership per video, to less than 10% starting immediately with the layout change. I was averaging 350-400k views a month. I didn't even hit 200k last month. Every single video I upload, I get comments saying "your video is still not showing up in my sub box, or the home page"
The constant changes of the home pages are killing views. I was getting MORE views when the thumbnails on the homepage were BIG!

PLEASE explain why thumbnails went from big to small

Lots of opinions on this can be found here:
Yes, yes, yes! I agree with a lot of what Onision is saying. Since the change, my views have suffered drastically. A common question I've been receiving from my viewers is "why haven't you posted a video since last year?" When I've been posting consistently, but only a tiny percentage of my subscription base has been receiving my videos. And my older videos are not being found anymore. I understand the views slowing down on older videos, but the rate of the slowing has been astronomical since the algorithm change. All of these factors have been extremely disappointing for me and many other YouTubers I have spoken to. It has become a hinderance to our creativity, because we are seeing such negative impact on our channel getting worse as the days go by and it is extremely worrisome.
+Margaret Healy -- I haven't seen any significant subscriber growth in almost a full-year. Views on newer videos are 25% of what they were before Cosmic Panada -- and coupled with a number of other curious/terrible design changes -- the site has been quickly moving in the wrong direction.

Why remove the side banner?
Why remove the HTML branding box?
Why remove the "About Me" section?
Why are the thumbnails impossibly small on the main feed?
Why were all ads removed from age-restricted Show-videos?
Why is the related-videos algorithm based on absolute attention and not relative/average?
Why does the new upload page not have any post/mid-roll ad options?
Why doesn't the feed allow users to remove videos?

If your team can honestly provide us with answers to the above questions we'll all stop complaining. But so far... YouTube keeps needlessly changing the site, and trying to convince everyone that these these changes were thought-through, and that it is for "improvement" purposes... instead, we're seeing mountains of contrary evidence. You owe it to the community to at least explain these ridiculously harmful changes and removals from this site that thousands of us depend on.

Thanks for your time, I know you're all working hard... just please slow down, and clue us in on your thought process.
Not to mention that with the new homepage layout, allowing 1 video per director in a row, channels like Machinima, IGN, etc.. that upload 7-10 videos a day, bump our 1 video off in under an hour.
I've seen plenty of loss, I'm a smaller youtuber myself but after the change to the new homepage/layout, my views and sub rates have dropped significantly.

I also question why many of the extremely useful partner features were removed. The HTML branding box is gone, which was a great way to have information right then and there, thumbnails are near worthless outside of the channel page because they are shrunk to such a small size on the home page and anywhere else, the side banner is gone.

Even the "About Me" section is gone. Where are we supposed to tell people about ourselves? Even before it was removed it was near completely hidden away. Text on the channel page is a grey that nearly blends in with the white background.

Related videos have nothing to do with the video you're watching more than half the time, Subscription boxes are completely screwed up, I hear about peoples videos not actually making it there at least a few times a day, and it shows. The highlights/everything thing is stupid, people subscribe to people because they want to see all of their videos, not some of them. There is also no way to remove videos from the sub box after watching them, eventually resulting in endless scrolling to find something new.

Youtube is in fact killing us, slowly but surely.
+Josh Braner Josh do you have specific examples of a subscriber who did not get your video and it was not due to highlights?
Plus Google is disabling Adsense accounts. Mine was disabled and I haven't a clue why. There was no warning and no abnormal click activity at my end that I could see. People are probably getting wind of this and it throws a lot of negativity into the mix because it is truly disturbing. I am trying to work out a clear number of people this has happened to. There is a group about it with everyone saying the same thing. Some people are blaming sabotage but I discovered after my Adsense account was disabled ads were still running. I deleted over a thousand videos because I felt I could no longer trust Google not to run ads there without my consent or knowledge. My views were way off they were roughly 500-1000 per day in the beginning and when I got disabled it was a pretty steady 150 per day.
Jim Cyr
Maybe because I'm a small youtuber in terms of subs, but I've seen positive trends since the change on my channel. My sub count continues to grow, my views jumped a bit (I get a lot by search) and my views from subs is going up.

The problem I've seen on the flip side is that I have to unsub a lot of channels in order to keep up or even see everything. I had close to 400 channels subbed but now I'm close to 100 and might have to drop even further down. Why? I'm missing their uploads and I'm feeling like im not part of the sub community I'm active in.

I also know that I have to work a lot to get my views, I really see the difference in a week where I'm not online much and not working all the social media as compared to a week where I'm cross posting like a

+matt suda Hi Matt What major bugs are you referring to?
+Andy Pugh Do you have specific people who did not get your video? Do you think this is due to something other than the Highlists/Everything?
+Jonathan Paula Hi JP- you did read the subscriber post about old accts going away- would that explain the flat growth you are seeing?
Try and find a partner that DOESN'T agree with that article. Subscriber count may increase, but viewership has decreased despite the fact that I've actually improved AND I followed every step of the Partner Playbook. Look at the graphs of YouTube activity before and after the cosmic panda implementation. Compare the before and after of all the content creators out there. I don't need a math degree to tell you that's a negative slope, and in the world of YouTube, that's a BAD THING.
I know many people have spoken out against the recent move to "partner" all channels. I personally was very proud of my achieved status. However, I thought that was a good move on YouTube's part. Now people can experiment with different ideas for shows and generate revenue from it.
Back to the matter at hand though. I'm not one of those people that usually complains about updates. I enjoy change when it has positive results. This cosmic panda change was bad from the start. What was the point of showing it off at Vidcon and asking for partners' opinions when you ignored all the boo's? No, we don't run the site, but we do create the content, and we do bring in the audiences. Honest to God, you guys need to hire a select number of partners for advising. Maybe you could have layout testers that are well-versed in YouTube.
Either way, the time to ask "Was this a bad idea?" is over. The answer is yes. It's back to the drawing board.
+Margaret Healy No, it's not specific people. It's random subscribers. they send me messages on twitter/facebook telling me they don't see the video at all. I've told everyone to check "Uploads only", but even then it doesn't always appear. I am not a fan of the home page at all. I missed seeing the last 3 videos uploaded by the people I subscribed to. Go a day without checking, and I completely miss videos they uploaded because they get bumped off the home page so fast. And im only subscribed to 27 people.
Whatever the reasoning, I just know that I was easily hitting 4-5k+ views per video, and the very day the layout changed, it immediately fell and has not recovered. I can go to vidstats, look at the last 6 months and see the exact day it changed.
+Margaret Healy Every time a major bug comes up, it takes YouTube way too long to fix! There were a few bugs in the video manager and on channels that were fixed this week. The video manager sort bug wasn't fixed until 2 months later. The "load more" glitch on the home page sub box still isn't fixed. Priorities need to be made in the bug fixing queue. It has been almost a week since the home page broke.
+Evan Edinger Thank you for the feedback- it sounds like you are saying that Cosmic panda was the inflection point -
+Margaret Healy I completely 100% agree with the article. I've heard complaints about viewership loss even from MysteryGuitarMan, and there's just so many other channels I've seen affected by this, big AND small. For me personally I've seen my average views per video cut in half, for certain videos even more. If it weren't for my older popular videos, I would probably get less than 500 daily views.
I think at this point, less than 5% of my subscribers are actually watching my videos, most of my views nowadays come from smart (related) metadata.

Please fix this. If anything, my videos have only improved, and every so often I get an old subscriber surprised that I posted a video. They thought I had been gone for months, yet I post AT LEAST one video every week.
Not to be rude, but I see YouTube posting pictures of "live concerts" held at the YouTube office on Twitter. I understand, a break every once in a while is fine. But a lot of issues on the site are getting ignored, and are not being addressed in a timely manner.
Absolutely. I have over 100,000 subscribers and I used to gain 100 a day.. now I am losing subscribers rapidly and I'm not doing anything differently. I also used to be able to expect 30,000 views on any given video and now I struggle to get 20,000. This is a real problem and I definitely saw the decline begin around Cosmic Panda.
+Margaret Healy Despite all the criticism, I enjoy making videos on YouTube. If we could bring back video grouping by channel on the homepage with the ability to remove an already watched video, I believe that'd be a start for an increase in creator AND viewer happiness and a decrease in complaints. Thanks for listening.
+Margaret Healy Gave you feedback in an earlier comment in this post hope you see it........ I must thank you though for taking the time to listen to us I know it's not completely your fault why this is happening but again FIX THE ISSUES. Please don't let the team be ignorant. So what you guys made a mistake? I would have more respect for Google/YouTube now if they admitted it but if they don't and this continues you can expect your pretty little site to be dead very soon. YOu forget other video sharing sites are growing pretty quickly with better CPM's than YT
+Margaret Healy I saw all the posts about dead subs being cleaned out. I have not seen any significant decrease to indicate I had very many dead subs to start with. Sitting at around 15,500 subscribers. The video I uploaded on Monday has still yet hit 1000 views. I used to be able to hit the view cap (300) in under an hour. Now it is taking a full day at times. Its gotten to the point where I'm relying on bigger channels throwing it likes and tweets, just to be seen.
+Margaret Healy I'm having a hard time understanding this "reaching out" and "what are your thoughts?" posts here and on the YT blog.

You all already KNOW the dang issues. You all constantly do these Q&A online sessions, visit cities, invite YouTubers, and then do the exact OPPOSITE of the feedback.

If you truly aren't going to use the feedback (talking about YouTube as a whole, not necessarily YOU as a person), then it's a waste of our time to make it seem like YT is really interested in our thoughts.

YouTube is a business and is going to do what it wants to do regardless. If you all would just be HONEST and tell us that and stop these "feel-good" sessions, at least we will know how to proceed.

But false promises of listening to us is getting annoying.



BTW Thank you Margaret for showing this issue attention and being open to the fact that there are problems. While I love all the staff at YouTube, all the partner forum messages from staff and articles have been denying any negative effects for partners and saying that the changes have been positive, when it couldn't be further from the truth. Many of us have studied the Creative Playbook backwards and forwards and it hasn't helped us any because the negative effects of the algorithm changes and other issues are very much a reality. So THANK YOU, Margaret for bringing attention to the issue :-)
+Jonathan Paula - I'm not sure if you have it yet, but there are post/mid-roll ad options. When you check the TrueView or Standard in-stream ads options, it will come up with a check box for pre, mid, and post-roll ads and a box to type mid-roll timecodes in. At least on longer videos.
I completely agree. I also agree what some people are saying about the "view > highlights" thing being default instead of "view > everything" although I am hesitant to blame that for our drop in views because when I un-click it I personally don't see a whole lot of important videos but I DO think the algorithm is made to not show videos from channels that upload more than one video a day, which I don't agree with and could definitely be very bad for a lot of channels.

I personally remember something happening a little bit before we made our theme songs for Mitchell Davis (about 8-9 months ago) where the subscription box was "broken" and literally EVERYONE was complaining about it. Ever since then it seemed like our videos that relied on our subscriber base alone were just not performing as well as usual, and it would take much longer to get an initial burst of views and comments. For instance, we would upload a thumbnail and check the video and it MIGHT have 1 comment and 100 views, whereas when we first started making videos it seemed like by the time we uploaded our thumbnail we were blown away with how many comments there already were and the fact that our video was already stuck at 301. That problem has never really seemed to go away instantly with a YouTube fix which is what I was hoping would happen. It does seem like we are getting a bit closer to how it was back then, but still haven't achieved that same feeling that we did, however that is about 30,000 subscribers later.

I completely agree about the featuring part. We have never been featured on YouTube's homepage, and feel as if we JUST missed the time when YouTubers were constantly getting featured and is a BIG part of the reasoning behind most of the successful YouTubers today. Our success relies strictly on the help we were lucky enough to receive from popular YouTubers (mostly of which wouldn't be where they are if they didn't get featured all the time), NextUp, and now cover songs (which by the way when we started doing covers it was actually a desperate attempt at getting our views back to where they were at before, without bugging more YouTubers to use our theme songs, but now I am happy with doing covers because it is personally a lot of fun for me but that is besides the point).

With that said, that is just our personal experience. I DO think that the changes stated in this article would be highly beneficial. After all, lately it does sort of seem like, as our channels gain subscribers, our average views on videos that strictly rely on our subscribers are going down on average which doesn't make any sense logically at all. I feel like lately we have been losing our sense of being YouTubers, and sort of relying on using searchable keyword terms (such as "Hot Problems Parody, etc.) to get views, and the subscriber count doesn't mean much at all anymore. For instance, our vlog has 2 times the subcribers it did back then, but has roughly the same amount of views, if not less.

Anything that could be done would be AWESOME, however I feel there is a middle ground that could be met. There are some features I like about the new YouTube such as the fact that when you click on videos it opens up in the auto-playing playlist, I like the size of the thumbnails now, the new uploader is awesome, etc. Basically, what I am trying to say is that some of the recent changes aren't a COMPLETE disaster, there just definitely needs to be a little bit more attention payed on keeping it simple.

My overall viewership has declined, although it began slightly earlier than the whole layout change. Several of my videos were supported by the "related video" algorithm exclusively, they would average 800-1000 views a day based solely on related views. I had spent hours honing the metadata so that the searches and related videos were ACTUALLY related, I wasn't trying to game the system, just doing normal, white hat SEO stuff. Over night that changed and those videos are getting less than half the viewership that they used to enjoy. Subsequently my overall revenue (and +YouTube's share of that rev) has declined significantly. This didn't happen with the most recently announced algorithmic change to related videos, this was months before that happened, and about a month before cosmic panda took over the site full time.

Additionally, my new videos used to garner about twice the number of views that I'm seeing now. I'd initially chalked it up to my taking a break from releasing new content for awhile (took about a 2 month break right around the time cosmic panda gobbled up the site), but now I see it is a more systemic problem that even the YouTubers with large dedicated followings are experiencing.

I have also noticed a steady decline in subscriptions, despite having several new subscribers every day, any time I check analytics I see a downward sloping line.

I don't see how this change benefits anyone: If the dedicated Youtube audience is losing access to the video creator's content that they love then YouTube isn't getting their portion of the revenue either. Lose-Lose-Lose all around.

Unlike +Gregory Onision I don't see the integration of +Google+ into the overall YouTube ecosystem as an all around negative thing. Putting such a strong emphasis on it may be a misstep on the designers part at this point in G+'s growth however. Despite their outlandish claims of 50 bazillion users, I still see little to no interaction on my own posts, or ANYONE outside of a select few, really. Google+ is a cool product that I genuinely hope gets more attention and active users, but at this point the user experience on YouTube seems improperly tied into the G+ experience, and from what Greg writes it seems that things are much more confusing for the new user than they should be.

The Subscription feed defaulting to "Highlights" every so often is REALLY REALLY irritating to me as a viewer. I don't understand why the feature was added in the first place but given that every few days I have to make sure I'm STILL set to "Everything" is really driving me crazy and I'm missing a ton of content that I would otherwise love to watch. If the plans are to keep the option of "Everything" and "Highlights" at least give the users the chance to lock in one option or the other without ever having to look at it again. Feels almost like the ever-changing privacy settings on Facebook: you must be vigilant if you want anything other than the default settings which aren't very desirable.

I think that's all I have to say for now. :)
you know, idk anymore. I hope its the sub box, its depressing to think of how far I have "fallen", leaves me wondering if its bc people just dont like me anymore?

but even still i DO think the sub boxes are messed up, but I also think some people are just viewing new content, but I would contribute the most LACK OF VIEWS to the new sub box, peoples videos arent showing up like they used to, so some people have no clue when new content is out.

it would be amazing if this was fixed and changed to the old way, bc we are all being destroyed from it :( and Ive met you before & you are such a nice person & i know you truly care about the youtubers haha n_n

im glad your taking interest. :) thanks Margaret
sorry, but knowing as long as many of these problems have persisted [and you guys at youtube know all about every one], i'm going to have to side with +Lamarr Wilson here and agree that this really seems like a dog and pony show.
I am not what you would call a big channel. However I used to expect anywhere from 800-2000 a video. As soon as the new update hit I dropped to somewhere between 250-500. It is AWFUL.
+Charlie Ellingson You go where your audience is, not the other way around unfortunately. Do I think the G+ and YouTube connections could be better with YouTubers? Sure. There are lots of interesting and fun ways that people on YouTube could be using G+ (Hang-outs On Air are a sorely underutilized resource) but that doesn't mean YouTubers should abandon the places that their audiences are most active and engaged.

"Getting what you deserve" shouldn't apply to anything but content. If your content drops in quality then yes, it could be argued that you got what you deserve. However, that isn't what is happening here. Even with all of the cross-promotion to Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. views are STILL going down site-wide. This is a problem with YouTube itself as a delivery system for content. No one should need to follow their favorite YouTubers on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or any other social platform outside of YouTube in order to know when the content is being created, and right now that is what is being forced on us.

Honestly if I had to follow everyone I'm subscribed to on Twitter I would have to either stop using Twitter altogether or unsubscribe from several hundred channels as my Twitter feed would be a polluted mess of nothing but upload notifications. YouTube's platform should serve the purpose of delivering my content to me when I want that specific content. Twitter, Facebook, etc. are used for completely different things for me.
+Charlie Ellingson As mentioned by numerous other users here, we've all tried using Google+, it's just that there's absolutely the bare minimum level of interaction there. You wanna know why the shares on google plus never surpass 2 digits whereas twitter and facebook are in the thousands? Because people actually use those services and will interact with those posts. As far as everyone I know goes, Google+ is only used for hang outs. Otherwise, it's a barren, antisocial wasteland.
I've been on YouTube since it was 9 months old. When the quality was hideous and the videos could only be 100mb. My views were higher back then than they are now. My views are lower than they have ever been. I don't even have "haters" anymore!

I have 40k subscribers and my latest video has 400 views. I'm not concerned about my paycheck, it's much deeper than that.

I think what everyone is hurt about is that Google has created a paradigm shift. YouTube is no longer YouTube. The site is moving in the direction of abandoning subscribers all together. The main goal is to compete with Hulu and make revenue. The content creators who helped make YouTube great are being phased out. The American Dream is dying.

YouTube used to be a democracy where viewers made videos and channels popular. There was a curator on the front page that featured quality videos and gave the site charm and a reason to go back everyday. When the Partner system was installed YouTube went the route of Hollywood, with a status quo star system. Suddenly there were A listers. Now unless you're an A lister, the only way to survive is to join a network (Collective, Maker Studios, BigFrame, Machinima).

With the new premium channels and Cosmic Panda, YouTube has a corporate landscape and the viewership divide mirrors the economic divide in our society. It's the filthy rich and severe poverty, with an ever shrinking middle class.

My interest in the site as a viewer and as a creator are both dwindling. It is harder to see what I want with the sub box format. The only promoted channels are ones I'm familiar with. There is no sense of adventure or discovery.

And of course no one is watching my videos. I could probably get more views on other sites at this point. Time to start posting on MySpace again.
I have also seen a really horrible drop in views, I have over 8,000 subs and I normally got close to 5,000-10,000 views a video and now I'm getting maybe 1,000 views. So I don't know what's going on with the accounts but I feel like my sub box is definitely broken and a majority of my subs aren't seeing my video updates. It almost makes me want to stop posting videos until it gets fixed.
I 100% percent agree with everything that +Gregory Onision said in his video and in his post. A lot of youtubers are suffering now especially those like me who are still under 100K subs. We are not seen and are barely heard. It's a bit unfortunate that it took a bigger partner to really bring a buzz to the issue when a lot of us have been complaining about it for a long time but it's greatly appreciated to have it out there now. Thank you for reaching out concerning our thoughts +Margaret Healy
+Lamarr Wilson Well put. My role is to give feedback. It's not to say give me your feedback and we'll make all the changes you list. I understand how frustrating it can be from the outside.
I agree also, I know that my channel (TheBiscuitFoundation) has only just got partnered and we aren't that big but the changes back in January/February caused out daily views to drop by 50%, it has taken me until now to get back to those views per day but the recent changes has now caused my views per day to drop from between 1500 to 3000 down to a mere 700 to 1200 :(
I've been a Youtube Partner for almost 4 years and I've been under the 100k sub count the entire time, but I've always had consistent views up until Youtube started making all of these changes and sadly our complaints and our account issues get ignored because we're not above the 100k sub count or we're not in the top 100 list. For example, I've had a false link in the title of one of my more popular videos for almost a year and Youtube still hasn't removed the link when if I was a more higher ranked partner they would of probably removed it right when I requested it to be removed a year ago. I really hope that Youtube starts paying more attention to everyone and not just the top Youtubers because all Partner's should get the same treatment as the other Partner's no matter how many views they get. I feel like if they don't start listening to everyone then most of the Partner's with lower sub counts are most likely gonna stop posting video's eventually if they don't fix these issues because it's almost pointless if 80% of your subscriber's aren't seeing your video updates and it's even more pointless if no one is willing to help fix what needs to be fixed..
i noticed a big change in views beginning may 1st.
+Margaret Healy I'm referring to the changes that has occurred around the 14th May. Since then i have noticed that alot of people i'm subscribed to, their video's are not appearing on my main page in the subscriptions feed and i believe this is the case for people subscribed to me also as i have got many emails asking why i havent uploaded any videos (i upload 2 - 5 videos per week week)
+Margaret Healy I have poured my creative heart and soul into +YouTube over the last 6+ years, and I am afraid of the direction this site is going.

Without truly listening to +YouTube Creators AND making changes, this site is doomed for anything other than record labels, corporations and the occasionally viral video from common folk who post videos because there'll be (hypothetically) no more competition.

I've created an "Occupy YouTube" petition out of desperation to rally support and get attention from YouTube staff in hopes to make necessary changes to keep this site alive. Although I presented only a few suggested changes, I believe they're THE most crucial:
lol +Scott Kinmartin oh yes, we have been dealing with issues for quite some time now, but i can tell something else was implemented that jacked more stuff up recently because i noticed an even bigger drop on may 1st and it hasn't been the same.
+Margaret Healy Hi! What is lacking for most YouTube creators is a personal, professional relationship with our employer, YouTube, who should at this point have staff we can speak with and befriend to resolve our issues. I consider myself a professional, but the entire experience of producing for YouTube still seems too semiprofessional and informal, yet in some ways unduly strict and difficult to negotiate. Producers such as myself who can demonstrably prove their professional commitment to generating business with YouTube should have account managers and be given the benefit of the doubt when resolving issues. CURRENT PROBLEM: The main problem I've been facing recently is your new monetization approval system. In the previous iteration of the YouTube claim form, my videos were approved with few delays and problems. However, with the automatic monetization approvals, I noticed that some videos are now demonetized (which feels humiliating), and the reapproval process is much more stressful and unnecessarily complex. I had the unfortunate experience of having one of my channels get demonetized while I switched to full partner and when I briefly reimplemented my ad code during my switch over, I was refused monetization on dozens of videos that had previously been approved by your staff, some even being slapped with confusing age restrictions! I supplied the requested contracts and was treated as if I am guilty until proven innocent, finally receiving an impersonal and aggressive ruling that I could not reasonably prove that I had sufficient rights to six pieces of my content, even if in a court of law I could with absolute certainty prove otherwise. I think you should allow your content ID system to determine what videos merit monetization investigation, and approve, without prejudice, everything else. Thank you, Margaret. You were always kind the two times we met and I look forward to seeing you at Vidcon.
One more comment: the latitude of monetization for suggestive or adult content that is extended to some partners, like BartBaker and his Pussies video, is not the same for smaller partners, and especially not if reviewed by your increasingly conservative monetization team. +YouTube Creators needs to have consistent standards for what it considers inappropriate or sexual content. I don't understand why it seems attractive women are most likely to be ruled against, whereas fat or goofy men are allowed to be as explicit as possible and still retain ads. Personally, I think any censorship up to the inappropriate point of pornography is problematic, and I would argue most advertisers would not take as much issue with crude humor as some of your conservative account managers have insisted. My best! Aimee.
Thanks for taking the time to listen! After reading through this comments I have to say I agree with so much here! I have experienced being unsubbed to many channels that I love without knowing it.

I think what is really a problem is the killing of communities on yt. When friends were removed, subscribers hidden from others, comments hidden, on the new design suddenly there were no ways to find other channels, content creators,content, and friends.. Also because yt changed the main page layout too and removed the most viewed (with the exception of 22 video's that show up there) there is no way for the viewers to find new content or channels. (plus since yt does not update the main pages often since last Nov or also features old content, viewers are not encouraged to go the the browse page anymore.) The auto generated pages and recommended video's are for the most part lame. It really feels like same old same old or RERUNS we all seen before.

So yes subs and views are way down as well as $. Let me give a example of what I see happening as a content creator. I make cat video's. There used to be both an pets and animals catagory with the top 100 video's (today, week and month) as well as a channel tab. These were updated every few hours. You could go these to see what was new, find new channels etc. Then you could also go to other channels, see who was commenting, subbing etc and find new content and channels to sub that way. Many people found us this way and thats how I found others.

Now with all that gone suddenly no one knows how to find what they are looking for anymore. Yes you could do a search, but that too is very bias with many of the results not even related to the search results. How do you even know what you are looking for if its a new video that you have never heard of. The new home page feed, I do check it to see what others are watching. It is also bias with top YT channels featured first often videos that are a week old and Not new. And of course here is no way to X what you have watched already to make room for more content. PLus to be honest half the time I am Not interested in what content my subcriptions are watching. The Panda design has a few features I like, mainly the video's page where you can actually go through and see all the video's easily.

Lastly I like to mention how many channels are dying, giving up and going away. I have seen many disappear because it is so hard to be seen now a days.If you don't have new content yt is dying (a term I have heard often lately btw) And viewers are leaving too, since it is hard to find anything new. Not a very good experience for viewers also. Thanks again for listening. That felt good xoxoxo Furball Fables
• YouTube should have Grandfathered all existing content and had all fresh new content be applied to the change, but YouTube did NOT.•
Our videos were stripped from related view spots that WE Earned and we were replaced largely with Promotional type video content. I'm posting a LOT of fresh videos in my G+ Stream to show content already removed from great spots we worked hard to achieve..


We worked hard to build this site and we should be rewarded as such. WE DIDN'T Get Stock Options. WE DIDN'T Get free lunches, guaranteed Income, a fun slide, cool bikes, health care, dental, vacation pay, 401K, NOTHING. We got nothing except our views, subscribers and income, now taken away at the time that YouTube might actual produce great revenue!

Those Subscriber numbers they are stripping away, really meant something to us. They could have stayed to show all that we had worked hard to accumulate over these years. But the decision was made by bean counters that were not even here in the beginning of YouTube, when we made NO income in 2005, 2006, 2007, before there were partners, We made videos anyway. Without earning any money, as an investment hoping for the day the revenue MIGHT come.

We built tremendous value in this site. Youtube attorney's are in court fighting Viacom in a Billion Dollar Lawsuit that it was NOT copied pirated content that built the value of YouTube, It was User Generated Content! Our Content. But protecting the real "Partners" and "Partnerships" and restoring Income, views and trust seems be a very low priority as a bright new YouTube future seems to exclude us.

Anyone want in on a LIVE Hangout I'm scheduling with Journalists about how YouTube Partners are being given the door here. I have two from Germany, One from England and many more requests.

WE are the YOU in YouTube. We are the most connected people on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram Pintrest Etc Etc Etc and our fans, that grew up with the internet grew up with us! Seven Years of hard work, Long Hours, Glitches, and Crap. We need to get our story heard. I'm posting a Video on ALL my channels in a day or two, freely available to share. I had my heart and soul in this site.

Sooooo . . Where's the Views and Income going?
• The Last Post in my Google+ Stream paints an entirely different Picture of YouTube Changes. (LOTS of links there.)

•We were removed from long held related video spots (Check Related Videos Stats under video of your most popular videos)
Click where the views were coming from and we were removed and often replaced by either "Paid Movie Offerings, Spammers or Promoted videos"
One of my Popular videos as a Sample;
Batman Dark Knight vs. Marvel FAIL Funny Toy Review Video Mike Mozart Hulk,Spiderman JeepersMedia
Look at the sources (Related Videos) positions now gone. Moreover, the Related videos on my own video, which WERE largely my own, were replaced by other content to steer traffic from my videos (And the same happened to Yours).
Here's a graph, We have also lost RELATED Video MONETIZED Views! The Mobile views earn virtually no income.

• NOW, Spammer re-uploads are heavily favored by the new YouTube Search Algorithm over the Original Content. (Even years old content that had 20 views over 4 years)

The next link shows a NigaHiga COPIED Video on a Link Spammer channel ( IAdvertise4You ) that has 12 Million Views, mostly driven by youtube search results (It has Open Stats)
How to be Gangster (nigahiga)

NigaHiga losses over 30 million views to this re-uploader spammer channel "IAdvertise4You"
*• Fan videos uploaded 4 years ago, that commonly languished with a Handful of views for years were featured and replaced our originals in "Suggested Videos" Spaces.

• Annoying Orange losses 1.25 million views to re-uploaders just in two vids resulting from YouTube Search Algorithm change.

• Potter Puppet Pals *COPIES Soar in views after New YouTube Search Algorithm change*

• Cory Williams Mean Kitty Videos views passed along to re-uploaders and porn link spammers by YouTube's new Search

• Nalts Views given to Spammers and Re-uploaders
• Huge number of completely copied Content channels that are monetized steal our views. YouTube will monetize the same video infinite amounts of times. Spammers this week alone, re-uploaded HouseHoldHacker's Onion Ipod Changer video at least 12times and monetized EACH upload, although identical to the monetized Original.
Sample of my Channel Content Copied and Monetized

• The new "Auto-Generated" channels feature deplorable choices and compete against our Actual Channels
NigaHiga's Auto-Generated Channel

These are a Drop in the Bucket. I have hundreds of short videos of the removed channels.

More info here;
I don't know what there is to debate here on the part of Margaret hearing everybody out. I'm by no means saying that she's the "one at fault", it's everyone at YouTube's fault. When Cosmic Panda came, my views and sub growth went to Hell. Last time I checked, the site is called YOUtube. Who makes the content? We do. Who makes YouTube the money? We do. Who fucks up the system? YouTube. I cannot process how they can't figure out that when the popular partners are losing views, that YouTube is losing money.

Eventually people are going to get so pissed off with their slipping views, that they'll just leave. If YouTube is so concerned with money, you'd think they'd have a basic idea of where their profit and success as #1 video website in the world came from. THE CONTENT CREATORS.
There's definitely a BUG on Youtube. We aren't just losing INACTIVE subscribers, but also ACTIVE subscribers. I've proved it myself. I was subscribed to a person, then I went to the channel and said I wasn't subbed. In my channel I've lost many subscribers per day like never happened before in the 4 years I've been on YouTube. Since YouTube changed to the new layout, things are getting worse and many people are being affected by the subscribers issue. We were better before, when no subscriber was removed and with the old design. Things are so messed up right now. It's so discouraging that we work hard in our videos and then seeing our subscribers decreasing because of this issue. Please, fix this problem, it's been months and all youtube says is that they're only deleting inactive accounts, and that isn't true. Many of us are being hugely affected. And the worse thing is... how are we gonna get subscribers back?. Feedback and subscribers are the most important thing for a user.
i lost another 116 subscribers since the last time i posted on this thread. smh. i hear too many complaints of active accounts being taken out. It's terrible that I spent all these years building an audience and youtube can just throw this curveball and knock a good portion of them out. I find it hard to believe that they are not taking out active accounts by "mistake" while purging the system.
+Michael Mozart out of everything said, I relate to yours the most bc you are right. You've been here forever, longer than I, and ive been on youtube since 2006. Ive watched alot of your videos, and there was so much time & effort put forth.

you are right. Youtubes attorneys are in court right now fighting and saying original content providers created the site & its fame, AND IM ON THAT SHEET OF PAPER. they literally use my channel as an example of one of those people. YET

i never received any 401k, or insurance, or anything. all i ever received was the views, AND criticism from my family and friends for pursuing something i BELIEVED IN, and that was that youtube was going to BE SOMETHING HUGE! and guess what IT IS NOW, and all of us dedicated youtubers, WHO STAYED & WORKED FOR NOTHING, we are receiving so little credit now :(

the real original youtubers have suffered, some have thrown away possible futures, bc we suffered for what we believed in, and that was this community driven site, and we built a LEGACY upon it, and now its about the $$$ and no longer about the love :(

all most of us are left with, is a broken heart, & an empty wallet, and a line of people waiting to make fun of us for believing we could "do this forever" as if its some childish game & just "some website"

its not just some website, its LITERALLY changed so many peoples lives and now its doing it again, but for the worse. :/

The man who built the house receives no credit for his hard work, his hands busted & scarred. ONLY the man who paid for it is acknowledged.
Ive sent several messages to partner support describing how my channel is getting squashed under all the changes. I've been a partner since 2006, went full time in 2011 after promising growth and revenue in 2010 and right after that the editorial team was excused, the algorithm changed and the site was redesigned. Now, with more TV-level content than ever I still haven't even come close to the numbers I was hitting in 2010. Every time I tried to discuss specifics with support I received a "continue creating great content!" reply. I know, for a fact, that there are several other long-time YouTube partners in my niche that have already thrown in the towel due to the diminishing returns the site has provided combined with utter disrespect shown to the partner community.
+Margaret Healy People on here are talking about people being unsubscribed from channels and you are asking for examples. I was unsubscribed from three YouTubers accounts (2 of them are friends of mine) and I think that us being daily vloggers and putting up a vid every day for the past year would not make our account a dead account. It also looks horrible since two are friends of mine and then all of a sudden were like "I thought you were subbed to my channel? Why did you unsubscribe"

Also I wrote a post in the beginning of you asking for this feedback about the new "partnership" Any idea of changing this or will the people, like myself, who have been working so hard to get partnered for the past year and denied a couple times will never be considered a real partner among the YouTube community?

I would love to hear a reply and discuss this with you. I am relatively new to YouTube. We just hit Day 365 of our vlogs and in that year I have seen some pretty drastic and really horrible changes.
+Margaret Healy I hope all is well with you and thank you for taking the time to listen, you always seem to be engaged at partner meet ups so I am not surprised. I think it wise that you do this more often, I've noticed that a lot of suggestions made at partner meet ups never get implemented. I am not one of the people in the community that has a problem with Cosmic Panda, i do like the bigger thumbnails and the layout of the channel page, (although there are a number of things I would like to see improved upon). As for the loss of subscribers, I do think it is a problem because there are so many complaints about it.
My biggest issue is that I know that YouTube was created seperately from Google, but I think the reason it has been such a great marriage is that it followed Googles greatest strength, which is search. Google Search is what moved the company to where it is now. And with Google being #1 search engine followed by YouTube, it would seem that YouTube would continue to foster that spirit of "Search". But what I have noticed in the "New" YouTube is that search is a lot less efficient. I can sometimes search for exact titles of videos and they won't show up. It seems meta data has become less important, and that search isn't given the same desired results. I hope that YouTube will continue to work to resolve these problems. I am one of the YouTube channels that has done well without ever being featured and what not, so I don't think I am suffering as much because a lot of the problems that are new to a lot of channels have been old to my channel. I had one video that was commented on more than viewed for 10 days. Which was odd, but I've loss faith along time ago in accurate view counts for my videos, and everytime I have written partner support about the issues they were ignored.


Jamaal Finkley
+Margaret Healy Lack of, or "flat" subscriber growth would be one thing... but what I"m describing is an immediate, and overnight drop in viewership -- right around the time the homepage, and algorithms were changed. And I'm talking about older, consistent videos that had already plateau'd... again, PLEASE answer the following for us:

Why remove the side banner?
Why remove the HTML branding box?
Why remove the "About Me" section?
Why are the thumbnails impossibly small on the main feed?
Why were all ads removed from age-restricted Show-videos?
Why is the related-videos algorithm based on absolute attention and not relative/average?
Why does the new upload page not have any post/mid-roll ad options?
Why doesn't the feed allow users to remove videos?

What is most frustrating about this entire process is how your team has moved forward with these design changes (that I've been against from the beginning), without any explanation as to why or how they're better. There is a mountain of evidence in testimonials above showing it was all a bad idea.

Why not reverse everything?
+Jamaal Finkley Very interesting input re metadata. I don't think that's the case but will look into it. In regards to feedback we do try and listen to what all partners have to say- and have incorporated a lot of feedback into the changes we make. Google is a data driven company so everything we do we look at the data- partner feedback is a very important part of the information we take into consideration but it is only one data point. I am sorry if I ever came across as "give me your suggestions and we'll do exactly what you suggest." We'll try and point out when partner feedback influence product more often.
+Margaret Healy Normal users also hope that our opinions will count. Many friends on YouTube are very dissapointed with all of this. Some of them said that they feel like not uploading anymore because their subscribers are decreasing a lot& feedback as well. YouTube used to be fun and a place to express our creativity, now it seems like it's a place where everyone is worried that in some weeks they will lose hundreds or thousands of subscribers. My friends say that they don't even want to look at their number of subscribers, because they're afraid. However, it's great that you are replying because it makes us see that u are reading our concerns. We think exactly like the person who wrote the article you posted before "YouTube is killing us" on Crovati. It'd be so nice to have the old YouTube back, the one that didn't have this subscribers and feedback problem and used to let users to customize their channel with creativity. I understand that YouTube has felt in the way to make changes, but some of them, for the majority of us were unnecessary. I really hope YouTube will take a look to this & make something before it's late. Thank you for being open to us to tell you what we think.
The frame around these with the issues with the site (lost subscribers, no features, poor "related" traction, etc.) are that YouTube is hitting the PR pretty heavy about how much money it's spending on "great content" when it's completely ignoring it's existing "great content". I'll use myself as an example, but I'm sure I'm not the only story like this.

I got wind of YouTube considering financing newer, bigger shows in early 2010 (it may have been late 2009) and I immediately was in contact with my editorial contact within YouTube, but was told it was still too early. I made repeated attempts about this - just for the opportunity to pitch - and was always pushed aside. Then, the new channel lineup was announced. The folks who got the funds was kind of annoying - print magazines who came late YouTube... only when dollars were being waved about and one of the guys that was a partner in Next New (a company YouTube acquired.) I can say that several other of the large automotive channels are more than a little upset about not even getting the opportunity to pitch (and actively courted YouTube for that opportunity too.)

I already produce the exact type of content YouTube says it wants and is now paying big dollars for, but I can't even talk to a human within YouTube to address very real concerns of the platform's diminishing returns for my business. Or, I'm addressed by forum moderators that tell me to "see what the spammers are doing to be successful and see if you can learn from them." (Seriously, one of your moderators said this.)

Now, YouTube viability is holding on by a thread. I have one video that the algorithm seems to like. However, many of my other shows, some of which cost upwards of $30,000 to produce (and are well rated and seem to have good engagement) aren't getting a single hit from related, featured or any other form of placement (prior to the changes my videos would "settle in" weeks after posting at anywhere from 300-2000 ongoing views a day. Now, I'm lucky to break 100.) In fact, I've started putting my broadcast productions behind rental paywalls as I'm in process of courting other networks with my content. But let me be clear about one thing, when I say "broadcast" yes - we are now selling into broadcast markets too - but my original idea was to produce them just for our YouTube audience. Big, awesome productions harnessing my years or print automotive magazine publishing experience. But you know what... nobody at YouTube seems to care enough to promote these over the spammer re-loads, auto dealers posting 500 copies of a manufacturer video or some kid talking to a camera in his room. I am crazy (stupid) for holding out this long and putting so much into what I produce, but I happen to believe in the idea of YouTube, even if it doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.

I would have rather have discussed these issues offline. But you are the first human interaction I have had with YouTube in a year (a very troubling year) so you're getting all of it. I even attempted to fly from Seattle to San Francisco for a meet up, but was never "accepted" - even after filling out the application within minutes of it being posted. So, thank you +Margaret Healy for your time. As you can see, my issues will take a lot more than a conversation to make amends.
not a content creator, but my problem with YT as it currently is is very simple. With the current home page set up as it is, where the listing is by individual videos rather than by channels, it's impossible to follow channels that upload many videos at a time because they blow up the rest of your feed. At the same time it's also a real pain to keep up with videos from more than a few days ago that you saw but didn't have time to watch. As a result I just don't watch YT as much anymore.
+Margaret Healy it's not that you promised to take all of our suggestions, that would be unrealistic (besides I am the only one that has good suggestions at partner meet-ups, lol) but even when I have had conversations with partner support about direct problems involving my channel the response has most often been generic and never in regards to my whole problems, I can directly send you these interactions to show you examples. This kinda illustrates the problem though, when responding to a generic partner-support@youtube we are never assigned a particular person for our cases, so it's hard to build a thread of conversation with a generic response. So let's say I started a inquiry about a particular problem with "Erik" from partner support, the next response is from someone else, and the buck gets passed and nobody ever takes care of the issues. I think you have made a good suggestion by notifying us of how certain design elements were created in response to specific partner feedback. That would be great. I think one reason these OVS's like Makers and FullScreen have been so attractive is because they are offering to be able to respond to feedback and to have someone personally available to trouble shoot and implement best practices with. I've been a partner for 5 years now and haven't had a partner manager assigned to me since year 1 when I had +matt Villacarte . So since then, when I have fielded issues thru partner set up they were never responded to properly. As recent as this year I sent itemized problems out to partner support and the response was not itemized but instead vague with an unfulfilled promise to get back to me. That is where a big part of the problems begin for me and maybe other creators, we fill like we have been here building up YouTube and helping develop products, but now it just often seems like our value is overlooked as you all cater specifically to corporate clients. I requested a number of live events to do through YouTube including specific concerts like Coachella, essence music festival, American music awards, jazz fest and I was never granted the opportunity to utilize or experiment with the technology then all of a sudden a corporate partner came in and was able to get those events for themselves. Why would YouTube show preference to outsiders first? I just often fill like I am ignored when it comes to issues, and that there has always seemed to be a "favorites" of YouTube and I was never one of them. I must be the most ignored channel with 500,000,000+ views. I've lost confidence in the process so now instead of wasting time complaining or suggesting and being ignored, now I often just take what I can get from +YouTube and look for ways outside of YouTube to do these opportunities. Just my opinion from my experience. I don't think the algorithm should favor anything over search, it seems like THAT has changed. I would like to see that adjusted, and I would hope to see YouTube as a bandwidth for the people because corporations have enough outlets for their content and once YouTube begins favoring corporate dollars over organic growth, the spirit of the site will lose luster. All in all, I will always love +YouTube because it helped to grow my company tremendously, and I've been able to make a lot of money with you guys. I hope we can continue that for years to come... Have a great weekend +Margaret Healy and thank you for your quick response earlier, I think you are getting a lot of good feedback and that you will identify common complaints and work to make it better. You are wonderful, and thank you "fellow partners" for sharing I'm learning a lot from reading your experiences.
I remember sending YouTube an email right when the changes happened. I hope new changes are coming soon.

There are a couple things that would make YT better for partners. First off, and I think the most important thing is - the subscription boxes have not improved with the new layout. They got worse. It used to be you could catch up on your subscriptions because all the episodes you missed were listed from any particular channel. Now, I only see the last 10 hours of videos on a page and I almost ALWAYS miss a video from my favorite channels.

The chain of YouTube viewership for the average viewer starts from a viral video. The chain of YouTube viewership for the subscriber starts from their favorite channels then it eventually leads to...cats. The experience needs to cater to the subscribers. They are more valuable than the average viewer. They are the ones that keep coming back regularly and power the website by sharing and participating.

I used to watch videos in my sub box. The current box now has lost much meaning to me.

You guys got rid of the "x" (I believe that was something I suggested which you guys kindly implemented :P). The "x" is very important. Just because I subscribe to someone, doesn't mean I want to watch all their videos. If I can't "x" out a video, I don't watch any videos usually. I want the control to view what I want and don't want from people I subscribe to.

Another thing is that producers of content do not feel as empowered as before. The rating system is gone (although I barely made it), it was still an important gauge for people to know what worked and what didn't as far as videos go. It's important to know what's "viral" at the moment. Why? Look at websites like Reddit. It's all rank. I hate it, but that's what works unfortunately. It weeds out good from bad content.

Sure, the same people kept showing up on the top charts, but that's where YouTube needs to create a rating system that's fair and gives everyone an equal chance. (that is tough but possible).

It's late here but those are my 2 cents from the past 6 years of YouTube life! :)

you rock Margaret <3
The charts were very helpful as a producer. Before, when I posted a clip that was popular, if it made the charts it would take off. Now, a popular clip may bring in 5000 views off the bat because of action on other social networks - only to fall completely flat. (for example: nearly 5000 views, 70 thumbs up, 1 thumbs down, and it's not getting any related or featured video action, for all intents and purposes it's now a dead video.) This was previously not the case.
I rarely complain about this type of stuff since adapting to the changes has always seemed like a smarter route. But on March 14, overnight, my views dropped by 70% and never went back up. Imagine working the same hours, same job, same position, and one day your boss decides to cut your pay by 70% with no notice. That's a hard hit to take when you're doing Youtube full time. The algorithm change has been a disaster.
In this situation, I would compare YouTube to Twitter. When I log into Twitter, I do so to read the Tweets of people that I have chosen to Follow. I'm interested in seeing their statuses and knowing what they're up to. By Following them, I have told that person, as well as Twitter's servers, that I want those statuses in my timeline.

I would consider YouTube the same thing. When I log on to YouTube, I look at the Subscription feed/module on the homepage to see new videos from people that I Subscribed to over the past 6 years. Whether this is someone with 1,000,000+ Subscribers, or someone with 10 Subscribers, I chose to see their videos. I want to see their videos, regardless of how often they upload, or how well it's received.

Imagine if I went to Twitter, and only saw "Top Tweets" or "Hot Tweets" or "Twitter Highlights". I would be not only outraged, but confused--especially if this was the Default view. I desire to see every Tweet, in the order that it was written. Not "Highlights" that only benefit the most popular Twitterers. What about my friends with only 10, or 100, or 1000 Followers? Their Tweets are equally valuable to me. If they disappeared from my Timeline, the value of Twitter would significantly drop in my eyes.

I think it's impossible to place quantifiable value on content, whether it be videos, statuses, news feeds, or more. "Tweaking the algorithm" is not something that will help, because there shouldn't be an algorithm. Every video should be shown, equally, in the Subscription feed/module ("Recommended", "Spotlight", "Featured", and the "Browse" pages are a completely different story. Algorithms do belong here).

Finally, I leave you with an example from today:
DaveDays uploaded two videos earlier today, one saying he was going "live" streaming later today, and another that was an official music video. My YouTube homepage only showed me the 2nd, and didn't tell me that the 1st even existed. If other people that are Subscribed to Dave see the same thing (and they did, I checked), then his live show tonight is going to get a disappointing turnout, thus hurting him. Had this been 1 or 2 years ago, everyone would have seen both videos.

I don't want to end this post with negativity, so let me thank you, +Margaret Healy, for being open to our feedback and caring so much about the Creators. Our ability to talk with you like this separates YouTube (and Google) from all the other sites. You have my thanks.
for a slightly different perspective I've been working with the API a lot and seen where the priority seems to be, which is mobile uploads. I'm one of the few trying to get data from user's subscriptions. Just recently some change they rolled out broke the retrieval of user subscriptions for 2 weeks. But it seems if there is a video upload problem through the API that seems to be addressed much quicker. This is just another area where it seems subscriptions don't seem to matter much to youtube.
+Margaret Healy
I agree 100% with +Corey Vidal. He hits it right on the nail.

my subscriber loss wasn't as bad as many others are reporting but it was still noticible. i had around 25k i'm down to about 24k. I have however noticed a HUGE decrease in how many people are watching my videos now. the average video i released before the changes would get 10k-20k views within the first week or two the video came out. now i'm getting about 6k.

Also...i comment and respond to ALL my fans. and MANY of them are saying they dont see us come up in there sub boxes anymore. if it wasn't for our facebook fanpage..they wouldnt even know we had new stuff out. I've also recieved numerous emails sayings that youtube unsubscribed many of our fans. including friends i know in REAL life. Not just dead accounts...but actual friends or co-workers who want to see my new videos!

This past year has been VERY bad for us in terms of growth. my channel, smashTVcanada has AMAZING ratings on pretty much ALL our videos. we easily get 400+ likes and 2-3 dislikes. people genuinely like our content...but with the new changes, no one sees our stuff anymore. how am i expected to grow?

Anyway...i agree with the main post and what most of the bigger youtubers are saying. And i also agree with corey on another point. the part where he thanks you. I too would like to thank you for being so eager and willing to listen to what the community has to say!
I love being part of the youtube community and i hope to grow my channel enough to be able to do this full time! Nothing has brought me as much joy as entertaining and interacting with our fans...and its because of great support and people AT youtube. so thank you margaret!
Hank Green
Gotta put in my two cents. First, YouTube's systems are pretty broken, I'll grant you that, and it does not seem like their engineering team is focused on creating a good product for subscribers, and that's bad news.

However, there are people still exploding on YouTube. Toby, Jenna, Phil, etc. And John and I have stayed at a constant revenue level for the last year. We have stopped growing, which is somewhat discouraging, but we have not shrunk.

I know some people won't want to hear this, but nothing lasts forever and sometimes viewers just move on to the next thing, that's why most television shows don't last more than a few years. Even most successful ones don't last as long as a lot of our channels have.

HOWEVER! We are not making TV, we're making communities, and communities should be stronger than that. When I hear that our viewers don't see their videos in their feed, I am EXTREMELY ANGRY and I do hear that. The fact that that is even possible is really disappointing.

I think YouTube's focus on this kind of content is waning, and it's clear by who's currently running content stuff (and, by extension, all of the parts of the site I care about) that YouTube is focusing on big content deals with hollywood type people.

Rober Kyncl is a Hollywood guy who thinks in Hollywood ways and talks to other Hollywood guys. And he's controlling things at the top, so we shouldn't be surprised if there's a lack of support for our very peculiar, very difficult to advertise against, and very disruptive sort of content.

That being said, what we're doing is what works, and we have to keep making it work, whether it's in partnership with YouTube or in spite of them, and I have confidence that we will.

EDIT - And thank you ever so much to +Margaret Healy for opening the doors to this. That's very brave, IMO, as I'm fairly sure she didn't ask her bosses before she did it.
Emma K
Everyone is making the points I want to make. It really bugs me that I can't see my favourite youtubers in my subscription box as soon as they upload, even after changing the option from 'highlights' to all subscriptions. If youtube is going downhill a lot of people are going to loose a brilliant community.

We don't need another Community starting to suck today.
Recent YouTube changes seem to be steering me away from my traditional tech content and into lifestyle / vlogging. As a legacy user, I've been losing "subscribers" while views are relatively steady. The only growth I've seen in engagement has only come about through a change in content. 
Here's what I think:
-Forget about the "highlights" option, or at least make the "everything" be the default option.
-Fix the subscription box! I don't get some videos although I have "everything" selected.
-Interchange the "recommended" with the "featured". The featured channels is not nearly as visible as it should be. And the recommended section shows videos of channels I am already subscribed to/watched videos from, so I will most probably watch them anyway.
-Make the comments section on the channels easier to acces. It will increase interaction, and at the end of the day that's what youtube makes money of.
-More customization would be nice, but I think there is way more serious things to solve right now. Also, I get the whole "let's put google+ everywhere thing". If you make money with that, I really don't see how it hurts anyone.
+Margaret Healy In reply to your response to +Lamarr Wilson-

"My role is to give feedback. It's not to say give me your feedback and we'll make all the changes you list."

That is completely understandable, but what you are missing is that over asking for new features/changes/etc., we are asking you to fix what is broken. I would like to actually be able to see what the people I subscribed to have uploaded, and I'd like my subscribers to be able to see what I put hours of my time into. I don't think it's asking too much to be able to do that. Fix the bugs, please.
I'm going to speak on this issue as a viewer, not a creator. I'm subscribed to many channels. Videos almost always show up in my subscriptions. There have been very few instances where I actually missed a video in my subscriptions. In those instances, I'd find the video through Facebook or Twitter. Social media is a very useful backup tool for notifying subscribers of new videos.

The one complaint I've always had about the new layout is the inability to remove videos I've already watched. Prior to the change, a video would disappear if I watched it from the subscription box. If I visited that video from an outside source (social media, annotation, etc.) it would still be there. Additionally, I could remove any video I didn't want to watch with an X. This helped me remove clutter, and allowed me to discover new videos on the home page.

The home page is practically non-existant for users who are signed into their accounts. I rarely ever click on the "From YouTube" tab or any of the tabs below it. They're easy to miss when my attention is with videos from my subscriptions. If somebody isn't signed into an account, then the view defaults on the "From YouTube" tab. Still, dividing up featured videos in these tabs is less effective than the old home page.

On the older layout, users could see rows of videos in many categories. No clicking was required to see so many videos. The current layout does require clicking for each category. Any change that requires users to do more on their end isn't going to help with views.

As a viewer, I'm not watching less of my subscriptions because of the current layout. However, I'm less likely to discover new people from the front page.
I've read through all the comments and so many great ideas and a few duh ones that should be common sense. Comments from well respected and very experienced content creators. Yet for whatever reason it seems as though YouTube says no your ideas are wrong and ours are right. I understand the need to improve and the want to make it a better experience, there is nothing wrong with that. However YouTube needs to realize some changes do not succeed, failures occur. Putting duct tape on top of more duct tape does not fix anything. I am nowhere near popular enough to notice the effects of these changes with my channel, luckily I do have some growth. I do notice though on the exact same day every videos views ALL drop, there is always ups and downs but for all videos to have a significant drop on the same day tells me something is wrong.

One point I would like to second or third from the above comments is the fact viewers do move on. I myself have grown tired of channels and discovered new ones. Also how many videos are uploaded to YouTube now? I would have to think part of the reason for loss of views for some is those that watched you now have so many more options to choose from and now watch others and not you.

It's quite a simple solution in that YouTube needs to suck it up and realize they don't have all the answers and to listen to those who do have some. I really love YouTube and all the amazing people and friends I have made from it and hope it remembers it's a community, not TV. Oh and pretty much everything everyone else suggested!
CGP Grey
+Margaret Healy I can't speak to losing subscribers, as I haven't experienced that, but I can say that I too often get emails and comments from subscribers saying that they didn't see my video. I don't know if it's a technical problem or not, but I don't think the default layout of subscriptions on youtube helps -- it's too easy to miss videos from infrequent uploaders. (Of which I am one)

For example, today one of the channels I'm subscribed to (ExtraCreditz) uploaded 13 videos in a row. The result is that anyone else I'm subscribed to that uploaded a video earlier gets blasted to the bottom of my page. This set up implicitly encourages video spamming and makes the timing of releasing a video relative to other channels suddenly very important.

Secondly, I think that not featuring new YouTubers on the homepage is a real cultural shift that might harm YouTube in the long run. The big advantage that YouTube has (had) is the idea that it democratized video production and any small but successful channel could be catapulted to fame if they made popular viral videos. Everyone felt that they could be a part of this -- including me.

I started my channel shortly before the cosmic panda change and was lucky enough to be featured on the home page a few times, which really boosted my numbers and encouraged me to put more effort into YouTube.

Now it feels like YouTube is mostly invested in promoting big media channels and a select few of the giant YouTubers -- which might not be bad for YouTube in the short run, but encouraging new users to join up and take their shot at Internet fame is what will keep YouTube fresh and relevant in the long run.
I would have to agree that the current layout is far less efficient in comparison to the old layout and that it makes it far more difficult to discover new content creators.
+Margaret Healy Speaking primarily as a viewer (with only a few videos of my own) I have to agree that the shift in site dynamic seems to favor big media over the up-and coming. I discover far fewer new and interesting channels now than I once did. Now most of my new discovers are those linked to from my current subscriptions.

I also agree the design changes have allowed individual feeds to fall prey to the same thread churn that plagues most forums. And as others have said, that implicitly encourages video spamming, in an effort to drown out the "competition".

By shifting focus from individual users to bigger, more monied media, YouTube is (I think unintentionally) poisoning it's own well, as it was the creativity of those individuals that attracted big media in the first place.
Finally, while I'm not sure what algorithm is used for the 'related videos' feed, I can say it's really not working as well as one might hope. Looking for uploads on how to cut your own hair should NOT result in repeated suggestions to watch someone's four-part odyssey about their "epic" blackhead. That alone has me echoing previous poster's requests for a way to remove or block particular videos from my feed.
+Margaret Healy, first re-read what +C. G. P. Grey said, he is very wise. Then read my 2 cents below if you have time:
You must separate the youtube design decisions from corporate pressure to be profitable. If the Google search team was part of the Adsense team - results would be crap. Are there similar protections for youtube?

Keep to the philosophy that the Youtube community was built on and you won't end up like Digg.
First of all, I must say thank you +Margaret Healy for taking the time to listen to our responses. Obviously you cannot say that all this feedback will amount to changes, but the fact that you are listening is very much appreciated. Thank you!

My concerns are strictly from a viewers perspective. Since the change to cosmic panda, the home page hasn't helped me to view the content I'm subscribed to, it's hindered it. I have the page set to uploads only, but still a lot of videos aren't showing up in my subscriptions. I have to constantly change back to "everything" because after I watch a couple of videos it switches to "highlights" which is infuriating.

Some youtubers have stopped showing up in my subs altogether, like WhatTheBuck and I've somehow been unsubscribed from others, some on more than one occasion as has happened with +Gregory Onision. Annoying for me, but awful for those people who've spent the past few years building a livelihood through their videos!
I started using Youtube years ago and I've always found it to be user friendly, with any major changes only taking a week or two to get used to. But now instead of the helping me to find and view all this great content it feels like Youtube is the thing getting in the way of that. It feels like there are constant changes being made to things that DO NOT need fixing, while actual problems hindering usage of the site are going on for months with no real response to messages asking for help.

What brought me to the site was this brilliant easy to use service, what made me stay was the great community of content creators. It feels like all these changes are causing a decline in both.

There's a lot more I could say, but that's probably enough rambling on from me. Thanks again +Margaret Healy!
I would have to agree, I have seen a drop in views. I am only a small channel (169 subs) however my growth rates have almost gone to nothing. Not cool. YouTube was a cool and fun place to hang, but I think it may be just about time to take my content and fun elsewhere.
So let me get this straight? The Top youtubers have lost a fraction of their subscribers and they are crying, but when the smaller youtubers ask them for help or try to contact them in the comments or via channel posts WE are ignored and WE/YouTube are supposed to help the big partners maintain their numbers? Did they get to the top somehow? were they THRUST into the up echelon of the Youtube ranks by some godly being? Or did they Work their asses off and make good content to drive their channels there? All I am saying is IF these higher end partners would act as if they truly appreciated their subscribers they might win back some of the THOUSANDS of subs they have lost! I personally have UNSUBBED from quite a few of the top youtubers because as soon as they are "in the money" the start making videos with shit content and hiring camera men to follow them and edit their vlogs for them instead of doing what has been working for them! NO MORE TOILET VLOGS!!!!

Thanks +Margaret Healy
I am not a YouTube partner, I don't even make videos, but I am a devoted watcher of videos. I am subscribed to about 500 channels (some inactive, some rarely posting, some daily posting) and I don't watch tv anymore, just YouTube videos. I've been doing that for almost 4 years now, and keeping up with videos has been incredible difficult, and it's not because of the amount of videos.

I ignore the YouTube homepage all together, and that isn't a good thing. I go straight to my_subscriptions and add all the new videos to my "Watch Later" playlist to keep track, and remove videos from the list as I watch them. My_subscriptions seems best for seeing all new uploads (or at least the most recent ~100, but I check everyday so it's ok for me. The worst is when a video I have seen won't disappear, it's incredibly frustrating.

As has happened with many people, I've discovered myself unsubscribed from people, that I never unsubscribed from, and I don't know how the system let's that happen.

I can't complain too much, as I get all this incredible content for free, but when some of the basic purposes and functions of a site aren't working, it makes it more and more difficult to keep coming back.
For the last few weeks I've been subscribing to a lot of different channels and I haven't had a single problem with subscriptions not working. There are other issues (and I left a lengthier response on the article itself), but I haven't seen anything wrong with subs from a user perspective.
+Margaret Healy I stumbled across this while surfing and thought I'd drop a comment as well.

Personally, I'm not a youtube creator, I'm a viewer, and while I wasn't aware of these changes or complaints before, I definitely had the experience of not seeing the new videos from people I was subscribed to and having to use Twitter and FB to know when they uploaded new content, and as a content recipient my experience has definitely gotten worse. The lack of human support sounds exactly like the G+ experience, and the integration at all costs even the cost of customers/users (where I'm from we call it "community") sounds a lot like Yahoo!'s Flickr fail

The only thing I strongly like about Youtube these days is probably something they (you?) don't want to hear - the fact that I can find "pirate" material for free extremely easily, and it sticks around for WEEKS, and in most cases if it gets taken down it'll be back somewhere else in an hour. So when I wanted to watch a movie I remembered from my childhood, it was faster and easier to find it on youtube than to torrent it, to try to find a copy on DVD and buy it, and I didn't even have to check if Netflix had it. YouTube, I kinda don't think this is really how you want people like me using you. I liked it better when it was super easy to follow say Vegan Black Metal Chef and the Gregory Brothers, you know, original content that was built by creators working as partners with your service, and CurrentTV didn't take up my entire subscription box because they publish all the time, along with things some random person I circled for no real reason plusoned.

You've got a smart team, there's a LOT of unity in the things I've skimmed in this comment thread, what will it take to get your boss('s boss?) to listen to us, the users, the creators and consumers your ad model depends on?
With all these new "Show" Channels premiering, Why is Google frustrating Hyper Connected Influencer Partners by driving down views, revenue, etc.

Is Google trying to upset this huge web of loyal Partners / Creators just in time to release all these "Great New Content" Shows with the $100 Million Dollar investment?

I see Promotional Pre-rolls all over my videos for one of these shows today, but as far as I know, YouTube/Google Ads like that are not monetized. Our "Partner Deal" is that all YouTube/Google advertising is basically free, and that's understandable.

I saw "Wigs" pre-rolls all day today, a high view day. Were those monetized? Just wondering.
im happy to see all these people responding. Its amazing to see how many big and small youtubers have come together to say the same thing. n_n
One very important thing to note here is that this isn't your average community discussion. It seems like every 3-4 months, some notable partner releases a video about how the YouTube community is dying. This is not the same discussion. Those videos are usually about differences between past and present YouTube culture, while this discussion is about very real problems with the YouTube product. I hope YouTube employees are taking this seriously, and thank you +Margaret Healy for listening.
Dear +Margaret Healy, thank you for providing this opportunity for me to give you a piece of my mind.! :) I've been on YT(NLD) for a couple of years now, mostly as a viewer but recently I have found activities and work that I can and would like to share with others via YouTube. I've been uploading for the past month, but have seen little to no views.
In my mind there's 3 explanations to this:

1. My content is not that good. This is a big possibility since i'm very new to the whole video-making thing, and I realize that what I find worthy might not be for others. But I would suspect a video rack up at least more than 50 views in the first month....on previous videos i've uploaded with the old layout I remember having well over 100 views in a week....? This gives me the feeling that it's harder to get noticed and/or get people to actually watch my videos. Once again, this could all boil down to me making extremely crappy video's (which I can't be the judge of) but I would suspect that there's at least some people who would watch something they don't like for 2 minutes....?

2. Youtube emerges viewers in 'like' bubbles. This is something I've been experiencing as a viewer. It's become harder and harder for me to find new channels that give me content I didn't know I liked. The 'recommended for you' section next to my subscriptions is mostly video's I've already watched or are very closely related to my subscriptions.. Also I don't think that the video's posted under the 'From Youtube' tab are really from you guys since most of them are about soccer/Justin Bieber or the EuroVisionSong Festival now....?

3. 'Big' Youtubers get all the attention. Don't get me wrong I agree with them about most of the technical stuff and I certainly love my subscriptions, but let's face it: Subscribers come and go and if people feel like they don't need your content anymore they will leave. Giving room for other contenders to create more UGC and be on 'top' for a while. I think that it has become increasingly hard to get noticed in the big pile of videos that get uploaded everyday and I can't really figure out a decent strategy to get my videos more views...? It's next to impossible to get views from suggested videos around my video (for example: my most successful video of 32 views.... has suggested viewing for soccer and make up...?), and it's even harder for me to see any of my actions take effect on my viewing rates or commenting (not because of Insight but because there is none).

All in all, I'd love to be able to make videos and spark a, all be it small, conversation with other people. The only thing I need to have is a place where I know my video's get watched a couple of times and where I can pour my heart into. YT is great, I've been loving it since the first day and I'd hate it if I wouldn't be able to use it as a platform for my own experiences and content.

TL;DR. Made a video about it:

Thank you again!
+Margaret Healy From an uploaders perspective I love the design changes to the channels, however, I have one very major issue which I believe is the main cause of the drop in video views. The subscription box by default being set to "highlights" rather than "everything". Most people I speak to don't even realise the button to change that is even there. As a result, many videos being posted don't appear in peoples subscription boxes. Worst of all when I change the setting, each time I log back in it has reset back to default!

Before I knew about this setting I thought many of the people I was subscribing to had simply stopped posting videos. Considering the whole point of subscribing to somebody is so you can be notified of new content, it completely devalues the whole system behind it.

I can't even fathom why YouTube has chosen this design element either. If people are not being notified of new videos, those people are getting less views and therefore YouTube earns less ad revenue from potential viewers.

Please please please YouTube, sort this issue out. For the greater good of the millions of people who use your service.

PS: On a side note, as somebody who was monetized last year, before the changes to the partnership system, and was planning to apply for a full partnership. Do you know the logic behind removing the ability to apply for partnership? The new "partners" are simply just monetized accounts rather than the old "true partners" who are given access to extra channel settings. Is the ability to obtain these extra features like custom thumbnails and channel headers indefinitely removed? For many people, including myself, the goal of obtaining these was a strong motivation for posting content. I'd at least like to hear news of what is being planned regarding these features.

Many thanks :)
A colleague of mine lost 30 subscribers last night. Literally went to bed and then woke up with 30 missing subscribers. I lost about 10 in the same period of time.
Both of our views have dropped off drastically as well after the recent changes.
I think it's obviously in YouTube's best interest to increase the time users spend in the site but the philosophy should be to increase the amount of time viewers spend watching content, not discovering it or doing administrative tasks. The homepage should be a snapshot of What's Hot? Charts and ratings work. People want to know what other people are watching and discussing. It doesn't matter if they know those people are not-that's kind of discovery is what the share options are for. The simple fact is that the shows and channels that found popularity 2 years ago would not find that same popularity today with the way YouTube is currently set up. No one should be afraid of what Hollywood types are bringing to YouTube as long as the playing field is equal. You always go home with the girl you brought to the dance.
+Benjamin Pracy And the hilarious thing is that even if you figure out to click "View Everything" the "Load More" button is broken (has been for weeks) so you can't see more than a one page's worth of videos. If you try to view more videos it just loops back to the top of your queue. It's just all kinds of lousy right now.
This is quite a remarkable thread, +Margaret Healy ... thank you kindly for getting it rolling! I thought it was just me. I'm glad to hear that it's not.

There's data driven, then there's data driven off a cliff. If we're all losing views ... who's gaining them? Here's to hoping that whatever can be fixed, is fixed. And when I say fixed, I mean repaired ...
I have to say that I agree with everything Onision said in his post. Everything he said is right. If what he said was fixed, YouTube would be again a nice place to share our content. I've read the post from YouTube about inactive accounts being deleted, but sadly, many of us have noticed that also active accounts are being deleted (I found myself unsubbed from some people I didn't unsub). In my opinion, it isn't good to make a clean up of subscribers that frequently. In one day I lost 30 subscribers, while one of my friends lost 200. It makes us feel dissapointed& to think about not uploading videos, Subscribers&Suscriptions are something YouTube should care more. YouTube used to be fun and entertaining the way it was before, now it isn't. We can't express our creativity if we continue losing subscribers, feedback, I hugely dislike cosmic panda... Most of us post on YouTube to receive feedback about what we love to do :( normal users aren't even considered anymore. Remember the old nice YouTube with the 5 stars ratings? That was the place everyone loved. Now everything seems to be going in the wrong way :(
I hope +Jonathan Paula's questions are answered.. +Margaret Healy, I know you always answer with "We have seen significant increase in views" bla bla, but correlation does not mean causation. So perhaps some of your changes have increased views, but please tell me how making the thumbnails of videos one is subscribed to tinier than they were at first makes any positive difference at all? And why is it necessary to put in at least 3 videos I've already seen in the past in the "Recommended" area every single time? I believe that if i watch an sxephil video, youtube should recommend me similar producers to him, not 5 videos of his including once I've previously seen.

Thanks for your time.. I would really like to see these concerns and the logic behind youtube's decisions addressed.
What an interesting feed. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts. This has helped put the decrease in views and subs into perspective. Writing the blog I write for Scientific American about science in video and searching for new and interesting science videos, I get the sense that unique voices from those with a real passion for science are getting drowned out by the new "channels", whose value I can see, but are creating cookie cutter content in a stream of quickly delivered facts, which starts to give the impression of being wikipedia in a colorful, fast-paced video with animations.
I'm the only one who really hasn't really lost subs. I have less than 30 subs, but my views are in low hundreds. I don't have much to lose.

+Angelica Herrera How many subs do you have? Are you getting a lot less views than subs?
I have gone back and forth on whether or not I was going to comment on this post. I think that what I have to say in a lot of cases won't be well received, but I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to hold back on sharing my thoughts.

There seems to be a reoccurring trend for us as members of the YouTube Community, myself included, to focus in on the small sliver of YouTube that we are involved with, as opposed to focusing on YouTube as a whole. When I say this, I know that a lot of us have been guilty for a long time, because the same tune plays itself out over and over again. YouTube makes changes to the site. The Community sees the changes, bemoans how awful the changes are, goes to the extreme that YouTube is killing itself, the Community is dying and how the site will not live on if the changes are not rolled back. This has been going on for YEARS. I favorited a tweet from Michael Buckley back in December 2008 that he made about the reactions people were having to site design changes back then!/buckhollywood/status/1037664568

One of the things we seemingly fail to grasp, or simply choose not to focus on, is that YouTube is a global site. So, part of what I've been trying to focus on in my posts here on Google+ is learning about YouTube as a whole, and not just my sliver. For example, did you know that 70% of all YouTube views come from outside of the United States? (source: Hunter Walk - ) Did you know that in Ireland, of the 4.5 million people there, 1.1 million hit up YouTube every day (source: John Herlihy ) Here are some site statistics that YouTube put out for the press around January 23 of this year. , most notable of
course is that YouTube serves up 4 BILLION video views a day. We also, already know that the first stat is outdated; YouTube
just reported today that 72 hours of video is now uploaded to the site every minute.

These numbers are just mind boggling to me. The scale with which YouTube has to cater to, not only in terms of the infrastructure (computer and network equipment) it takes to run the site but also the cost of keeping the site going, is something that is far beyond the norm in the computing world we know today. Numbers like this present many operational challenges to the staff that keep the site going. With all of the content that is being generated, it's next to impossible for people, even given teams of editors, to keep up with and attempt to curate fascinating content. With so many eyeballs out there, you will never succeed in providing the best content to as many users as you can, it just can't be done. So what we're seeing is Google/YouTube doing what they do best; using software/algorithms to attempt to curate the content for you. And of course, one of the questions is, are the algorithms working? I have to say that in some cases I agree with the people that are saying no, they are not

Suggested channels has been broken for a long time, at least over a year. The Suggested Channels for me are always the same ones, it never varies. Here's an example about how broken it has become; as soon as I unsubscribed from Shaytards, Shaytards immediately showed up as a Suggested Channel for me, and it has not gone away in the months since then. You would think that the algorithm would be able to take in to account that if you unsubscribed from a channel you don't want to see it anymore, but it apparently doesn't. Also, you would think that if the algorithm repeatedly suggests the same channels week after week, that maybe I don't want to watch any of those channels and some different ones should be suggested but they never are.

I believe there are also algorithms that change quite frequently, some out of necessity. I can see where changes to the Related Videos algorithms can be necessary in dealing with spam users and people trying to game the system, on a regular basis. It does seem, however, that the recent changes (and I don't know if these are the reply girls reaction changes or not) to these algorithms have actually resulted in a negative way, with less relevant content finding it's way in to the related videos space. It's very noticeable when you watch a vlog and then over half of the related videos are for Justin Bieber or some other unrelated Vevo channel.

While I'm on the topic of Related Videos, I wanted to respond to what +Michael Mozart had to say.

"Our videos were stripped from related view spots that WE Earned and we were replaced largely with Promotional type video content. I'm posting a LOT of fresh videos in my G+ Stream to show content already removed from great spots we
worked hard to achieve..


I'm sorry Mike, but I don't understand how any related video spot can be "earned". YouTube is a dynamic site, and the content is constantly changing. Just because an algorithm ranked certain videos one way on a Tuesday, does not mean they will be ranked with the same relevance on Wednesday. You speak about a "related view spot" like it's some kind of trophy that you got and can never be taken away from you. I'd just like to know how and why you feel this is the case, and why you think it's best for a site like YouTube to be static in these cases? Why should all new content be relegated to lower scoring as opposed to older content?

Mike does also bring up another issue that has been around for a long time, reuploaders. This is an issue that YouTube has not been able to stay on top of, but I do feel that YouTube has the tools in place where they could make great strides in reducing this kind of abuse. Why aren't all uploaded, properly monetized partner videos automatically registered with the ContentID system? This should be made part of the upload process, and each partner should have the same options available to them in enforcing their copyrights on their content that the major studios and record labels do. This one seems like a no brainer.

OK, um, I kind of veered off course here a bit. Let's see, video views. In January of this year, and for each of the following months until May, Comscore has reported that US Online Video Views have fallen. In December 2011 the number was 21.9 billion video views, in January it fell to 18.6 billion video views, in February it fell again to 16.7 billion video views and then in March it bottomed out at 15.7 billion video views. Comscore has just released the numbers for April, and they have risen back up to 17 billion video views. source Comscore -

So now the question on everyone's minds is, why did the numbers go down? YouTube employees offered up information on the numbers dip to AdAge in an article published on May 14th, 2012. Here are the highlights-

"Our goal is we want users to watch more and click less," said Cristos Goodrow, a former Google search executive who joined YouTube as director of engineering a year ago. "This is better for users because it takes less clicking to get to the video you want to watch."

"Before the change, YouTube would track the length of views up to 30 seconds, primarily to make sure each click led to an actual view. Now it's tracking across longer timeframes to see if viewers watched two or three minutes of content."

"The tweaks to Google's algorithms are intended to influence creators as well, some of whom have become very good at getting the next click with racy keywords and deceptive thumbnail images. After all, views used to come with bragging rights in web video. Now the goal is to reward partners that generate engagement through more time spent watching videos."

"One big YouTube "partner," gaming video-entertainment network Machinima, says the tweaks are helping. "YouTube is trying to
deliver a better user experience by implementing a more sophisticated and intelligent recommendation engine, which is rewarding videos that drive better engagement and longer time spent," said Allen DeBevoise, CEO of Machinima."

And here is the link to the referenced article-

Also, on April 30th 2012 +David Boyle explained in a Google+ post that there were technical issues that YouTube had fixed and that subscriber counts were now being updated daily including closed accounts (which had not been included in daily numbers shifts before)

So it sounds like not only did YouTube change the algorithms and design, but they also updated subscriber counts for accuracy, fixed a subscribe database issue, and redefined what actually constitutes as a 'view' in order to fall more in line with their new policy to reward engagement over clicks. These things in part, could explain why we are seeing decreases in views and subscribers.

YouTube, whether we like it or not, is a business and as such their primary charge is to make money for their stockholders. It's very difficult to do that with a product that is essentially free. You can tell based on the management changes that Google has made that they have been waiting since 2006 when they acquired YouTube for that money to start flowing in. Make no mistake, when they put Salar Kamangar in charge his primary task is to do what it takes to make YouTube profitable, and with all of the premium content initiatives
they're undertaking, this is what the focus is at YouTube. I don't see this as the end for "mid-level" or "smaller" YouTubers, but what Onision is asking for (the site to go back to what it was in 2007/2008 with home page features for all) is a pipe dream. There is simply too much UGC being added to the site for all of it to be considered; YouTube is going to focus on promoting the content which it feels is going to make the site money.

I know this post is kind of rambling at times, but I think I covered most of what I was thinking. I do make some conclusions of my own in this post, and this isn't all based in fact (anything I could source I tried to provide links for), some of it is my opinion. +Margaret Healy I just wanted to say thanks for eyes on, and as always it's a pleasure interacting with you. It's great to know that you do care about the platform and the users as much as you do, that's not always something you find these days.
+Matt Lawniczak Thanks Matt! I appreciate the time you took to compose that post. One thing I would add to what you say is we focus the user experience- to make YouTube a destination to f easily discover videos you want to watch- and we look at the data around this quite a bit.
To summarize everything in simple terms:

As time goes by, Youtube's big issues are rarely properly fixed (i.e. ever since I can remember there's been sub box problems), and most Youtube changes (with a few exceptions) have made this once simple to use site, complicated and less user friendly.

This is a USER driven website. Respect the user. Cater to the user.
+Margaret Healy Just adding my two cents. I have definitely noticed a difference since the layout change. With YouTuber's views & subscribers dropping, so has their morale. I can feel it when I talk to fellow Maker employees, I feel it when I talk to Big Frame employees and I even feel it when talking to non-network YouTubers. It's sad to see content creators try again & again & again just to get 25-50% of what they used to get. Being a producer at Maker, it's my job to create awesome content & get great views. At this stage, I only feel totally confident in the first part. When it comes to hitting the usual views, I can only cross my fingers & be prepared for this new reality. Whatever this new YouTube vibe is, I hope it's just a phase.
So far I'm hearing "nothing is wrong." and the massive drops in revenue being reported from partners is not causing any concern at YouTube HQ. Is this your view? Just trying to clarify. 
I would definitely agree with this. I understand the clearing out of dead subs but that doesn't explain the loss in consistent views. I'd always consider myself a part-timer, I never went gung ho on the business side of YouTube but since this new layout change I have dropped froma a consistent 30,000/40,000 views down to 10,000-20,000 if I'm lucky. I also don't like how the sub boxes aren't showing any further back than 3 days. That definitely needs to be sorted out.
+Margaret Healy Hey Margaret! Unfortunately we are totally in this boat as well. I think it may be even more significant for channels similar to ours that only launch 1 or maybe 2 huge videos each month. We try to keep our videos super high quality and up to everyone's expectations and I agree that it is really discouraging when a major video (i.e. Goodyear Blimp shot) gets off to a slow start because only a portion of the subscribers saw the video. Without the benefit of promotion from major sites like YouTube's Facebook page or Yahoo's homepage, we haven't recently been able to pick up enough steam to get what we think is an otherwise great video off the ground. We're confident though that YouTube will correct the problems and we really do appreciate you hearing us out!
Youtube is in a very precarious position right now. Like a teenage girl who is now realizing that she's really pretty and desirable to the seniors and college guys, yt is at a point where it's making some very important decisions that could hurt its reputation and relationships with old friends.

I acknowledge that yt has far bigger issues to deal with (in their perspective) than our sub/view count problems, like +Matt Lawniczak said. For the past 6 years that we've been active on the site, we've pretty much stayed quiet about all the changes, bugs, and tweaks. We just trusted that they're doing what they have to do and are thinking of everything I'm already thinking of. Much like those fans who leave comments thinking they know your channel/content better than you do and try to give ridiculous advice. So we kept quiet and tried not to be part of the noise. But lately, I feel compelled to speak, like the friend who sees the pretty girl getting caught up in herself.

There was a time not too long ago when the Partner Program was the crown jewel of yt. They were so proud to say that people could make a living off of making videos and helped teach them how to grow their audiences. Now, they are ready to shift, away from us small fries, and go play with the big fish. Partners, the ones who truly helped create the community (which is what made yt unique and successful) are the annoying friend who's can't let go of another more successful friend. "Remember the good ol days??"

I completely agree with +Hank Green that tastes do change, people grow out of things. Even great TV shows see their audience dwindle. Personally, I've been prepared and ok with this happening at some point. But it's hard to believe that the global audience all decided at once to change, resulting in the partner-wide drop in view counts. This is definitely evidence that the submodule isn't the best. However, yt will point to jenna, freddie, fps and say, hey look, people are still in the positive and doing well…it's just you guys. Fair to say, but something is still amiss.

Purging old accounts is great. A couple years ago I joked that it'd be really interesting if yt treated subs like real magazine subs, where ppl had to renew after a year or two. It makes sense, so I'm not upset. But all the reports of active users being unknowingly unsubscribed is to me the biggest problem at the moment (I read the update). Also, magazines notify the subscriber first before letting them go. Does yt email or message the user first to let them know they are about to be unsubbed? This is necessary imo. (sorry if this is answered somewhere)

Moral is low. Whether either side wants to admit it, we are yt's employees. Right now, the employees are working harder than ever creating quality content at a high rate, and yet they're losing subs and views. As this thread shows, this is obviously making people unhappy and in a sense demoralized. What happens when employees aren't happy? They want to change jobs, and this is where yt needs to be very careful. Yt should be very concerned that the majority of faithful and enthusiastic partners are being negatively affected by their current business and design choices.

Our channel like everyone has been losing subs, and our views have taken a hit, but we're doing...ok. However, seeing this shift in YT's plan has done something I'm guessing other partners might begin doing too, and that is, thinking of an Exit Strategy. "Let's start to consider our careers beyond of yt. How can we shift away from yt and take our audience with us." Thoughts like this, we've always had, but now it seems more necessary. If all these partners, maybe even the major ones, start to think like this, it will have major impact on the site. Yt might argue, well, others will come in to replace them. I wouldn't be so sure. Most of the people being most vocal are the smaller guys, and they're saying it's near impossible to get noticed (save for the handful who exploded this past yr). So, the big guys will wanna move on/cross over, and little guys aren't getting the right community assistance to become a big guy, and yt is looking at a very big void to fill.

YT was more than a free bandwidth. When we first started using yt, we simply saw it as free bandwidth to host our online shorts (we bought our own server from 03-06). But then we started to see how many people were using this site. The "community" is what made us change our viewpoint that yt was more than a video player, but a hub, outreach to new eyes…But now when we look at our video stats, only 10% of our views are coming from the sub module. All other traffic comes from our twitter/fb/website. If so few people are actually keeping up via subscriptions why not just tweet a link to a blip player on our website? We have our dedicated fanbase, could we potentially foster them elsewhere?

Yikes, I've gone on too long, apologies. Basically, it seems like the google heads in charge are more concerned with suits and stockholders, and not their customers, the viewers and creators (thank you Margaret for opening this up and showing that at least you seem to care). Sure, YT will still have its Rihanna's and COD trailers to keep views going, but this just means that yt will become a lifeless video viewing site, and not this awesome hub for democratic, diy, engaging content, which is what set it apart. This might be what yt wants. They want to be like tv, they want to combat hulu. But, why? For the money, I get it. But they run a very big risk by doing this. The whole reason people went to YT was to find an alternative to tv, so why try to become like very thing people were trying to avoid? I'm all for original, long form, highly produced content. (At Wong Fu Productions we've been proponents of that mission from the very beginning). But not at the cost of catering to A-listers and industry folk. Seriously, like that teenage girl analogy, she's become infatuated with the senior quarterback who's only recently begun to look her way.

In closing, I remember another site who was a GIANT pioneer in social media. They even came out around the same time as yt. But then, people became frustrated with the layout changes, UI, complexity, and priority towards ad dollars. Sounds very familiar right? I joked with friends a couple yrs ago, pondering, Could there ever be a day when we look back at yt like we look at Myspace? We all scoffed, "HA, no way." ... I have faith in yt. =)

and that's all I have to say about that.

+Margaret Healy you are great. Thank you.
When will the sub boxes on the home page be fixed? It has been a week now! This is totally unacceptable! I have missed out on HUNDREDS of videos!
In the middle of March my views dropped from about 2K/day to about 300/day. I'm slowly working my way back up.
+Margaret Healy Is there anywhere I can express my thoughts about how the YouTube Partnership has changed. After a year of working hard to build my channel and getting denied multiple times they change that everyone is a partner. So now the dreams to ever be looked at as a "real" partner were crushed and still no word from YouTube about anything. I just would like to express my detailed concern and know that it went to someone.
Yes. I feel that YouTube is heading in a bad direction.
+Margaret Healy addressing this as a very devoted viewer... just in the past few months I realized I was unsubbed from Onision, Jenna Marbles and Michael Buckley second channel peron75!! I also thought Mitchell Davis Wasn’t making any videos bcz they never showed up in my feed, I had to get into his channel to watch his latest videos....

Other youtubers that were/are not showing up in my feed:
Shane Dawson Daily vlogs, Hannah Hart my drunk kitchen, Dave Days, even when I subscribed AGAIN to Jenna Marbles, her videos don't show up in my feed.

It's pretty frustrating...If I subscribed to a channel is because I WANT TO WATCH THEIR VIDEOS, I shouldn't have to worry about changing every single time I log in the option Highlights/Everything, I shouldn't have to check youtubers twitters or facebook statuses to check if they posted something new... I shouldn't have to get into their channels to check their stuff, that’s why I subscribed to them in the first place...
+Sharaz Khan Do you have examples of active subs being removed? Thank you for taking the time to write this- it really does make an impact
I raised the price of my souvlaki by $1 but added a pita to the plate and stuck an extra piece of chicken on the skewer. Now everyone's complaining that I'm greedy and making them fat.

Oh geez. Wrong discussion. Or is it?
I agree with Gregory 100%. Ever since the new changes to the homepage and Cosmic Panda my views have also plummeted. I used to average about 1,000 a week, and now I'm lucky if I make 300! I have almost 2,000 Subscribers and yet more than half of them aren't watching because they either don't get my video in their sub boxes, or they never see it because of the way the hompage is designed.
+Margaret Healy according to the Youtube Creators Blog, starting Saturday we will see the accounts that were removed on analytics. Can we also look forward to a rise in subscribers again rather than more losses? They will be done with the purge by Saturday?
Unfortunately the Saturday deadline was not met. Still losing subscribers and the new ones I am receiving are not registering. (i have the email notifications enabled to monitor subscriptions since the purge)
+Margaret Healy I have now experienced it myself, youtube unsubscribing people. I wake up today and YouTube unsubscribed me from my boyfriends channel when I was just watching his latest video yesterday. I can only imagine how many of those 4,000 accounts that YouTube deleted from my subs are actually people who love and support my work. They probably think that I'm not uploading, when in reality it's because YouTube took them away from me. That's a serious issue. It's hard building an audience. If it in fact was just dead accounts, that would be fine but it's also real, active, supportive subscribers getting the boot. Is YouTube trying to find a way to correct that? Go through and resubscribe the active accounts that were deleted? Thanks for listening.
All these recent changes have DESTROYED my once very successful YT partnership . My channel is now losing over 1.5 million views a month . The RELATED & RECOMMENDED algorithm changes have caused a 75% decrease in our view counts and revenue .
What I find most frustrating about many of these issues is the lack of communication this company has with it's creators . I wonder how the CEO's of GOOGLE would feel if they picked up their paycheck and it was 50% less then what it was suppose to be, and when they went to the accounting department they were told ---  " I'm sorry we don't actually communicate with people here , this whole company is run by one big computer , you need to go file a complaint that will most likely never be answered on the Google HELP FORUM website ." 

Instead of spending 300 million dollars to create and promote channels for Hollywood celebrities and producers , maybe this company could buy a TELEPHONE and hire a PERSON to answer it .

Any partner or publisher that earns over $15,000 a year in ad revenue for the company should be given a phone number to a PARTNER SUPPORT HOTLINE .......... 
As a very small YouTuber myself, I cannot comment personally on any of these issues, however I am a consumer of a LOT of content on here across a wide range of channels that range from folks in the Top 10 most subscribed to "nobodies" like myself.

Since the optional Beta period of Cosmic Panda and the eventual site-wide changes, I've seen an increasing amount of partners at all ends of the scale talk about the effects of all the changes being employed by YouTube.

Most are taking it extremely personally, especially because they have been given no support or warning about these changes and feel that the communication they once enjoyed with their partner liaisons about this sort of thing has just stopped.

YouTube created a platform where people could make full-time incomes from their creative work and rewarded those who worked really hard at it. It seems now that the care that was once given to those hard working content creators has gone and is being replaced by a very stale corporate front with no real human interaction anymore.

I've seen relatively small partners that still made their full-time income from their YouTube content report that they have had to go out and get jobs because their statistics have dropped so severely. 

People that quietly enjoyed the successes of their channels and experienced a natural, organic growth (without spamming viewers with messages begging them to subscribe but still succeeding upon the fact that their content is actually enjoyable) but cannot support their real world costs of living with an income that has been cut by up to 75%.

Here in Australia, a number of our partners that are full-time YouTubers have been extremely vocal about this for much longer than the rest of the world because our cost of living over here is a little different and the initial changes REALLY hurt their businesses. Some have had to give it up altogether to rejoin the workforce, which is something I would have thought would be the LAST thing that YouTube would want for their partners.

One of my biggest gripes, personally, is the change to the Partner Program - don't get me wrong, I like being a part of the NEW PP, but I don't appreciate the fact that I've basically been told that I "missed the boat" for the full program, that all the "perks" that were offered are now basically gone. This has cheapened the idea of working with YouTube and made it much less of a viable idea that it can be a full-time income generating path.

The biggest complaints I've heard, across the board, are:
- Views on videos have dropped by upwards of 75% for some partners
- Subscriber counts have dropped. NOT due to the removal of dead accounts, but from accounts being UNSUBSCRIBED from the partner channels (I've heard this reported by dozens of Partners losing subscribers and by dozens more viewers that have discovered they've been unsubscribed from some of their favourite YouTubers)
- Related videos no longer truly reflect ACTUALLY related videos and, along with the Reply Girls fiasco, viewer retention within one's own channel and one's own related videos has dropped significantly
- Videos aren't making it into the Subscriptions box. (I've noticed this personally - we aren't talking about the Activity Feed because I hate that and never use it; we're talking actually clicking "Subscriptions" from the little drop-down under our name in the top-right of the site. Case in point: I haven't seen a single video from Phillip De Franco show up in my subscriptions or my activity feed in well over six months. I used to watch the PDS Show every day, now I have to go searching for it, but I am still definitely subscribed to his channel...)

I don't know what the answer is in all of this, but one would think that YouTube, the engineers and the staff asking us what our opinions/upsets are have enough data to make an informed choice about the future of the site.

Two more things: When the YouTube home page changed several years ago, we lost the "Featured" videos section and also lost the regional home pages. By this, I mean I have several Aussie YouTuber friends that were just getting to the stage where they could work full-time on their videos because of the Australian trending videos, featured videos, etc. 
Their views halved overnight with that change and nothing was done about it because the American YouTube community and high-end partners got a LOT more exposure because their already popular content got a MASSIVE kick by replacing our local featured content.

This change is revisiting that mistake, only it is affecting the whole world of YouTube partners, not just little pockets. Locking one area out in the cold might work once, but do it to the major money makers and you'll eventually start to see declines in your own bank balances...

The other thing is the integration of Google+
Personally, I love Google+ but I don't have a practical application for it as a network. Yet.
I feel like Google+ would be the PERFECT network for someone that has the TIME to curate their content on here, engage with others and generally trip about. It takes EFFORT to use, conscious effort to come here and do things. 
The big difference between Facebook / Twitter and Google+ is that we all know how and what to use FB & Twitter for and there's barely any effort involved. Google+ is something that requires strategy and planning and time, mostly the latter.

Very few people I know online see Google+ as useful or serious, which makes me sad. I love G+ and wish it could be tastefully integrated into all of Google's products. It would centralise practically everything we all do on a daily basis and pretty much negate the need for anything else, but it's just another add-on to a suite of sites that people only use occasionally.

EDIT - I just read a response from +Corey Vidal on his Tumblr and it reflects, much more eloquently, what I wanted to say here.
This hasn't been solved yet :(   I'm getting demotivated, seriously.
+Margaret Healy Please, just tell us, is the "flush" still going on? At least I can recover my hope of going back to normal when this ends. Thank you