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Hi everyone
After 6 plus years at YouTube I have decided to leave and go work for another exciting group at Google- Google Fiber.
I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so fun for me and sharing your passion and creativity.  You are on an incredible trajectory and watching you redefine the entertainment has been awe inspiring. I know I will continue to be amazed by the creativity and dedication of YouTube community. Keep changing the world!
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We will miss you. Thanks for all you help and I know you will do well giving the world the Internet.
Congratulations and good luck, Margaret.  Thanks for all the great work you have done with YouTube.  The whole Google Fiber project sounds very exciting.  I hope that Google Fiber will be brought to lots of places.
I wish you the best with Google Fiber, thank you for your time and dedication to us partners, and just hope we get someone as dedicated to our proggression as you.
Stay awesome Margaret! You'll be missed by the YouTube Community, and good luck on your new position!
u need fiber on here whats that?
Awwww, I'll miss you Margaret.  Google Fiber looks cool, guess I'll move to Kansas City!  
Hope all goes well.. Thanks for all your help. Can I have a job? Lol
I said this on Twitter and meant it:

@WilsonTech1: @ytmargaret you're one of the few people who I can say that I love as a wonderful person in this world and will miss greatly. Enjoy GFiber!
Congrats on your transition, Margaret! Sorry to see your voice leave the YouTube community, but excited about the influence you will have on the Fiber project.
Wish you all the best in your new role Margaret!!!
Thank you for continuously throwing us the alley Margaret! You will be missed
Hopefully Google Fiber can expand to other parts of the USA so us YouTubers will have great upload speeds. ;)
You are a YouTube blessing and we all really thank you for all you have done for YouTube and content creators. I wish you the best in future endeavors, and at least now you can now say you get more "Fiber" in your day, heh heh... see this is why I'm Next Vlogger, not Next Comic... Huzzah and Kudos, Margaret!
If you guys ever need a tester of google fiber in Raleigh let me know.  YouTube buffers like crazy on Time Warner Cable here.  Can't wait for Google Fiber.  Good luck on the move!
+Margaret Healy  - Congratulations on your new move to Google Fiber.  Thank you for everything you have done to teach us good practices.  This fiber artist hopes to fly through the Internet with Google Fiber one day.  I will miss you.
Margaret, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication for all these years, it truly has been wonderful knowing you during your time with YouTube.

All the best now and in the future.
awwwww noooo you're leaving??  Well, thank you for everything you've done and I wish you the bestest of best in the future :) xoxo
Awesome for you... we'll certainly miss having you as the face of the youtube machine... but I'm sure we'll get over it... good luck!
Thank you for everything you've done for me and the YouTube partners. It's sad you are leaving, but I wish you the best in everything you do! Fiber is lucky to have you on their team! Let me know if there is ever anything you need from me! I will never forget what you did for me "mom" ;)