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Oh right. Like you haven't thought this at least once? Okay maybe it's just me.
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Yea, when the humidity is just right, when I've gotten a little sun, when I have laid off the salt and it's the right time of the month .. then I'm ready for a hang out!
Broken iSight on 'Lil Whitey' (my Macbook) is making me a Sad Panda. I have yet to venture into Hangout. :P
I will join my 1st Hangout when I look like like that fine dame
every time i'm on a hangout i think that i should of put makeup on... then i have such a good time i don't care!
What Up Ladys Hhh I Young Man From Marocco
Sorry, but its broken on my Anroid app...
Even though I'm getting my hair 'done' tomorrow, I'll still have to wear my expedition parka and Maui Jims -- you know, that Witness Protection Program thing. And, Kenny on South Park is my hero. ;)
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