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"Would you like to supersize your Jesus?"......

I love that we live in a country where people can align their entire business and brand with their personal beliefs. Chick-fil-A doesn't believe in homosexuality (read that- THEY DON'T BELIEVE IT EXISTS and financially support 'conversion therapy' practices)..Oh they don't believe anyone should be divorced either. NOT while I am proud to live in a country where this kind of business thinking is legal- I am also proud to say

Amen.Praise baby Jesus. Yes I will take fries with that. Hallelujah
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supersize jesus is the BEST. TAGLINE. EVER. omg. you rock. 
bible fried chicken ... i reposted this and +Cindy Carpenter  stated SO eloquently :
Once they start banning people with tattoos, non-virgins, men who have touched women on their periods (before sundown), and start actively promoting stoning for unsafe food practices, then I will believe that their stance is based off of their belief in the Bible, and not just homophobia
You grossly mis-interpreted the article and made a sensationalized post about it. He expressed his beliefs, period, which happen to not support yours. .His beliefs aren't any different than anyone else in this nation who does not support homosexuality, or gay-marriage, and he did not say he would BAN anyone from his facilities. There was not hate, or anti-rhetoric in his words or tone of voice. He even put it off as long as possible voicing anything pubic. Why, because it's not like he is on a mission against anyone. He is on a mission FOR, the traditional family definition as he believes is expressed in the Bible, nature, history, etc. and he can believe that if he wants to. Go get your waffle fries and get off your high horse! Just say'n --  like you did. By the way, you didn't know that he is a Christian all these years? Everyone knows that. It's why he is closed on Sunday. And why are you surprised with his stance if he a serious Christian?
Oh Blair. You misinterpreted my post....I did not mis-interpret his quotes. He hates gays. Thinks they can be rehabilitated. Doesn't believe in gay marriage. His company OPENLY uses their profits to lobby and support those beliefs. I am choosing not to give money to a brand that uses their profits in that way
BTW "serious christian" is a hilarious term. These people are so far from Jesus's teachings it is ridiculous. I know Jesus and he loves the gays. And he loves us all. 
I agree with you, but I love CFA and will continue to eat there.
+Marcy Massura    You got most of it right, he does not believe in gay marriage or that homosexuality is the way we (humans) were designed to be united, for that matter.  And yes he supports groups that supports his beliefs. What is different, or wrong with that? We all put our money where our beliefs and values are. Even a shopaholic is putting their money where they value.

What you didn't get right, IMO, is two things: 1) He does not HATE gays. You have misconstrued his beliefs to mean he hates someone. Hating a person vs. not supporting a life-style or behavior is different. 2) Jesus loves us all, and loves gays, yes, but you are confusing love with truth. He loves gays, and extends his love to them, but no where in the Bible, and especially the New Testament which is about Jesus, can it be understood that he condones homosexuality any more than he condones divorce. Consider the story of the woman caught in adultery he said "go and leave this life of sin". He called adultery SIN. There are things that are considered sin or not, meaning wrong, not right, a deviation from the truth. HE loves us so much that he died for us, and offers forgiveness, and help, and healing, and bids us come to Him, but not at the expense of truth and righteousness.  God and Jesus still want us to do what is right and good. We accept His love in order to be made whole and right.

So, to conclude, if the guy wants to put his money where his mouth is, that is his business, as long as he doesn't force others to believe what he believes, or force others to put their money where they don't value. If you want to give up your waffle fries so as to not indirectly support those groups he supports, that is your choice. My question is, what about all the other stores out there who support something you don't believe in, will you so emotionally, and vehemently stop shopping there, too? Why is this such a hot issue for you? 
By the way, I don't want this to become heated or get out of hand. I have pretty much said what I thought in the above two posts. I just thought it was interesting how jokes about Jesus and Christianity started popping up, most in disrespectful ways.  
+Cindy Carpenter     This is a huge topic, one I would gladly debate you on if it could be in person and done according to civilized debate procedures. Sounds like this "daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher" went off to college and got "enlightened"? I say that tongue in cheek. 
Blair, I appreciate your opinion. I appreciate ALL opinions. But please refrain from comments like the one above. That is a personal attack. And um....I do NOT appreciate that. Thanks
I personally (AND vehemently) do not support any establishment that promotes exclusion. Furthermore +Blair Warner why is it such a hot topic that he feels the need to promote it or even discuss such a thing? What does it have to do with the selling of the chicken? 

It stops being a personal issue (that he can choose to believe whatever he likes) when he uses the company name and company funds in support of such views. Once he uses his BRAND to support said issue... it becomes business, and thereby open to criticism. 
But it is a private company, not public, so it is still a private and personal decision for him, no? +Amy Gabriel  besides, there are very few beliefs and values that are truly limited to personal, since it involves how we behave and decisions we make, and we don't live on an island.
I think if that Chick-Fil-A guy thinks homosexuality can be cured, he should put his money where his mouth is, or whatever he calls that thing he's talking out of.  He should invent some chemical that cures it, and lace all his sammiches with it, and offer FREE SAMMICHES IF YOU CAN PROVE YOU ARE GAY.
+Cindy Carpenter  Very well expressed and thought out. I have some comments, and disagreements but ..... gotta stay focused on work. Maybe more later. Take care.
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