First night at the +Google Summer of Code  Mentors Summit for the #OpenStreetMapproject   and the Vespucci OSM map editor for #OSM.

Kate got me a prepaid T-Mobie SIM card. In the shop they seem to have talked her into getting the slow 2G plan instead of the 4G one "because I won't be able to use 4G anyway".
...yes but I want at least 3G because waiting for maps to show up while being lost at a street corner isn't fun!
Changed from $2/day t-mobile for unlimited 2G to $3/day for 200MB 4G and then unlimited 2G during my stay.
The 2G speeds are just unacceptable for using maps in a foreign town.

Plane was cramped. no power, no internet, no per-seat entertainment.
2 of 5 movies shown where actually okay. They had food while I actually wanted to sleep to adapt to the huge offset to Pacific time.
Hotel is great. (Wild Palms Sunnyvale)
Power plug adapters and wifi working.
Can't figure out the strange shower. It has only one lever with one direction. Cold+On and Warm+Off.
Stereo set has a blinking 12. (well, "AM 12:00") There's a coffee machine in the room....great idea! Fridge is empty, can't find the remote to the TV and my chair has a bolt falling off.
Never had a hotel where you had free ice water with lemon, coffee and tee while waiting to check in.
Food last night was very, very spicy. Free wine and beer. Tasted some "German style" beed made at the US east coast and it wasn't half bad.
Some standard Pilsener. Not exceptionally good but okay.
Didn't drink the wine. Seemed like a bad idea with jet lag and none of the names ringed a bell.

That #usonly Google Music service seems to be working and I expect it to stay working when I return home (since others got it to work using strange proxy servers only for registration but not for using the service later).

Will have to visit Fry's after the summit to look for some minor hardware.
There's also a Home Depot to get some imperial sized tools. (I seldomly need them but when I need for stepper motors, camera/microphone gear,... I can't just go to a shop.)

Probem: for Google Maps on #Android suddenly started to display distances in routing in miles. I want my kilometers back!!!
Sent a feedback from inside the app but you never hear back from anyone when you do that.
Looks like this is an unfixed issue for all travellers (and who else would use maps the most) since at least early last year.

Did send an email with my hotel details during the summit and the days after the summit to +OtterBox after their social networking team found out about what happened on the way here.
No answer yet but getting that message itself already shows even better customer service that I'd ever have expected.
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