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Marcus Wolschon

Monitoring (HDLink, SmartView, etc.)  - 
I'm thinking about a wide color gamut display for Color Grading in Blackmagic design - Davincy Resolve.

The HP Dreamcolor Z27x (720eur 2048 x 1556)
sems to be more affordable compoared to
the EIZO ColorEdge CG247-BK (1500eur 1.920 x 1.200)
or EIZO ColorEdge CG277-BK (2000eur 2.560 x 1.440).
You save 100-200eur for the calibration device but both need the Ultrastudio Mini Monitor as an added cost factor.

NOT the smaller Z24x (400-550eur 1920x1200) because
* that doesn't calibrate without a PC like the Z27x does and the software only exists for Windows.
* it doesn't have the same kind of panel or the same precision as the Z27x

100% sRGB Coverage
100% Adobe RGB Coverage
100% BT. 709 Color Coverage
99% of DCI-P3 Coverage

I'm planning to use the
Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor
to output 10bit 4:4:4 YUV
since the newer Z27x supports the DreamColor Engine with YUV and not only RGB now and the Mini Monitor is limited to YUV only.

One problem I have is that the cheapest, supported calibration device (HP DreamColor Calibration Solution(B1F63AA)) for the Z27x seems to be half the price of the entire monitor (200eur). :/

A Spider4Pro or Spider4Elite that cold also calibrate my other displays and laptops would not work with the internal LUT of this display. :/
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I decided to go with the HP Dreamcolor Z27 due to it's cool 4K panning mode, wider color gammut and lower price.
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I have no experience with V-Mount yet.
* Can I combine 3 "Mini V Linear Actuator"s like this and expect the plate to carry a tool of <400g?
All the design I've seen to far are horizontal. So static weight is carried by the frame and never by the belts.

* Does the upper part need to be motorized for the design not to jam or backlash?
* Is there a good way to combine the upper and lower actuator with a belt and use just one motor? (The axis on the free ends don't seem long enough to carry 2 pulleys)
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I guess with 20x20 for the vertical one and 20x40 for the horizontal ones (that also act as part of the frame), the motor should be able to handle the load at reasonable speeds using the Mini V series.

If I get deflection on the gantry plates of the vertical actuator, I can use longer M5 nuts and build my own, second gantry plate for the back of the aluminium profile to hold things together. (Since the suppliers in Europe are all out of stock on dozens of parts and only offer a tiny selection of the catalog and improting from the US takes weeks and has prohibitive shipping and customs costs, I can't just order 1 or 2 additional parts on short notice.)

If I get stalls on the motor, I can use longer NEMA17 motors or gear them down or use ones that can handle stronger currents.
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Marcus Wolschon

Discussion  - 
Does anyone know why every page on the propject resources says "Download Not Available " on the OpenBuilds website?
Are there some kind of server issues at the moment?
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Actually is HAS to do with you as these are the permissions your OAuth library requests.
Others do the same and request way fewer permissions.
I saw the same mistake when the Google login started working again recently.
So aparently your OAuth login is misconfigured, scaring people away.
(Yes, OAuth2 and the new Twitter Permission model are complicated.)
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 
+Vodafone IT offers only legacy IPv4 and NO IPv6 for new Business-DSL customers.
I didn't even get to ask about "no 24h disconnect" or static adresses or anything because this obviously is A NO-GO for anyone operating IPv6  servers out there.

Hint: It's 2016, IETF has abandoned any work on legacy IPv4 support for anything they specify.
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I'm thinking it's their passive aggressive way of killing off their DSL offerings and getting businesses to upgrade to fiber or cable...
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 
In some recent update of the Servicing Stack, #Microsoft seems to have replaced BITS with a new "fuck you, we're just going to use all available bandwidth for Windows Updates" engine: It now makes hundrets of concurrent connections to their CDN for downloads, choking all other applications that might want to use the DSL connection.

Yeah, that's a really great improvement ... NOT.
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Sounds like a huge upgrade. Thanks M$. 
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 
I'm starting to dream.....
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+Jeremy Parton but mechanically sound and modular, so I can reuse the parts when assembling version 2 and 3.
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 
"Wie kommt man eigentlich auf die völlig bescheuerte Idee, sein Smartphone mit Käse zu überbacken, ey?"
"Toast Huawei!"

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Marcus Wolschon

Discussion  - 
Does anyone know where in the Octoprint code I'd have to start working for adding a "% done" to the "status" page?

When Octoprint cannot calculate the remaining time (showing "calculating..." since 2 hours), I have no indication how much of the print is finished. Clearly this information is avaliable since the Octoprint-Telegram plugin happily tells me the % done every 3mm.
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Oh, right. I totally overlooked that last line in the info panel. Thanks.
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Marcus Wolschon

Discussion  - 
What (except for the telltale "V" for linear rollers on the slots) is the difference between V-Slot
"20 I-Typ Nut 5" and
"20 B-Typ Nut 6"?
How far can they be mixed and matched to build a static frame? 
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With all downloads on the site broken,
I found only this regarding the missing v-slot dimensions:
 I'm still missing the depth -value of a v-slot to compare anything.
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  -
Turkey gouvernement revokes 3213 ham radio licenses
(Title is VERY misleading. Text says they have about 3000 operators and cancel 20 licenses.)

#Erdogan is going way too far.
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das könnte eine Falschmeldung sein, siehe die Kommentare und auch hier:
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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 
From the RacistsAreStupid department.

Swiss woman yells at foreign looking people, even hits one in shopping mall in Weil am Rhein. Police arrives.

Police: "What are you doing?"
Woman: "There are too many foreigners in Switzerland!"
Police: "Madam, you are in Germany right now."
Woman: Storms back angry to Swiss border.


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Marcus Wolschon

Shared publicly  - 

looks like a very nice design.
I'd like to modify it for larger diameters and make the tool-head rotate for 4-axis milling but I don't have the space in my workshop to start a third CNC mill any time soon. :(
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