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Promising news... PWA capabilities continue to evolve but aren't quite there yet...

So I've just seen a beautiful image appear on my TV as my +Chromecast background, and now that it's gone I have no idea how to find it again and discover more about it, such as exactly where it was, the photographer, etc. At the very least there should be a feed of featured images that I can find on Google Plus and refer to, but I can't find that either. This seems like a missed opportunity for Google to enable me to connect & interact with images that appear. Someone please look at this and rethink how this works!

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About time - certainly a step in the right direction but alas still not enough, support for booking rooms/resources are needed too. Until then I STILL have to use Google Calendar in a web browser to fully arrange meetings.

And conversely, the new Goals feature is only fully available in the Android app, not the web. (?!)

Feature parity across platforms please, Google... it's far from an unreasonable request.

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Sounds great! And about time... I usually have two Chrome windows open, each with a different user account signed in (work and personal) and 20-30 tabs open per window, so the memory usage of Chrome is pretty big - in case it's useful, here's a (tidied up) copy & paste from chrome://memory-redirect/ right now...

Browser: Google Chrome 45.0.2454.78
Memory Private: 3,458,644k
Memory Shared: 10,634k
Memory Total: 3,469,278k
Virtual memory Private: 9,021,360 k
Virtual memory Mapped: 6,792,108 k

PS - I can find no stat that tells me how many tabs I have open across all the windows, nor even a count per window... surely there should be a chrome://tabs page for stats about tabs?

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16K x 3.7K stitched panorama of Carcassonne - zoom in and check out the fine details! #panorama   #photography   #landscape   #tourism   #France  

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By far the best photo management app for Android!
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