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What is the rear glass on the Nexus 4 made of/how does it work? I noticed a company called kamerar have made a case for the iPhone 7 Plus that has a similar back and was wondering why no one else has made cases for other phones that look like the back of the nexus 4.

Hey guys, anyone here with a theorem rta that knows how to loosen the threads on the top cap to change the air flow? Cannot get it off. 

In the UK where Android Pay has just launched. It keeps disabling itself for no apparent reason. Any ideas as to why?

Anyone getting an RX200S?

Hi, I'm new to RDA's and wondered where the best place to get cotton and wire from is? I'm in the UK of that helps.

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Why is this happening? All of the red should be black?

PC won't turn on after a SSD install. What could it be?

I seem to come here quite frequently with some quite strange PC problems. Another I am having is a PC that wont power on without a powered USB hub (or any powered USB accessory I'm guessing). What could the problem be or if it cant be fixed can anyone recomend any novelty USB accessories that require mains power?
P.S. This is a rig I was given that is ok for some casual games so I intend to set it up somewhere as a sort of family PC.

My Nexus 6P battery has rather suddenly got worse with no change in usage. Any ideas?

PC runs but the HDD light will just stop randomly and the computer will freeze. It doesnt happen at specific intervals its completely random. Does anyone know what this issue could be?
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