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I just googled for this as I had lost the link and wanted to share it while I am at it. I usually use this to create logos for my homebrew stuff and online games. For that it works fine.

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These are great for note taking.
A bit of a shameless plug, I've putting together notebooks / journals for RPGs.

The latest is intended for games like Cyberpunk 2020, Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, Mutant Future, Stalker etc.

They're 100 pages each (10 pages of hex paper, 10 pages of grid paper, 78 pages of lined and drawing paper and a fillable contents page). Intended for players, but also useful for GMs to jot down ideas and maps.

The others can be found here.

Use the Lulu coupon 8NBHJD6V for 20% off and pick them up for just $2.80 each.

Please feel free to share this post. Thanks.
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OK, I am thinking of buying Dungeon Fantasy for GURPS. I loved GURPS back in the day but the modern books seem... too big to digest nowadays. So, why should/shouln`t I buy this box?

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Well, this is #gameable and #wizardtime simultaneously!
Need to write a scene for clever players who'll guess the god from a description alone? Try a new pantheon.

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This looks like an entertaining way to game a few hours.
Finished in time for the New Year: Escape From Old Tokyo is a solo cyberpunk adventure (no GM needed) re-imagining John Carpenter's masterpiece. The mechanics were inspired by a classic GDW game. I don't want to give away the title of said game, but it rhymes with 'Chainsaw Warrior.' This one isn't as tough, but should be a challenge, nonetheless. Best played with a synthwave soundtrack in the background and a couple Asahi Super Dries. Katana optional.

Check it out here:

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Yes, it is here! I look forward to diving in. With FrontierSpace and this out 2017 is a great year for SciFi RPG.
After long toil and tribulation, I give you Stars Without Number: Revised Edition.

This crisp new edition of my first published game of old-school sci-fi sandbox adventure is now available at DriveThruRPG in both deluxe and free versions, in PDF/Epub/Mobi and hardback.

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Maybe some Artist in my circles are interested. Just head straight to Raggi's post.
I need an artist that A: can do a realistic style, B: can do a color piece in the next two weeks (figure, no background), C: won't completely break the bank, D: is willing to create an image of... questionable... taste, and E: would be willing to discuss terms and get an invoice to me before end of year.

As a change from usual protocol, if you're available, respond in the comments. Your comment should contain a link to an online portfolio, and that linked portfolio site/page should contain contact information.

I'm not looking for referrals, I'm looking for people who I know are available for item B especially.

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I had no idea +Jez Gordon did a fan work like this. I will have to give it a whirl at some point. With the FFG anniversary release looming my interest in the D6 is rekindled.

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+Sarah Perry-Shipp finds some of the greatest stuff. Love the idea!

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After reading the small games Lyre, Balham etc. from Shades of Vengence I am now perusing the Era:Survival Primer and must say what I see so far is very likeable. The system does remind me of Chronicles of Darkness a lot but has its own quirks. There are Rules for Karma and Crafting. There is enough content in this primer to get a campaign going for a long while. I like the fact that it condenses the core of the system down to about 50 Pages, rules only being around 30 of that. The rest is equipment, background and GM material.

If you like that enough there is a much bigger version to be had with more background and campaign fodder. There is even a free quick start on DTRPG.
It seems a solid system to me but so far I was not able to actually play it.

They seem to suck at selling their games though. The DTRPG Pages contain not enough information to make me interested in their books and their own store does not even have any descriptions at all. What is the difference between core rules and definitive edition?

These games are a labour of love, one can tell, while not going into pure heartbreaker territory. They poured a shit ton of money on their print runs what with all the Hard and Softcovers and great art. It just shows how important it is to market yourself well, they do not seem to do that.
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