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+Sarah Perry-Shipp finds some of the greatest stuff. Love the idea!

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After reading the small games Lyre, Balham etc. from Shades of Vengence I am now perusing the Era:Survival Primer and must say what I see so far is very likeable. The system does remind me of Chronicles of Darkness a lot but has its own quirks. There are Rules for Karma and Crafting. There is enough content in this primer to get a campaign going for a long while. I like the fact that it condenses the core of the system down to about 50 Pages, rules only being around 30 of that. The rest is equipment, background and GM material.

If you like that enough there is a much bigger version to be had with more background and campaign fodder. There is even a free quick start on DTRPG.
It seems a solid system to me but so far I was not able to actually play it.

They seem to suck at selling their games though. The DTRPG Pages contain not enough information to make me interested in their books and their own store does not even have any descriptions at all. What is the difference between core rules and definitive edition?

These games are a labour of love, one can tell, while not going into pure heartbreaker territory. They poured a shit ton of money on their print runs what with all the Hard and Softcovers and great art. It just shows how important it is to market yourself well, they do not seem to do that.

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More stuff for Frontierspace by the good folks at DwD Studios.
DwD Studios has released #FrontierSpace #RPG Dark Side of Loridian adventure module! I drew the cover and stuff! There's lots of mushrooms!

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So, I know +Anthony Underwood already ran a game of Era: The Consortium, hence I am tagging him. Anyone else around with an opinion of these games?

I looked into them at Dragonmeet and they read very nice. Not a huge fan of dice pools with a maximum of 16 dice to be honest though. But to get there you would need to play a long while, so it is probably a theoretical issue. I know they themselves don`t like to be compared to the Storyteller system but their d10 dice pool is very close to it, even though it does vary in the details a lot.

The books look very nice and are full of ideas. While I do not have that much use for premade settings the one in Consortium has me at least intrigued. Their small game Lyres tickles my interests and I am looking at Era: Survival as an option for post apocalyptic stuff. And while the books look incredibly thick, the core mechanic is super simple and most of the pages are used for actual content.

Would love to hear others opinions and experiences with the system. Not sure if +Ed Jowett is actually active on G+? If so it would be great to hear from you.

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I sadly somehow missed both.
Alright Groovers? We caught up with David Black and that there Chris D-Unit to chat about their games and OSR in general while at Dragonmeet this weekend.

Get your fill of politics with a small p, small (but vicious) dogs, difficult second editions and the Do Something Cool card.

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#Dragonmeet 2017 was my first one and I must say I was super impressed. It was spacious enough to not get trampled and the noise level was quiet tolerable as well. Having an extra floor for the Traders was a good choice to make I think. I enjoyed my time and hope to be able to return! I especially appreciated all the creator I could talk to, something you can rarely do in German conventions because they simply don`t fly
over here. Everyone was friendly and took as much time as possible to talk to you. It was a really welcoming experience.

My favourite find: The people from around +Ed Jowett . I had vaguely heard of ERA: The Consortium before but never paid much attention. The system is actually kind of neat and much simpler than the big books would suggest! It is chock full of content. Maybe a bit much back story for my taste but it isn`t meant to be used completely, just to pick and choose the part of the history you want to play in as each "Era" relates to certain genres like exploration, timetravel, cyberpunk, colonization etc. The setting is incredibly deep but still adaptable to your own thing as well.

Looking forward to play some of their pocket books at some point as well. Especially Lyres, a game a bout fake Adventurers sounds like a hoot. I read Lyres, Balam (A Game about Fighter Pilots) and Hitman (Guess what?) during my wait for my delayed flight home and they made passing the time easy.

One day is just not enough time to appreciate it all though. I wasn`t able to either play as much as I would have liked or visit all the seminars I wanted to go to (Still angry at myself for missing Ken & Robin talk about stuff an Ian Livingston to boot) But I lost track of time at some point. To cap the convention off I had a great game of #Everywhen with the guys from my normal online group, so that was something special as well!

I am not used to the camera software of my new phone yet, hence many images are so blurred I had to delete them. These are still not all great but will have to do. absolutely want to go back!

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Printing out some L&F Stuff and listening to some of my Synthwave favourites. Prompted by this track I am wondering: Is there a Dog fighter "RPG" or other game like Top Gun? Where dogfighting is actually a core of the game as a conflict between different pilots?

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Flying to Dragonmeet this Friday I am pondering what to pack. I find it prudent to have a game with me I could run at the drop of a hat. There are not that many of that kind as I run games far too rarely to do so with anything more complex. Never ran Fate so that's out for a spontaneous round and PbtA would work but requires to carry around a bunch of playbooks in addition to the rules. So after some internal deliberation I will take my Lasers & Feelings folder with me. There should be something in there to play on a whim without much material needed in any location.

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This looks very interesting as a game concept. Did not have time to read it yet, but it is free atm. Have a look see if it is for you.
Interested in trying a gritty-ish, PbtA-inspired fantasy RPG that supports GM-less play?

Ironsworn began as a PbtA reskin, but it's evolved into something I would say is more PbtA-adjacent. I call it "Inspired by and borrowing liberally from the Apocalypse” (IbaBLftA?). It's built on moves, but leverages ala carte character creation with printable asset cards instead of playbooks. It's also got it's own flavor of dice mechanics and some resource tracking mechanisms. Finally, it's built from the ground up to support solo and co-op GM-less campaigns.

The preview edition is a complete, free game. I'd love to hear what people think.

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More good words about FrontierSpace.
Another guest post by my good friend and local Traveller expert +Helge Hudel. He writes about his experiences with FrontierSpace which he ran and played at a con earlier this year.
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