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Are there Anydice Wizards around? I am fiddling with a d12 / roll under system where the average starting score to roll under is 4, max achievable would be 10. I am trying various things but I suck at math and am unsure if I do this right.

Am I reading this right that the base probability is 25% only? I thought it would be higher with 4 as an attribute. And even rolling with advantage it only ends up at roughly 44%?

I had hoped to only use one single d12 with roll under and then reuse the dice result as damage or effect rating. But 44% with advantage for a starting character sounds super frustrating.

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Because it came up recently an article on how I set up my Roll20 games with Get Funky as an example.
How I setup my Roll20 games
How I setup my Roll20 games

Wife just texted me that two big packages have arrived. One is The Dark Eye Retro edition and the other the new Top Secret. Embarrassment of riches. Looking forward to diving into Top Secret. Haven't heard much chatter about it on G+, is it not worth talking about or am I just missing it all?

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After delving into Sci Fi RPG again I had to think about something +Jim Alcala Sales said yesterday. "Walking down the downramp and stepping on to another world of adventure. That is my wannabe headspace." I remembered how it felt in the ME games when I stepped unto a new world for the first time, especially in Andromeda. How the mixture of music and visuals elevated your emotions and put you in awe of the new place you would find. I was eager to step out and discover this new world. But how do you achieve this in RPG? You can of course go with the same tools the Games use. Music and imagery. Then of course you have your words to paint a breathtaking picture.

I am wondering though, are there player facing mechanics that could also increase the awe of discovery? That pull the players in deeper in the way the dice roll? Could you even create rules and mechanics that aid in putting the players in awe? Or is that something that only works in the course of the conversation of the game, regardless of system used?

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I have not read the novels but I like what I see here. Especially the split characters between an officer and a grunt. Solves one of the big problems of military RPG. And Era:d10 doesn't seem bad either. I have ERA:The Consortium and that has made me curious about their other games.

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And the last of my current minimald6 games. I am actually working on a revised/expanded version of this one, but wanted to share this state already to hopefully garner some feedback.
My minimald6 games: Get Funky
My minimald6 games: Get Funky

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This is great inspiration!
Tech Level 5 or so... truly amazing, even the end credits are jaw dropping..

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Sounds like a cool setting.
There used to be a great and thriving interstellar community of species; thousands upon thousands of extant kinds.

Used to be.  Turns out, we missed that party.

Most, maybe all, of those species still exist, just not in the universe as we perceive it.  They went almost entirely into their perfect virtualities, running on mainframes we measure only as  gravitational anomalies. But they left a few things behind for those who came after.

First contact took place when we started to crack FTL.  We hadn't even made a flight, just confirmed the theoretical engine was functional.

A drone arrived in orbit.  It spent about thirty seconds figuring out how to talk to our computers, then a further five minutes carefully infecting the internet with an educational AI, and then left.

“Educational” in this case means “A tyrannical software overlord, which conquered the vast majority of humanity within weeks with an armada of swiftly-reproducing drones, and set about our reformation into galactic civility”.  Which is to further say, to transcend into unreality.

We resisted conquest, but we also studied under it.

Two hundred years later, when the Dala and Ieaei came, we were still resisting, still learning.

The Dala had broken free of the same trap by virtue of being technolocal moderates; they had not built a global network of self surveillance and linked it to everything.  The Ieaei, on the other hand, had… but had been willing to detonate every nuclear device on their world manually to fry their electronics, and been rescued from a hard radiation death by the Dala.

Both species are mad, bad, and damaged, with an implacable grudge against the elder species of the universe and their tyrant intelligences.

We get along famously.

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Question for the hivemind.

While I am working on Get Funky I am wondering if it really needs as many attributes as it has right now.

I am personally a fan of diversified characters and think at least 4 to 6 attributes is needed to allow enough mechanical fidelity between characters in a 4 character party. Yes, I like "niches" for characters a lot.

The current attribute spread:

Buff : lifting, pushing, hitting, resisting harm, violent threats
Foxy : lying, seducing, haggling, persuading, bluffing
Groove : running, driving, dodging, shooting, sneaking, kung fu
Soul : creating, entertaining, staying cool, relying on luck
Wit : knowing, repairing, deducing, using tech, first aiding

When it comes down to it I have 2 Traits (Buff and Groove) that are for Physical stuff, 1 Trait for Personal stuff (Foxy) and one Mental attribute (Wit). The 5th one, Soul, is there because I felt it was fitting the genre but is a bit of a weird thing. I could remove it and would loose flavour, but mechanically not too much.

So how do you play, what do you like for your characters? Do you feel more attributes help you make a unique character or do you not need many?

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I am happy with just 3 attributes
Other, please comment below.
I like a variety of attributes, 4+
I am happy with just 3 attributes
Other, please comment below.

Painful Realisation: I worked all night yesterday on my 70s RPG Get Funky and added a list of 70 things that happened in the 70s with some hours spend on research etc. and just realized now that it is totally wrong for the game and sets the wrong tone. I don`t do real 70s, I do movie 70s. That's 2 Pages of stuff out the window. But better realize that now then later. Would have better spend the time on a random hairdo table!
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