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I'm excited to show a teaser about what we've been working on at Body Labs. Put a little magic in your videos using 3D body shape and motion estimation!

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We've finally officially released cryoSPARC, our new tool for 3D structure discovery in electron cryomicroscopy. You can check out the website or find more details on the website or read about it in our paper in the upcoming issue of Nature Methods here:

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An interesting analysis of the NIPS experiment.  I suspect it will take a while for the results of this experiment to be fully analyzed and digested.

Via +Kosta Derpanis.

En route to #NIPS2014 !  Come see +Ali Punjani talk about our recent work on 3D reconstruction of proteins at the MLCB Workshop on Saturday.  Or, if statistics are more your thing, check out the Stan poster at the probabilistic programming languages workshop.

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A friend of mine recorded an original Christmas song.  Enjoy!

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In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, the ECCV 2014 proceedings are available online for free until Sept 25.

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This looks really interesting.  Differentiating through a rendering pipeline has been known to be possible but has always been tedious.  This has the potential to change all of that.
Announcing OpenDR, an approximate differentiable renderer. We take "vision as inverse graphics" literally.

OpenDR is an open-source Python-based toolkit for concisely rendering and optimizing graphics models to match image or depth evidence in a differentiable manner. 

Everything you need is here:

For details, see the paper:

OpenDR: An Approximate Differentiable Renderer
Loper, M.M. and Black, M.J.
ECCV 2014.

If you are at ECCV, come to poster 19 on Thursday,1400–1645, Session 4B, Gartensaal.

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Some very nice face reconstruction results!
YouTube videos to high resolution, moving, 3D faces. At ECCV next Wednesday! 
Total Moving Face Reconstruction
More info at:
with +Supasorn Suwajanakorn and +Steve Seitz 
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