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New Year New Headshots!

People like to know who they are dealing with. With all of the social media outlets and visuals we encounter today, you should make sure your presence is represented well. Along with traditional a head shot we can also spice it up a notch depending on your field and how you are or want to be perceived. Along with head shots Marconi Photography has covered events for corporations through out New Jersey, New York and thought the country. Recently covering an event with keynote speaker Deepak Chopra. If you or you company has any needs for photography please contact us to talk about your plans and see what we candy for you. Everything from council meetings, agendas, event dinners, award ceremonies, graduations, seminars, and of course portraits. Check out our new website specifically meant for Head Shots and Corporate Event Photography, www.MYHeadShot

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Summer is here ! I am so glad that families are putting their trust in local professionals to capture their beach memories. When so many people can “do their own snapshots” I am glad there are those that understand the difference. Professional Family Vacation Beach Portraits are the bets way to make your summer memories last for generations.

5 Top reasons to hire a professional photographer for your family vacation beach photos.

1. Take away the stress! Let someone else stress over your temperamental toddler. You can relax while someone else chases her for a while! Remember this is Mom’s vacation too! It is hard enough to get the kids and Dad ready for the session, much less yourself…and finally after all that work who wants to try and get smiles out their kids. We promise to take the stress out of it and let Mom enjoy her photo session and even get some great portraits with her too!

2. Kids behave better for us. It is true, we can get expressions and real portraits, that moms, uncles or grandmothers struggle with. We know all about it…photographing your own family can be very hard. No one wants to behave for their own family and they’re so easily distracted. We find that children respond well to us and listen as we are “new” to them and they take it much more serious and have fun. A young man commented last week that “It was great! Mom you didn’t tell us we were going to enjoy it…we hate it when you take them.”

3. No Technology or Camera Issues. No breakdowns, no worries. Forget your camera or the charger? Had a bad IPad experience? Are you worried about power for the flash or what the sand will do to your equipment? We use two cameras and have a backup. We know all about cameras, technology and power issues. We face it every day and prepare for it. Relax and let us fret over the gear.

4. Photoshop and Professional Retouching or Editing. We make you look fabulous. No, not just some app that makes everyone look plastic and perfect, we make you look real, using artistic hand retouching with our digital pen. We can remove that crazy hair from the wind, people in the background or change the seaweed stained water. We have years of experience and can perform weight loss, clothing alterations and even head swaps if needed. Let our magic pens make you look wonderful!

5. Outstanding Wall Portraits. We take more than photos of the kids, we capture family heirlooms of the entire family. Our images can be purchased as digital files in collections or you can get a beautiful canvas printed . Either option will offer you a beautiful piece of art for your wall rather than just some snap shots only big enough for your Christmas cards. We specialize in custom wall portraits and it is time to fill your living room with that perfect image of your family.

We are available From Sandy Hook all down the Jersey Shore all the way to Cape May, NJ. But we are limited t0 how many families we can accommodate as there is only time for 1 or 2 families a day! Contact us for your consultation today!

Professional Family Vacation Beach Portraits by one of New Jersey's finest photographers! See you on the beach!

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We are planning our summer vacation, are you?! If you have family gathering together for a getaway or yearly vacation or just you and the kids at the shore, this is the time to create some awesome memories and family heirlooms! Contact us for a consultation and to set up your appointment at the beach! We are now booking for the summer and are looking forward to some time at the shore! Everywhere from Sandy Hook, Wildwood, Avalon and to CapeMay, we are there! And this does not have to be just the beach..It can be a fun crazy boardwalk theme or anything else that is close to your heart! Contact us to talk about ideas for your custom portrait session. Something fun at the lighthouse, on the jetty, in the dunes, in the water! Don’t wait! If you have dates set then you need to contact us now to reserve your date as we are limited to 1 or 2 families a day max! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the shore!

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A recent high school senior portrait session.  
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Here is an article I found on a blog that I thought might help or answer some questions about Boudoir Photography.

“Boudoir photo shoots in many ways are scary. They involve getting half-naked in a studio in the presence of strangers to get photos taken and for all women and human beings in general, posing half-naked with people you haven’t met or lived with before can be daunting and easily creates tension. No matter how hard you or the other party may try, it will probably still feel uncomfortable to a huge extent. It is something that most women have on their bucket list but lack the guts to try. However, for the most daring women, they try and mostly it goes better than they thought. For the less daring ones, a little bit of wine or champagne to take off that bad and uncomfortable feeling does the trick.

Be it as it may, there are several reasons that justify why boudoir photography could be just that different thing you have been waiting for. Or looking for. Boudoir photos if done well have very positive results on a lot of things about yourself. Among the many reasons there are, I just wanted to share this 10 reasons that I find very important for us, our bodies, our confidence and the whole outlook when it comes to taking boudoir photos.


Mostly, being you and knowing that the you that is happens to be very awesome is just a priceless feeling. Every woman on earth has that bad feeling about a part of their body that they don’t like. It could be something you cannot change and especially so, it usually is something that you cannot change. Such feelings towards some parts of your body as a woman results in very low self-esteem and low levels of confidence especially when the part of your body is very open to other people to see.

In several circumstances in boudoir photography you will see that most people emphasise their most loved parts during the photo shoots which is very fulfilling eventually. When you see the photos, you won’t mind about the extra body fat, you will probably even wonder why you were worried about parts of your body initially. Boudoir photography boosts your self-esteem in good measure. The only reasons celebrities and non-celebrities alike visit the plastic surgeon’s office is because they hate their bodies or parts of them. Such hatred results in low self-esteem, but boudoir photography teaches us to embrace ourselves, to be free with our bodies and to love that the us that is happens to be very beautiful indeed.

2. FUN

Obviously, during the first few minutes of the shoot you’ll feel a little uneasy. However, as you get more involved with your boudoir photographer you realize that it’s turning into every bit of fun you didn’t imagine it could be. The uncomfortable feeling begins to disappear and eventually just dies down. Every move you take in that studio or hotel room becomes more fun and believe you me, you’ll keep laughing through the session.

If you haven’t had a good laugh for a while and are certainly feeling low about yourself and your life in general, boudoir photography is your ultimate savior of the day. You’ll pose in positions you haven’t posed in before while taking a photo, you’ll interact with an amazing stranger as your photographer and have fun while at it. It’s fun and you shouldn’t miss out.


Most times, women underestimate how far boudoir photography can go in making your love life all rejuvenated. Even if for a day, week, month or so. Boudoir photography allows you to view yourself in ways you never did before. Even better, boudoir photography also includes couples sometimes. Want to ask your man out on a date? Make it a boudoir photo shoot just for both of you.

For couples, boudoir photography can go a long way in rejuvenating the love that always seems to disappear every once in a while in marriages. Both of you half-naked, shooting photos and posing in romantic styles, such things don’t even happen in the sweetest of marriages. This is a chance for you and your partner to find out those awesome things about your bodies that you had forgotten about or stopped appreciating.


There are several things you haven’t discovered about yourself. You never know these things until you try. If you are willing to discover, maybe I’ll shed a little light into some things you will discover about yourself. It could be your body, maybe that little weight you gained isn’t that bad looking after all so you should accept yourself as a beautiful woman, or you probably lost some considerable amount of weight you want that captured in awesome photo shoots to see and discover the change in a well documented album. Or you probably don’t appreciate your skin so much, boudoir photos will make you see the difference in what you think you look like and what you really look like. Truth is you look beautiful and your skin is just the right measure, you just don’t know it yet.


For couples, intimacy in camera can be very thrilling. You know you’re getting a little intimate with each other and playing around with each other’s cheeks or hair in front of camera and it all sounds mad fun. It’s the camera and the fact that everything is directed to bring out the best of playfulness that excites couples during boudoir sessions. Kissing on camera has always looked viable, at least for all of us. We could keep those photos hidden but we love to look at such every once in a while. As a couple, your best shot at getting intimate on camera in a classy way is going on that boudoir photo shoot soon.


I can utterly assure you that every man would kill to see his woman dressed half-naked in a sort of creative way. Imagine giving your husband photos of you dressed in a shredded pair of stockings and nothing else as his birthday present? Well, that would hit home. Especially if you tried to pull a favorite playful cheeky mood and look. It could be a sensual and sophisticated look or a more down-and-dirty-come-and-get-me-am-waiting-to-be-saved look. You could never go wrong even for Valentines day with this.


One of the most interesting things about boudoir photos has to be the outfits. The photo shoot allows you to be dressed in ways not deemed sexy except on camera when there is a great photographer taking the shots. I mean, if you walked on the streets dressed like the lady on our featured image people would consider you insane. Rest assured no one would put the word sexy in the description because people would judge you and think you are trying to get some attention you didn’t receive as a child. But as a photo, look at it. It looks all sexy all the time.

Boudoir photography allows us to get creative with outfits you never wore before. You want to try this pants with that top or bra, you want to wear some boots with a T shirt or or a bra and some stripped belts high on your thighs. These are outfits you wouldn’t think of when you’re sane, but because boudoir photo shoots require you to be insane and wear things you dreamed, it’s all fun and it gives you the opportunity to feel you beautiful body in sexy lingerie.


Most of the time when women are questioned about the part they like most on their body they say they like their hair, or maybe their eyes. Most times it is either the eyes, hair or smile. But how would you like to find a new interesting part of your body you didn’t think was interesting before? We all would.

Boudoir photography can help you find out about your body in several ways. When the photos are out you will see that there is a lot more about your body to love than your beautiful eyes, hair or smile. It could be your arms, or your legs. It could be anything really and don’t be afraid to find out.


For once, instead of cutting your hair or changing your whole dressing style and feeling insecure and pitiful about yourself because you are single, now is a good time to go get that sexy feeling on you. Walk down the street, buy some crazy lingerie and take yourself to the nearest boudoir photography studio and get shooting. You will love the photos so much you’d want to show them to your ex so he can realize how stupid he is for loosing you. You probably shouldn’t, but I know you want to.


It is difficult being a woman. Most times life isn’t easy for a woman and for every body else. Whether you are pulling through or not, you should celebrate yourself and your gender, and that you are where you are today and not where you were yesterday, which essentially means you are growing. Being a woman is so special you deserve to go on an amazing photo shoot to celebrate the far you have come.”
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So what a nice way to end the summer.  Get all the kids (and the dog) together before they head back to college and do a family portrait on the beach!  Avalon, New Jersey makes the perfect backdrop.  Sandy dunes, a huge jetty heading out to the ocean, lifeguard boats readying for storage and the setting set, all natural props.  We have done beach portraits all along the Jersey shore.  Everywhere from Sandy Hook down to Cape May.  Asbury Park, Long Branch, Stone Harbor, Wildwood are just some of the beaches we have seen this summer.  There is something special about the beach, it is always changing with the tides and always brings families together.  Here are one or two images of this great family photo in Avalon, NJ!

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Mischief night,  and a beautiful day for a wedding.  Stephanie and Jose had perfect weather for October and their wedding day.  We spent the morning with Stephanie and her family at their home in Perth Amboy.  Everyone was a bit chaotic but in a good way, lol.  After the capturing girls helping Stephanie into her gown we spent sometime with her awesome family making portraits they will cherish forever.  That is why our job is so awesome. We are making heirlooms!  After all the family photos were made we headed over to  Rutgers campus, to the awesome Kirkpatrick Chapel, New Brunswick, NJ.  I love this church, so many great spots for great images.  Stephanie’s stepdad walked her down the aisle.  This was most awesome, as he was in a horrible accident and has prosthetic legs so it is hard to walk.  Let alone walk, but now down a narrow aisle with stephanie’s huge dress, lol!  Another great piece to the ceremony was that her Uncle officiated the wedding.  AND we photographed her Uncles wedding about 15 years ago!  Talk about awesomeness!  After a beautiful ceremony which her performed flawlessly we headed over the The Grand Marquis in Old Bridge New Jersey.  The Grand Marquis was recently renovated and the did a great job.  Very Classy!  The night rocked on and the dance floor was jamming.  Almost filled the entire floor for a group photo of all Jose’s work crew!  I know that everyone had a great time fro watching the night unfold. Cheers!

Grand Marquis, Kirkpatrick Chapel New Brunswick NJ

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Gerlando and Anthony had the most perfect day.  One they both thought would never be able to happen.  Here are the words of Gerlando.

“As a kid I knew I was always different but I never fully understood until I got older and people started falling in love all around me. I always wanted to know what love felt like and it was when I met you that it all fell into place… I’m a big believer in destiny and I know that we were always destined to meet on the night of October 20th, 2005. If anyone back then ever told me that I would be able to marry the love of my life, I would first think they were crazy and I would have never believed them… Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure all this is real because for the longest time I never knew it could be… For me this day was always unimaginable and to be standing here at this very moment exchanging our vows in front of our family and friends on our wedding day is one of the most magical moments of my life…. I was trying to count how many times we have said the words “I love you” to one another on a daily basis and it’s an average of 10 times a day which means we have said those words to each other over thirty-seven thousand times in the past 10 years… I don’t know how it’s possible to love you more and more each day but I’ve learned to believe in the impossible when it comes to you… Lots has changed in 10 years like us having less hair but our love for one another has never….

Some things haven’t changed like your OCD and through the years I always made myself believe that it would get better but that wasn’t the case, Luckily I became immune to it and accepted the fact that I can’t touch anything in the house… Ever! What we do best is laugh together and we have been throughout all these years… We are totally opposite people but that’s what makes us perfectly imperfect… Till this day we never ever went to bed angry at each other instead we got over whatever stupid thing we were angry about and laughed at each other…

Many big things happened throughout our relationship but for me it’s those little things that count the most… The “I love you” notes you leave me, the kiss on my forehead when I’m asleep before you leave for work in the morning, the “just because” flowers, or if I’m done eating before you and if you think I’m still hungry you put your food on my dish…”


Not only was this a beautiful moment for them, but the day itself, the sun was shining, blue skies, all their friends and family around them.  A picture perfect day.  The morning was spent at the barber shop, then  getting ready at their home in Aberdeen New Jersey, where they live together.  They helped each other get dressed and make sure each of their custom made suits fit exactly as tailored.  Bow ties, vest and jackets, a classic awesome look, with a bit of whimsey in colors.

We then headed over to MJ’s Buttonwood Manor, in Matawan, NJ.  The outdoor garden area had a small waterfall  and was set on a lake that was shimmering with the sun reflecting the fall colors was the perfect location for them.   Their family and friends cried and sang with them.  Literally.  Guest were wiping tears from their eyes listening to their stories and vows , and friends actually sang their love songs through the  ceremony.  And in the evening things got wild and fun with live performances at the reception.  Congratulations to Gerry and Tony! Here are a few images to share with you.

My big fat gay new jersey gay wedding!

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Happy Halloween and congratulations to Rachel and Mike!  Yes, they got married on halloween, but really only used the day for some decor.  Their costumes were a bride and groom.  But took the day to make the table settings a bit festive with candy and skulls and more.  We spent the afternoon strolling the Asbury Park, NJ boardwalk area for photos with the bridal party.  Mike as well as Rachel are big Bruce Springsteen fans and Gaslight Anthem fans and Asbury is kinda their territory.  We hit up all the key spots like The Stone Pony, the Wonder Bar with Tilly, the carousel and convention hall.  We were even allowed access to inside the Stone Pony for a few quick shots on the stage and bar.   They had classy ceremony at the Berkeley hotel officiated by one of their friends and my favorite part of the ceremony was a reading fro the book of “Bruce”…..  After a beautiful ceremony everyone headed down to McLoones Grill on the boardwalk for the private reception.  What a great venue for an intimate wedding!  The dance floor was jamming all night long  and everyone really had a great time!  Here are some images of the day!

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just me having a bit of fun on the job..
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