So, yesterday I spent some free time to implement something we were missing since long time... Here's one more thing that should arrive in #unity for 14.04: keyboard filtering on  spread

This aims to implement what defined on the design doc unity task switching, showing the current status of the spread.

Technical details:
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Cosa che kde mette a disposizione da un bel po' :-) 
Ma gli effetti di kde sono molto più efficienti 
Nice feature, but I guess, if I had used the mouse, as you did in the video, to activate spread, I would have clicked the window and not typed something, because this would take too long.

But even if I would have used the keyboard shortcut, to activate spread, I would have had the problem, that I do not know, what to type, to get the proper window, since I cannot read the window title captions of the now minimized windows. On my 15" 1920x1200 resolution screen with 4 windows, they become completely unreadable and such a feature only makes sense, when you have a lot of windows open at the same time.

And to choose between two windows, as in the video, such a feature is pointless.
+Thomas V. Worm the idea is that you already know what you have opened... And if you've many Windows, it helps to filter them... It depends on the way you use the computer... That's it. 
Awesome, so I'll still be able to customize the behaviour of the scale plugin via CCSM.
Thank you very much for your great work making my favourite desktop even better! The new application menus are also a great idea, combining the best of both the traditional approach and the global menu.
Just curious, are there more UI features to land before UIF?
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