Some more awesomeness is coming to  #ubuntu  with  #unity  for 14.04: the new Lockscreen... Locking with style!
It's great to work with +Andrea Azzarone.
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"Unleash the italians!" ;-) Super nice!
Great work! Nicely integrated and leaps and bounds more immersive than the battleship grey box that it replaces!
Love it, just got the border-less decoration, looking forward to this,
It's a thing of beauty!

I don't know where else to ask this, but will you look into making it support dual screen displays (as in dual screen wallpapers) at some point? The login screen does this by just using half  (equal to one screen) of the wallpaper . As of now the new lockscreen portrays the entire wallpaper on both displays, leaving black space in top and bottom of the screens.
I also noticed the mouse-cursor doesn't change to the text-input cursor (or what it's called) if you hover over the password-box.

Please lead me elsewhere with the suggestions, if this isn't the right place.

 But amazing work - it's not only locking with style, also with speed. Thank you :-)
^ +Marco Trevisan I updated my system this morning (14.04) and I still see the old lock dialog.

Edit: updated just minutes ago, and the new interface is there. Thanks.
+Marco Trevisan I just updated.
Found a bug:
When the dash or HUD is open and the screen gets locked, then the Dash/HUD remains visible and is even on top of the password field.
-> Lockscreen should close Dash/HUD before locking.
+Marco Trevisan I see. By the way in 13.10 the shortcut key for lock screen is not preserved. I changed it to Super+L and after Ubuntu is rebooted Super+L doesn't lock the screen anymore.
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