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So, after some weeks of work, here you are the new gtk3 CSS themed window decorations for Unity7

My mission: «Everything changes, but nothing changes»; so completely new backend, but same frontend.

- Support for full Gtk3 Theming (read to adapt your theme)
- Improved resizing speed when using "Normal Resize" in compiz
- Removed duplicated textures, IPC between compiz and the decorator
- Anti aliased corners!!
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+Marco Trevisan Thanks a lot for this! Improvements like these to make 14.04 pixel perfect is going to make it a solid ubuntu release worthy of the LTS tag! And to add to that is the on going high-dpi work for Unity 7.
+Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez I understand the concerns, but considering that this design decision has been made so long time ago, and I think that having top panel buttons (for maximized windows) on the left and decoration buttons on the right is something not consistent at all, and thus it doesn't make much sense supporting it (considering it needs some extra work). I can probably make possible to use old decorations if much requested, but for now we've other priorities... 
+Marco Trevisan Plz consider adding a option to move the buttons to the right side or make it possible to use the old decoration. I am used to right side & I have to do lots of switching between Unity & Gnome-Flashback session where buttons are in the right side. It would be very annoying if I can't move buttons back to right in Unity. 
Thumbs up!
Now if only we could have less razor-thin  borders, that would be great on the new ultra high-resolution laptops.
I can't believe it, finally! Great work!
+Marco Trevisan Does this mean we'll finally get the 0px border that was blocked by Metacity/Unity2d or has it already landed in 13.10?
+1 for allowing users to customize position of buttons. Going back to  Gnome-Flashback for now.
 +1 for allowing users to customize position of buttons!!! Please! ;)
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