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Thanks for this app, it's really great to be able to control so much how to be notified on Pebble...

I've some suggestions though:
- make possible to define profiles of settings, so you can apply the same policy to multiple apps quickly
- add add actions to the watchapp to exclude that app from notifying (and maybe notifications with that title, so you can easily blacklist contacts)
- make shake gesture harder to use
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Ottima idea! 
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Come working with us!
Two roles available in the Ubuntu Desktop Team. Join us and help shape the future of Ubuntu...
Ubuntu Desktop Engineer. Location: Home based - EMEA. Description. The Ubuntu Desktop Team is responsible for delivering Ubuntu Desktop, which is one of the most popular Linux operating systems available for desktops today. Ubuntu strives to be the best free software operating system in ...
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Giving the new ThinkPads a try...
T460s vs T460p.
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+Omer Akram I get between 6-7 hours myself, and I've the 1080p (non-touch) display.
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Just because we can...

Thanks a lot to the Ubuntu Kylin team for their hard work to bring the Launcher on the bottom edge of unity7:

You can have this by using:
 gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

#unity7 #ubuntu #unity #launcher
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Yes, I love.
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Unfortunately we've been there, so... Be aware.
Unlike what happened in my country, Americans may still have a chance to save themselves. If it's not already too late.
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Unity7 development continues: with the latest release in #Ubuntu Xenial (16.04), finally the launcher properly integrates with nautilus file manager, so every device (or trash) icon only manages the relative windows. While the Files icon only matches the other views.

Finally, an extra bonus too: now you can activate session actions (and then shutdown, reboot, logout or suspend) from the dash!
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Is there a way to disable this "feature"?
It is extremely annoying. I have 2 physical disks, 5 partitions in total + 1 remote partition custom mounted.
Each partition has a different thing (System files, Ubuntu's home, Music & Videos, Work/programming stuff, Windows partition, ethernet remote mount)

I am used to switching back and forth using Super+1 key, but when I move to one of the non-home, non-ubuntu-system partition (that is, very often) I suddenly jump from the first element in the start menu to the last one and no longer can use hotkeys.
Not only that, my dash becomes a festival of popping in - popping out of disk icons. If I go to /mnt/ then I'm on the main Nautilus window. But if I go to /mnt/my_mount_point then suddenly I'm in a different group icon. And if I go back then I'm back at the main Nautilus group. WHAT... THE... F***

Maybe some users like it, but I find it extremely irritating and hurting my productivity. Please provide a way to turn it off.

I am not alone:

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Hey, I manually did some upgrades using opkg, but after some retries the plug doesn't turn on anymore...

The led stays blue forever once loaded and I see no wifi networks or the plug connected to the router.

Keeping the button pressed to reset the rom doesn't seem to work, any other advice other than throwing this nice thing away? :-(
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The new world meeting the current one: Unity8 running on mir on X in Unity7.

initctl set-env -g QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient
start unity8 #(or use the ./
initctl set-env -g MIR_SOCKET=/var/run/user/$UID/mir_socket #temporary

Last command can be omitted once lands
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+Marco Trevisan ok grazie mille.
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Ubuntu powers the #Tesla cars!
Here's how to hack the Model S.
A couple months ago, for God knows what reason, I decided to hack my Tesla Model S. My goal was to get root access to the touchscreen, henceforth known as the CID. I spent about 2 months of research and preparation for this...
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Grazie a Seven che a ha scritto questo interessante post nel forum di vololiberomontecucco (la casa di SWPI, ndr), sono venuto a conoscenza di un'altra mod
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I sat down with Canonical engineers to learn what makes Ubuntu a compelling platform.
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So... Some time ago I posted here to get some help since I bricked my device while playing too much with opkg (, so thanks to the tips of Rafał Markiewicz and the Poly Zoaria's post about serial port usage in this nice smart plug (, I got mine unbricked!

The process has not been hard, but since I only had a 5v serial adaptor (the Arduino MiniUSB, we needed to shift that to 3.3v (thanks to +Giulio Grechi for doing this and all the soldering, see for more info).

Once we got the serial connection (115200 8n1), I managed to enter in u-boot mode using the classic tpl sequence (write "tpl" as soon as U-Boot announces "Autobooting in 1 seconds").

Now, the problems... This device has not an easily usable ethernet port (yeah, we might build one from the pad, but it's not convenient), so using tftp is not an easy option. Also, the provided u-boot doesn't support the loadb command, then there's no way to use kermit to transfer data via serial). Same story for the loady method.

Thank God, there's still the raw mw option, so using a python script I found on openwrt forums ( and that I've slightly modified, I've been able to write the firmware in memory and flash it.

You can get the script from this gist:

Here's the command (the serial copy takes almost an hour):
  python --write=kkeps-3.5.bin

Then open your serial console (I just used screen):
  # You can verify that the memory content is correct
  # with md, you should see OpenWrt revision
  #md 0x81000000 25
  erase 0x9f020000 +0x3c0000
  cp.b 0x81000000 0x9f020000 0x3c0000
  bootm 9f020000

And there you go!
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+Ryan Tyler​ glad to read this... It wasn't so easy to find a way to upload data though serial without kermit or writing my own script.
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