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Marco Trevisan (Treviño)
Ubuntu Unity developer as Ubuntu member and Canonical Ltd. employee
Ubuntu Unity developer as Ubuntu member and Canonical Ltd. employee

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Remmina snap packaging stuff finally merged upstream with automatic uploads of any new git commit to the `edge` channel (and releases to the stable one).

It also works fine in Ubuntu 14.04, just install snapd there.

See more at:

Thanks to +Giovanni Panozzo and +Antenore Gatta for the being really nice upstream devs to cooperate with :-).

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In the past weeks I've added support for the Time-Based 2-factor authentication protocol to So now you can even use your wearable to login (as it happens with my Pebble).

It's just so great working in a such open environment, where you can improve any tool you use.

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La community italiana di Ubuntu si ritrova, accorrete numerosi! 
Il meeting di Ubuntu-it ritorna dopo una lunga pausa!

Cosa fanno gli uomini e le donne al lavoro nella comunità italiana di Ubuntu? Venite a scoprirlo all' Ubuntu-it Meeting, il ritrovo di tutte le persone coinvolte nello svolgimento delle attività della comunità italiana di Ubuntu. Volete vedere chi si cela dietro quello strano soprannome in IRC? Questo è il posto giusto!

Thanks for this app, it's really great to be able to control so much how to be notified on Pebble...

I've some suggestions though:
- make possible to define profiles of settings, so you can apply the same policy to multiple apps quickly
- add add actions to the watchapp to exclude that app from notifying (and maybe notifications with that title, so you can easily blacklist contacts)
- make shake gesture harder to use

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The new world meeting the current one: Unity8 running on mir on X in Unity7.

initctl set-env -g QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient
start unity8 #(or use the ./
initctl set-env -g MIR_SOCKET=/var/run/user/$UID/mir_socket #temporary

Last command can be omitted once lands

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Giving the new ThinkPads a try...
T460s vs T460p.

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Ubuntu powers the #Tesla cars!
Here's how to hack the Model S.

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Just because we can...

Thanks a lot to the Ubuntu Kylin team for their hard work to bring the Launcher on the bottom edge of unity7:

You can have this by using:
 gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

#unity7 #ubuntu #unity #launcher
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