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+Koushik Dutta's #AllCast just made my night a lot easier :-)
If you own a Galaxy S2, S3 or a Galaxy Tab2 10.1...try my builds :-)
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Marco Menta (Markox89)

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I've just noticed that on Android 4.4 SELinux is set on "Enforcing" by default. This is kinda pissing me off...
I know he's very very busy and even traveling right now, but I'm very very interested in +Koushik Dutta's opinion about this (maybe he already posted about it and I missed :\), especially because he has always been very critic about porting SELinux to AOSP :)

Marco Menta (Markox89)

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Today for me is a sad day. After almost nine years of work, Geoff Johns stops writing Green Lantern, today will be out his last issue. I’m sad because, talking about comics, I grew up with him, and...

Marco Menta (Markox89)

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Per tutti i fan di Star Wars e/o Aquaman :-D
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Marco Menta (Markox89)

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A joke i've heard recently:

How many Linux users are needed to change a lightbulb?

1 to post a thread in a forum telling the bulb has burnt.
1 to suggest to try to turn the lamp on through command lines.
1 to complain that the user broke the thread.
1 to ask what new bulb will he install.
1 to advice that we shouldn't use the word burn for meaning a broken lightbulb, because it would mean that the bulb was set on fire and that it would be right to say that the bulb broke due to an excess of electrical current.
25 to suggest to install all the kinds of existing and imaginable lightbulbs.
5 who say that the burnt bulb is an upstream issue that doesn't belong to the distro. There's an open bug on the bulb's developer mail list.
1 noob to suggest to install a Microsoft lightbulb.
250 to flood the noob's mail address.
300 to say that a Microsoft lightbulb would turn blue and that you'd had to reboot continuously to get back to normal.
1 former linux user who still frequents the forum, to suggest to install an Apple iBulb, which has a fresh and innovating design and it costs 250 $.
20 to say that iBulbs aren't free, and that they have less functions than a 20 times cheaper standard lightbulb.
15 to suggest to install a national lightbulb.
30 to say that national lightbulbs are crippled remasters of foreign lightbulbs and that they don't bring nothing new.
23 to argue if it must be a white or a transparent bulb.
1 to remiind everyone that the right name is GNU/Lightbulb.
1 to say that lightbulbs are a Winbugs users thing and that real Linux users aren't afraid of the dark.
1 to announce finally which will be the model of the installed bulb.
217 to discard the chosen model and suggest another.
6 to complain that the chosen lightbulb has propietary elements, and that another should be used.
20 to say that a 100% free bulb, isn't compatible with the lamp switch.
The same previous 6, to suggest to change the switch for a compatible one.
350 to ask the previous user what God is he talking about, and that if he has scientific proofs of his existence.
1 to say that we can't trust in corporation-made bulbs and that we should trust in community-made bulbs.
1 to post a link to an ODF file explaining how to build a lightbulb from scratch.
14 to complain about the format of the previous file and asking to send it in txt or LaTeX.
5 to say that they didn't like the taken decission and that they'll fork the house's electric installation and install a better lamp.
1 to post a series of commands to put to change the lightbulb.
1 to comment that he executed the commands and had an error message.
1 to advice that the commands must be executed as root

And finally:
The father of the first user, who while everyone were discussing, he went to the shop and bought the cheapest lightbulb.
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I think that "hibernatizing" should be "hibernating" :)
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+Greenify, may you correct the translation as I suggested? :-)
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Latest beta seems to have fixed my auto-hibernation issues. I'll do more tests ;)
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Auto-hibernation working FINE on my Moto X running rooted Kitkat. Looks like the problem dissappeared! \o/
Thanks +Greenify.
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Incautato stamattina, dovrebbe arrivare entro il prossimo weekend.
Che dite, ho fatto bene?
Saranno anni che giro senza orologio al polso, vediamo se riesco a ri-affezionarmi...
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Beh lo z1 secondo me è fantastico! 
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