The biggest bots L8 farm in the world... It's Minsk right now.
~1900 of total ~2100 portals are L8 and total amount is increasing.

I'm just back from summer cottage where I have spent big independence day holidays (yep, here we've got independence day on 3rd of July). And what I see in Minsk...

I don't know how to react on this. I could whine but I just leave it here.

Why bots - just check these 9 account's stats. About 20k hack on each. About 14-16k hacks during last week (even Morka would be happy with such amount of week's hacks).

As you can see all bots are verified. There is one year since 1st bots attack in Minsk and nothing changed!

+Otov Dohued "thank you" a lot for our happy future...

Pls report, +1 and repost

+NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +John Hanke 
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