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Creative, Personal Development, Spiritual, Social Media
Creative, Personal Development, Spiritual, Social Media

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Hey, longtime lover of Feedly.

Just a point about the (new) tabs. The 'preview' is extremely underrated as I don't click it that often because I just don't notice the link. 

Now the 'Visit Website' button is very big. Let us choose which option we want to have (to open an extra tab, or, the website).



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Interessante quote. "Je kunt mensen niet in de bak gooien omdat ze hun recht op vrijheid van meningsuiting opeisen, of omdat ze zwart zijn, maar je kunt ze wel vastzetten om wat ze doen."

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Haha, think about it!

Dearest people,

A few days ago I set myself on the Tasker journey, have installed a few projects, tasks (with wiki's, tutorials etc.) and it all worked. Now I want something different, an addition to the 'headphone > menu' pop-up task.

It is often the case that I already have a media app open (Google Music, Youtube, TuneIn Radio Pro etc.). In that case I don't want the menu to open. What do I have to do to make it work. 

Now: Head set Plugged > Menu task
What I want: headset Plugged > skip menu task if APP is open.

I am on a unrooted Moto X.

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Think about it..
The innovation of loneliness: technology, social groups, quantity versus quality, conversation versus connection, and the changes in our behaviors.  Why more people are defining themselves as 'lonely'.

Banned on facebook for 'inappropriate content'.  Think about that.

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Wow! I always thought that mountain goats would walk or run 'normal' mountains, but these are just vertical cliffs #impressed  

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Superchill! ✓
You guys you guys: In Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Control-Command-Space (⌃ ⌘ Space) in most text editing areas produces a pop-over menu with special character palettes for symbols and emoji. Scroll up (trackpad two-finger pull down) to reveal a search box for finding symbols by name.  Clicking on a symbol inserts it at the point and adds it to the frequently used palette, which is the first thing you'll see on next use.

Click the button next to the search box to reveal the old character browser.  Click it again to collapse back to the concise palette view.

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Nice read, with some practical implementation tips. 
How Can a CEO Lead Social Media Efforts for Their Company?

I turned this question, posted to me by Tim Enwall, into a blog post:

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And another one. Beautiful shots and an inspiring message. Open yourself up, stand still and  really really wonder about what your seeing, hearing and experiencing.
▶Are you creating any awe?

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70% of the Americans believe in Satan. I know America is a christian country but still I'm surprised at the amount of believers. 
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