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Marco “Handleiding” Manuel

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Nice impression from #ingress #vialux cologne team 62 some crazy frogs walking around and defending #resistance

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Griend un-greened

The island Griend ( is a favorite hard-to-reach portal, frequently used by ENL for field operations. The island is currently no longer inhabited (there used to be a couple living there, watching the birds) and even the yearly excursion can no longer be made. So the only way to reach the portal on Griend nowadays without trespassing is by airplane.

Friday August 26th, the day before the Via Lux anomaly I decided we should better be safe than sorry this time - the portal was used during Aegis Nova - and make 'Vogelwachterhuis Griend' ( blue. Several phone calls and hangout messages later a plane was arranged and after lunch agent @handleiding and myself (@Fortifer) were on our way to Paracentrum Texel ( We missed the intended ferry due to a crazy amount of tourists to Texel but luckily there was a crossing each 30 minutes this period so we could still make it in time.

The weather was great for flying, sunny and clear so we could see all the Dutch wadden islands stretched out before us.

In the words of agent @handleiding:

"We had to make several passes before we could neutralize the portal. Deploying was the second challenge, once the pilot got the feeling of flying in reach of the portal, he managed to bring us directly above it three times so we could do our thing."

"I was really thrilled that we went on a plane to do what only few Ingress players before us have done. I can't express the feeling I had when we accomplished our goal. The most difficult thing was to get the resonators deployed at a nice distance, because the speed was limiting us to deploy just one at a time. Special thanks go out to our pilot Lars, because it is really, really difficult to get in range of a portal when flying at 1500 feet without seeing the target below."

See also the 'Battle For Pampus' sitrep:

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Griend un-greened
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Een van de betere rock versies, origineel van Peter Gabriel
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