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+Android Police , Here's my shots!
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Just saw this on AP. Tried telling my N10 to update and it said "no update available." Guess I'll keep trying!
Sorry for the unwise question Chris but what is your AP stands for? xp
I just tried pressing the update button on my Nexus 7 16GB and it got stuck for about a minute and gave me no update found message. I guess ill try again later.
That's just forcing an update in general, I think.
No update came for me, unfortunately.
Tried too... No notification for update so far... 
Jerry B
I'm still waiting for my update.
Hi...I am using GSM Galaxy Nexus and still on andorid 4.1.1. I don't know why I can't update my android to 4.2.1. through google server. I've tried to check through system update and it keep saying that my phone is up to date.
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