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Marco Duran
Complicated guy that likes to eat, geek out, and think about the world.
Complicated guy that likes to eat, geek out, and think about the world.

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Let behind because helping will only get you killed.

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Key & Peele are great.

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Daaaaaaaamn, God. What did that Jim Beam factory ever to do you?

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"Like most women my age – deer caught in the headlights of time, our mid-30s barreling down upon us like an SUV with shoddy brakes – I grew up watching The Princess Bride."

And I realized the love story you should be paying attention to isn't Westley and Buttercup's. 

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Here's +Eric Ravenscraft , saying what we all think of Comcast. Now with links! 'Cause those are helpful.

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Japanese Dollmaker has SKILLS FOR DAYS

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Reposting here, because social media and all that:

Alright, so as someone who actually works in App Support, I'm just gonna give it to you straight: if you modify your system and it causes an issue, DO NOT expect me to support it. At all. That there is what technical folks call a PEBCAK issue, and your Support request is gonna be closed with the official solution of "Reset your device to the stock OS/configuration. STFU, and stop wasting my time." 

Admittedly, my official communication to you will be much more tactful, but the end result will be the same.


See, what y'all gotta understand is that there's an actual business paying me for my services, and these services ain't cheap. So, any rational business is gonna choose to prioritize their issues based on severity/scope, and your self imposed issue is gonna be at the bottom of that list. 

For example:
- Touchwiz is causing an issue that affects 40% of my user base? That's gonna be at the top of the issue list, with a fix rolling out shortly.
- Xposed is causing an issue that affects .05% of the same user base? Good to know, let me just document that issue and schedule a fix for NEVER.

When all is said and done, the majority of my customers are gonna be happy, and life will move on.

P.S If you didn't know, PEBCAK stands for "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard". Insert "theMoreYouKnow.gif" here.

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I've had an iPhone 6 for about a day now. Couple thoughts:

- IOS is buggy garbage. 

No honestly, how do people put up with this? The past day has been filled with working around bugs/OS limitations. 

This is especially  true of sharing - I thought it was supposed to be greatly improved in the latest version, but it's barely a glass of water in hell. It'll take the edge off but you're still on fire.

- I wish there was an Android phone with hardware this nice.

This thing is basically jewelry. And in gold? A straight up status symbol.

The closest Android counterpart is the Galaxy S6, but even that feels like just a phone. Decidedly not jewelry and certainly not a status symbol.


Wanna know the ironic part? The only reason I decided to try an iPhone in the first place was 'cause my Nexus 5 died on me. At ~20 months. Hardware related, can't even be turned on anymore. 

I just needed something that would be mostly covered by insurance, and that I could easily resell once the next Nexus came out.

And here we are.

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My Nexus 5's final words, just before it gave out on me this morning:
Animated Photo

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Neat Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki.
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