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Bella la web tax. @matteorenzi, è questo il tuo nuovo PD? Non vedo come io possa continuare a votarvi. #nowebtax

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note to self: videos during the presentations are useful like an hammer when you're cooking a dinner

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Dedicated to all the extrapolation freaks commenting last AAP ebooks data :) 

Summary of @charliered66 #fbook13 speech: don't fear to invest and believe in digital market, let's experiment every single way to monetize

"Publishers need to invest more on digital backlists, they're an hidden treasure" #fbook13 @charliered66

The CEO of HarperCollins UK @charliered66 "Today everyone is a publisher, the only thing you have are good books"

Dear #fbook13, keynotes with no slides, a motionless speaker and a monotone talk are NOT keynotes, are simulation of death

Backlist titles are living an enormous ramp up in ebook format, selling up to 200% more than pbooks #fbook13 #ebook
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