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Stupid monitor is all stark white. Does this mean I have to replace it? I've only owned it for 5 months. Looks like I'm not the only one.
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Wow, I turned it around tapping each side on the desk. On the third side it just "popped" back on. I'm so happy, but so sad that this is the first hardware issue I've ever had with an HP product.
Your first? What did you do to avoid more? HP is notorious for hardware failures.
I feel otherwise, they're hardware has been pretty solid for me for the past 10 years
I guess it's a different story in their native US... but what they ship out isn't always so top notch; it works, but it has too many issues (all the laptops overheat, the screens give trouble, they collect dust in short order, even if you move them around... etc).
I agree with Marco about the quality of the hardware. I've never had a problem with that aspect of their products.

I'm also a little biased because some extended family works there, so...
Well... I could be biased that way as well, because it (was) the same for me up to a few months ago... but that doesn't change my experience (or what I've since read from others).
My first HP notebook died 5 minutes after turning it on :P Thankfully I was able to get it replaced the next day. Other than that, HP has been working fine for me.
Is this only on Ubuntu? Try another system, and see if it works.
I isolated it to the monitor. I tried a windows laptop via HDMI, a computer via VGA, and finally via DVI. All the same. White. Monitor menu didn't work either. Fixed now so I'm happy.
At work we bought a 150 HP Probooks, out of those we had 10 bad, some with missing keys on the keyboard, some with bad cd drives, and a few had those little plastic pads or whatever they are stuck on the monitor and one with a dead hard drive.... not a terrible ratio, but still some of the things we had to deal with
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