#prompt #wordsonfire

Bring it on!

I look up from my book, dazed.
Electric hairs stand up in my neck.
It is happening again.

Wind is picking up some dust,
while the horizon's edge collects
a darkening mood. A heavy weight.

Sweat now trickles down my back.
Rattan disobediently protests my shifts,
as yellow and purple fill the plain.

The birds come down and chase
their dinner now pushed down by force.
Then for a moment everything halts.

Such a shivering tense.

From afar the clouds start rushing,
and its forward wake trembles in
my glass windows, and another.

Under the assaulting eclipse, a whip,
a strike of blinding light, and another.
In this darkness a sheet falls down.

The heavens weep to paint the desert sands.

(c) Casteleijn MG

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