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Un regulation. 

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Kill the messenger. Funny enough, leaked papers are not proof of only to bank wrongdoing. Can't buy more justice than that.

From The Economist Espresso: Swiss-bank accounting: Rudolf Elmer

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Drone on the wall...

"The shrinkage of the media of record - [ ... ] have contributed to the gradual growth among parts of the electorate of confusion and misinformation that quickly turns to anger."

The Economist | Super Tuesday III: Beware the ides of March

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Mrs Dilma will create a new ministry to hire criminally accused Mr. Lula. How much it will cost him to pay out the PMDB party to avoid the impeachment? It may be easy to pay for it using some of the hundreds of billions stollen from Petrobras.

It will be nice to see people sent from the government directly to prison.

Only if Mrs Dilma had a little of decency to not give impunity to a potential criminal.

From The Economist Espresso: Rousseff on the rocks: Brazil in turmoil

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Internet vs content. The eternal battle.
US: Hey, you know those laws that everybody hates?
World: Which ones?
US: The Mickey Mouse copyright and DMCA takedowns?
World: Oh, those...
US: Now the rest of the world will use them, too!
World: Great Scott! Why on Earth...
US: Because your governments are also bitches of the same media companies!
World: sigh...

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O Leo vai correr para levantar fundos para a escola neste dia 18. Informacoes no link

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Sorry for laughing at stupidities like the menace of new housing to owls in Mountain View, CA. If stupidity backed by greed depreciated housing value, land would be free in California now, but, on the contrary, shacks from 100+ year old in San Francisco costs a full Million dollars or more.

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Adeus 2014. 
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