Following the unexpected amount of positive feedback, comments, and requests to embed into fan sites (I can't stop thanking all the viewers), I decided I could go with an upgraded and fixed version of my +Ingress fan-made trailer!
Here's the "changelog": :D
- corrected "MISTERIES" into "MYSTERIES" (biiig typo, sorry);
- added iOS next to Android;
- added more recent footage of a resonator being deployed;
- added +Brian Rose to the ending credit screen;
- removed the "In theaters soon" phrase in the ending credit screen: no point to keep on pretending it's a hypotetical movie as people use this trailer for active recruiting/game-advertisement purposes.

As for the original one, it's my way to say a big thank you to all people behind Ingress for the life experience and fun they are giving me!

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

P.S.: English and Italian subtitles already available if needed.

#Ingress   #IngressRecruits   #Enlightened   #Resistance     +John Hanke +Brandon Badger  +Joe Philley  +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
+Hank Johnson  +Devra Bogdanovich  +Roland Jarvis  +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe  +Klue S.  +Susanna Moyer 
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