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Wow, congratulations Marco. I'm certain you will bring much to the team.
Congratulations Marco. Very good news for the community. And a very big challenge for you. Good luck.
Respect! It won't be an easy task to bring the products back on track.
Congratulations Marco.
Haven't used D for long time now, but it's been good time.
"Quando il gioco si fa duro..." :-) buon lavoro
I think you're the right guy for the job.   Can I make a suggestion?  Prioritize the new compiler, and a unified parser that does code completion and error insight using the same lexer/parser that does the final compilation.  That would make the entire user experience for Delphi users better, all day every day.  
Congratulations, félicitations Marco! I whish you the best there.
Please resurect floating form designer! QC #109954
Greetings Marco - you are the right man in the right place and probably in the right time!
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