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my project
Did you know 1/3 of Android users in the US are parents with kids age 12 and under at home?

Starting today, we’re making it easier to find high quality, family-friendly apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books on Google Play with new discovery features which will empower parents to make better decisions. Approved apps and games opted-in to the Designed for Families program will be made available in the new family sections. 

The new family-friendly experience on Google Play:
The Designed for Families program for developers:
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Marco Bonechi

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Da vedere. Mix cartoni con foto e video veri. Meglio di baby Einstein
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La pimpa
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Marco Bonechi

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Conspiracy and an off-by-one error
- Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.
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Marco Bonechi

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La prova che i ribelli armati da Mosca hanno abbattuto per errore l' #MH17.
Update: 1:10 p.m. Prior to the Malaysian Airlines jet's shoot down, pro-Russian separatist leader Igor Strelkov posted on the Russian social networking site, VKontakte, claiming responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian AN-26 transport plane. However, after news emerged of the downed Malaysian Airlines plane, Strelkov's page appears to have been scrubbed of the post.
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Marco Bonechi

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Toggle navigation. GRPC. · Documentation · Contribute · FAQ · Protocol. GRPC. A high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first. Source code on GitHub: grpc, grpc-java, grpc-go.
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com.squareup.dagger:dagger-compiler refuses to work with proguard. the culprit is that proguard can't find field processingEnv in
An abstract annotation processor designed to be a convenient superclass for most concrete annotation processors. This class examines annotation values to compute the options, annotations, and source version supported by its subtypes. The getter methods may issue warnings about noteworthy ...
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FTR, that's a fork - greg's original is here:

I think we're going to be working the examples into the documentation over the next little while, and I have a todo to see if we can just integrate apt support directly into android studio. Just chatted with some of those folks - it'd be nice to reduce the configuration burden in the default setup. 
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Marco Bonechi

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One way to avoid 101, drive in SF bay.
Dopo Miami e Ibiza, le #Fiat500 #Jet #Ski sbarcano a Sorrento!
Il tour "Sole, Mare e 500", iniziato con una festa curata da Lunare Project e lo show sull'acqua allo Yatch Club di Marina di Stabia, è proseguito verso Sorrento navigando sulle acque cristalline della costiera. Con la prima tappa al Bikini e arrivo a Marina Grande, le Fiat 500 Jet Ski sono state poi affiancate da una Fiat 500 berlina e una Fiat 500 Cabrio, messe a disposizione del dealer FireCars di Castellammare. Uno spettacolo che ha animato uno dei luoghi più belli d'Italia! Thanks Fiat 500! 
After Miami and Ibiza, Fiat #500 #JetSki arrives in #Sorrento!
Starting from the Yacht Club of Marina di Stabia, stoping by at Bikini, our 500 Jet Ski arrived in Sorrento. The tour was accompanied with two Fiat 500 on the coastal road that brought an extra attention to the event. An amazing show that was highlighted by one of the most beautiful places in Italy! Thanks Fiat 500! 
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Marco Bonechi

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What do fame, wealth and lots of sex bring? Exactly the opposite of what you think.
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Marco Bonechi

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Tech4Ukraine aims to raise global support and awareness for the embattled country's IT industry.
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Marco Bonechi

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"Princip was standing near Moritz Schiller's cafe, when he spotted Franz Ferdinand's car as it drove past, having taken the wrong turn. After realizing the mistake, the driver put his foot on the brake, and began to reverse the car. In doing so the engine of the car stalled and the gears locked, giving Princip his opportunity."
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Marco Bonechi

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Massively Multiplayer Flappy Bird!

Thank you, Internet. 
Privacy Policy.
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High quality onsite pastries. Modern decor.
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quick and easy.
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vera pizza napoletana. ritrovo degli italiani di silicon valley
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Quirky. Really nice rooms, location is awesome. No eating facilities, so don't count on late night in-room dining. Rooms with views have the disadvantage of the wind whistling until the wee hours. Lots of airline crews stay here, seems a more business clientele as you can find very good discounts (50%+) when booking last minute over holidays.
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